My Vichy Tient Idéal Collection Review + Experience!


    VICHY TEINT IDÉAL Collection makeup


    If you’ve been reading my blog for some time now than you’re familiar with my makeup and skin routine; if you’re not a regular reader , why not ?.  OK,  I’ll fill you in. I like to introduce new products to my routine every new season. This way my skin never gets too accustomed to a product that it stops working for me. Same rule applies for makeup. I always switch up my foundation ( day / night)  every season. This Spring for day/night wear I’ve incorporated the Vichy Teint Idéal illuminating collection. I’ve heard numerous good things about this collection from my friends and other bloggers so I was really happy to test out these products for the blog. Before I was asked to review the collection I was already a loyal Vichy customer and I’ve been highly addicted to their LiftActive Serum 10 ever since a beauty Youtuber recommended it. I use it every night and I love it!

    This collection of new products consists of :

    Teint Idéal Fluid Foundation

    Water based, light to medium coverage and gives off a luminous shine, 5 shades to choose from

    Teint Idéal Cream Foundation

    Best for dry skin, medium coverage , ultra hydrating and gives off a velvety finish, 5 shades to choose from

    Teint Idéal Compact Powder

    Good for all skin types, light to medium coverage, natural finish, 3 shades to choose from

    Teint Idéal Illuminator 

    Great on all skin types, not tinted, reflects light, universal shade

    In this non filtered, non edited  photo I used the Teint Idéal fluid foundation. I prefer medium coverage and this foundation was perfect to use with this look for a night out. If I had blemishes on my skin I definitely could still use this foundation with a bit of spot concealing of the blemishes. If I was going through an acne breakout I wouldn’t have worn this foundation as it wouldn’t have given me the coverage I needed. It truly is a medium coverage foundation. I applied the foundation with a wet beauty blender and it melted into my skin beautifully. I didn’t need to dispense too much foundation; 2 pumps was good to cover my whole face. I am super impressed with the amount of coverage I got from it,  but what I loved most about this foundation was the luminous shine it was giving me. It looked and felt like my skin, not like a mask.

    I refuse to wear foundation that feels and looks like a ” mask”. This did not!

    I also used the Teint Idéal compact powder to hold my foundation in place and to mattify a few areas on my face. I don’t place powder all over my face; only on places where I have more shine which is on my forehead and the bridge of nose as well as my chin. I don’t apply the powder on my cheeks ( I don’t want to loose the highlight!). The Teint Idéal powder kept my forehead shine-free all night! This powder contains the ingredient Perlite which helps to absorb sebum ( oil on the skin) . Some pressed powders become cakey after a few hours of wear on the skin, but I didn’t experience any of this with this pressed powder.

    That highlight in this photo is courtesy of the Teint Idéal illuminator. This little baby is portable and can be easily hidden in your purse to be used at anytime, anyplace. At first I applied it with a light hand and I realized after the first few photos that I took that I needed to be a bit heavy handed with the illuminator. I applied it only on the high points of my cheekbones, but you can apply it on your temples, cupids bow, bridge of your nose ( lightly here!!) and corner of your eyes for a wide awaken look! The illuminator glides easily on the skin and because it’s colourless it really suites all skin tones. You apply it directly from the tube and gently rub it so it disappears into your skin and your left with a gorgeous luminous glow.

    In this photo I decided to wear the cream foundation. As you can see here, my skin looks more velvet and matte than luminous. The cream foundation was really easy to work with. At times, I find cream foundation a bit challenging to blend and to achieve an even coat on the skin, but this formula was really easy to work with. Again, I used my trusty wet beauty blender to ensure it was evenly distributed onto my skin. The cream foundation I found lasted longer on my skin than the fluid. Both cream and fluid foundation lasted a good 10 hours on my skin but the cream looked more fresh at the end of the day than the fluid.Neither the fluid or cream foundation seeped into the  (minor) fine lines around my eyes.

    Overall I’m so thrilled that I was able to review the collection for the blog.  I received so many compliments on how  flawless my skin looked. I would recommend this collection to women that want products that offer superior coverage and radiance with little fuss. I’m definlty looking forward to the next collection!

    Have you had a chance to try out any of the Teint Idéal products? If so, please leave me comment below and tell me how you like them!


    XO, MAHA


    * These  products were sent to me as PR sample, but as always the opinion expressed on this post are always my own