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    IT’s hot out and I’m SUMMER READY WITH VICHY !


    This past weekend we hit 32 degrees in Ottawa!  It was a scorcher and I loved every moment of this Summer heat! I spent the whole day at the beach with the kiddies!

    Now that the heat is officially here , I had to switch up my skin care routine to include some of my favourite Summer products from Vichy. If you’re an avid reader of my blog , ahem….I hope you are ūüôā ¬†then you already know that I’m a huge Vichy fan. I don’t think I have come across any of their skincare products that I didn’t like. No joke! I know it’s rare to discover a brand that meets all your skin care needs but Vichy truly does for me. That’s why every Summer I buy the same 3 sun products and this Summer is no different. ¬†They work beautifully on my skin and I know they are protecting me from sun damage.

    Must have Products

    The 3 products I buy every year are the Vichy Idéal Soleil SPF 60 Sunblock for body application, Vichy Idéal Soleil 50 Sunblock for face application and Idéal Soleil After Sun Spray.

    I find the Idéal Soleil SPF 60 too thick to use on my face, but you can most definitely use it for the face.  I prefer a lighter formula so I opt for the  Idéal 50 which is lighter in texture and absorbs really quickly on the skin so you can apply your makeup right on top of it. 

    The Id√©al Soleil after sun spray is a unique product. It’s one of those products that you never knew you needed until you tried it. My first bottle was provided to me by Vichy 2 Summers ago but I loved it so much it’s been on my repurchase list every Summer since then. ¬†It has amazing hydrating qualities due to the mix of vigorous and active ingredients such as ¬†shea oil, apricot kernel oil, coriander seeds, and blackcurrant seeds.

    After-Sun can be used in 2 ways:

    On DRY skin while your out and about enjoying the sun . It will instanlty nourish and hydrate parched skin OR on WET Skin. You can spray it on, preferably in the shower as I do,  to cool your skin off from the Summer heat.  I pump a few drops of the oil in my palm and rub it on myself. I let it sink in for a minute or two then rinse it off. The fragrance is so invigorating and it feels like a gel body wash with the added benefits of the nourishing ingredients.

    New Vichy products 

    Vichy was kind enough to send me 2 of their newest launches just in time for Summer heat to ensure my skin stays hydrated.

    Vichy Double Glow Peel Mask photo

    Vichy Double Glow Peel Mask

    The Double Glow Peel Mask is a very potent product. It contains:

    • AHA to remove dead skin cells
    • Exfoliating properties in the form of Rocks from Volcanic origins, and
    • Vitamin CG to help illuminate skin tone

    Its simple to use and very efficient in removing dead skin. Apply the mask and let sit for 5 minutes and then you can gently remove it with luke warm water. Apply your night time moisturizer immediately to reap all the benefits that this mask offers!

    I was also fortunate to receive the highly anticipated Mineral 89 Skin Booster!

    Vichy Mineral 89 Daily Skin Booster photo

    Vichy Minéral 89 Daily Skin Booster

    The Minéral 89 booster contains 89%  mineralizing thermal water and hyaluronic acid and contains no paraben , silicones, frangrance, colorant or alcohol. The skin booster is best used after cleansing and  to help protect against environmental factors like pollution and cold or hot weather. It boosts hydration and replenishes skins moisture barrier.

    I’ve been using the Min√©ral 89 booster exactly as prescribed, right after cleansing and before my Idealia serum¬†, morning and night and I’m really happy with the results. Now that the hot weather is here,(for good¬†I hope), I can see myself needing extra hydration to my skin and this amazing product definitely delivers!

    Have you tried any to these Vichy products? If so leave me a comment below! I love hearing from you ūüôā

     XO, MAHA 

    * All products with the exception of the Minéral 89 and Double Glow Peel Mask were paid for by me and all opinions expressed are my own*


    WORTH THE HYPE? The truth about the KKW X KYLIE collection…




    The KKW x KYLIE collab was my first order placed with Kylie Cosmetics.

    When I first saw the promotional photos for the liquid lipsticks I completely fell in love with them. I love neutral lips and I was instantly smitten by these shades so I , and most of the neutral loving ladies around the world, waited in anticipation for the April 25 release and tried our luck!  I was ecstatic that on my first attempt I actually made it through the queue and got my hands on these beauties.

    After 2.5 weeks  of waiting, the package finally arrived and I tore it open as quickly as I possibly could. My first impression was that the packaging was just gorgeous. The blush / pastel pink collection box felt a bit velvety and sturdy which actually surprised me. The KKW logo was simple but made a statement on the package. A note of thanks accompanies every package from Mrs. West herself and hints at another event or launch coming soon!

    The collection contains 4 neutral ( partially pinky) cr√®me liquid lipsticks¬†all named after Kim’s nicknames. Cute!



    Here’s the breakdown of each shade (left to right):

    Image result for shade images kkw kylie

    photo credit @kyliecosmetics

    KIMBERLY : True nude and the most nude in the collection.

    KIM: This is a peachy nude.

    KIKI: This  is a pinky nude.

    KIMMIE: This is a rosy nude.

    I first applied Kimberly as I gravitated towards this shade first, ¬†being the most nude out of the collection I knew I would get some good wear out of it. Off the bat it applied very streaky and I had to dip two to three times to get the desired effect I wanted on my lips. The shade itself is gorgeous but after 2 swipes each, bottom and lower lip, I felt the product was moving around too much, probably because I had too much product on my¬†lips. ¬†I detest this slippery feeling and that’s probably why I stick to matte lipstick, but¬†without doubling the layer it looked like gloss and not lipstick.¬†

    Next up was Kim. I have olive skin tone and can wear peachy colours well. All the beauty magazines tell me peach is great for olive skin but unfortunately the KIM¬†peachy nude was a no go! It was a ‘blah’ peach. Again, I ¬†had to double dip to get a good amount of coverage and colour¬†on my lips. Still after 2 coats it looked like gloss with no real colour saturation, even for a nude lipstick there has be some hint of colour.

    On I went to try on KIKI.


    I didn’t even try to¬†double coat this¬†shade.¬†This colour did not suit me at all. Fair enough, not all shades will look good against my skin tone. I get it.

    KIMMIE was next and I decided to switch things up a bit. I grabbed MAC Boldly Bare liner¬†and filled in my lips before applying KIMMIE. I think a base is good when you’re applying sheer or liquid lipsticks. KIMMIE looked OK¬†on me,¬†definitely better than KIKI did. Again , I still had to double dip to get enough product on my lips and it still applied streaky and didn’t last long on my lips even with a¬†base.

    Worth the Hype ?

    Overall I would say I am not a fan of this new cr√®me formula and I prefer a matte, semi-matte or Satin formula. These lipsticks are more of a gloss with a hint of colour rather than a lipstick. The product¬†moves around too much and applies so streaky. This formula is non hydrating, even though I watched some very well known youtubers swear it was soo hydrating…*insert eye roll*. It isn’t a long lasting formula but with a base such as¬†a¬†lipliner you can get 1-2 ¬†hours wear. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind reapplying lipstick as long as it feels good on my lips but unfortunately because I had to double the product on the top and lower lip these did not feel good on and is quite¬†wasteful.The shades,¬†excluding, Kimberly,¬†have a¬†pink¬†and peachy¬†undertone rather than the brown undertone that I like to see in a nude shade.¬†If you are a pink, rose or peachy nude lover than these may be good for you if you don’t mind the lackluster formula.

    What did I like about the KKW x KYLIE collab?

    The packaging is classic and pretty! The lipsticks aren’t sticky at all and felt lightweight and also do not have a scent to them. They have a nice texture as long as you don’t overload your lips with product as the product will become slippery on your lips and move around .

    I’m actually super disappointed in my purchase you guys! I was¬†looking forward to having the most amazing experience with these lipsticks but sadly that’s not going to happen. I will use them as I paid a lot of money for them since the exchange rate to CDN funds was so bad at the time. In case you haven’t figured it out , I will not be repurchasing this collection again, but that’s not to say I won’t order any other KYLIE Cosmetics products. We will have to see what this savvy entrepreneur comes up with next !

    Here are ¬†a few budget friendly satin lipsticks that I’m definitely thinking of ordering next:





    Have you tried the KKW x KYLIE collection? If so leave me a comment below! I love hearing from you guys ūüôā


    Disclaimer: I bought this product with my own money. I was not paid for my review and the opinions expressed are my own.


    Is Natural Skin Care Worth The Hype ? Rocky Mountain Soap Co. Review



    I love a good skincare regimen and for¬†the most part I try to stick to what I know works well on my skin and doesn’t break me out.¬†¬†My routine is fairly simple ( not) :¬†cleanser, toner, serum , anti-aging eye product, mask, moisturizer and finally lip balm. I told you it was simple ! Unfortunately, I can’t stop or turn back time (the things I would do if I could though…lol) so I’ve been finding lately that my skin is changing slightly and a few of my go-to products have been irritating me a bit. Maybe it’s the change of season or it could be that as my skin is changing it’s also becoming sensitive . So I knew¬†¬†it was time to change of the skin care regimen.

    The Rocky Mountain Soap Co.¬†came to my rescue! They sent me these products to sample and I couldn’t have been happier to receive them just as I was looking to switch up my skin care.Before being sent the products I didn’t know much about this company, only that it was sold at Rainbow Natural Foods in Ottawa. I dug deeper to learn that Rocky Mountain Soap Company only use Toxin Free products to create their vast lineup of All Natural¬†products. As well the products are handmade in Alberta, Canada! I’ve never used 100% natural skincare products ¬†so I thought why not, let’s give it a go.

    I was sent the following products to sample:



                   CALMING TONER

    Lavender and Arnica are known skin soothing ingredients so once I started using this toner I knew my skin ¬†instantly liked it! I didn’t have that dry feeling I had before applying the¬†toner and since I only apply toner at night, I woke up the next morning to very hydrated but more specifically non-itchy skin. I definitely think the lavender did the trick! As well it helped a lot that this toner smelled like heaven and I woke up smelling like a flower!




    Pomegranate is superfood for your¬†skin, just don’t eat the jar even though it does smell good enough to nibble on! The moisturizer is very hydrating when used with the toner or alone. As with all the Rocky Mountain Soap Company products, the moisturizer is 100% natural and toxin-free.If I could bathe in this moisturizer I would!!! The only drawback I found was that it didn’t have any SPF , but then it wouldn’t be considered all natural. Still, I couldn’t justify leaving the house with out SPF so I layered an SPF product on top of this moisturizer.



    Since there’s not a lot of sun in Ottawa lately, except for a day here and there, I haven’t used this product for it’s intended purpose which is to soothe¬†skin after too much sun exposure. Since I didn’t have that problem I started¬†using this product on my legs after shaving! I get crazy little red bumps¬†¬†and since this body butter contains Aloe, beeswax, coconut and castor oil ,which are all known hydrating ingredients, I knew it would sooth my legs! Voila, it worked! Now instead of applying lotion, I’ve started to reach for the body butter stick! It hydrates and gives my legs a nice glow as well.



    Who doesn’t love a good face mask! This mask contains Ginseng and Spirulina which a are known to soften skin and give your skin a healthy¬†glow by¬†infusing it with¬†organic botanicals. The first time I used this mask, I was a bit taken back by the smell. It wasn’t bad but didn’t smell great. It did smell like¬†vanilla and coconut with a green powdery consistency. Once you add water to the powder it creates a paste and you leave it on your skin for 10-15 minutes. Don’t add too much water , ¬†a tiny bit goes a long way. It was easy to remove after the time expired and my skin felt very nourished and hydrated. The package is only 40 grams so you can get 4 uses out of the one package.

    So for the past 2 weeks and half I’ve been using these products and I’v truly¬†enjoyed the 100% natural and non-toxic products that the Rocky Mountain Soap Co. sent me to sample. I am obsessing mostly over the toner, moisturizer and body butter as I feel they really worked well and quickly to sooth my irritated skin. Now I’m not saying I will go all natural with my skincare from now on, but I am making a continue effort to introduce more natural and toxin-free products in my life. I have to say it does feel good to know that I have absolutely no chemicals on my face! I would highly recommend these products to anyone who is against chemicals in their skin care routine and who is looking for a well rounded skin care line that can fight the aging process and still keep skin hydrated¬†and plump. I will definitely continue to use the toner and moisturizer in my routine ( LOVE LOVE!) now that I know they are instantly soothing my skin!


    Have you tried any of the Rocky Mountain Soap Co.products? If you have or are interested in trying any of them, leave me a comment below!

    *Rocky Mountain Soap Co.sent me the products to sample but the opinions expressed in this post are my own and were not influenced by the company.*



    I’ve started a new segment on my blog called – Brand Talk which is dedicated to what else … brands! I thought this would be a great idea to introduce ¬†brands that I love ( some well known and some not). They won’t all necessarily be beauty brands as I’ve started to branch out into some¬†lifestyle but more on that in the next few posts.

    This new segment is not a review per se of the brands products, just an introduction of the brand and what they have to offer and most importantly what products from the brand I use¬†because honestly why talk about a brand¬†¬†if #1, I haven’t tried their products and #2, if I don’t like their products.

    First up on this new blog segment ( that I’m super stoked about btw ) is Maybelline New York. If you’ve never heard of Maybelline then I don’t know what to tell¬†ya…where have you been hiding? ūüôā¬†

    Maybelline New York is by far my favourite “true” drugstore product. When I say ” true” drugstore I’m referring to the budget friendly products sold at the¬†drugstore and not the $80 moisturizer also sold at the drugstore.¬†



    Maybelline New York is the top selling cosmetics brand and is sold in in over 1oo countries. So basically you can hear¬†” Maybe She’s Born With It. Maybe¬†It’s Maybelline. ” in over 60 ¬†languages!

    Fun fact: Maybelline is named after the founders sister Maybel ,who invented mascara! Maybelline Great Lash mascara is the worlds most iconic mascara ( fact) and this pink tube of mascara is sold every 1.7 seconds!

    Maybelline also has you covered from eyes, face¬†to¬†lips! I’ve used many Maybelline products¬†but my absolute favourite product, and I’ve talked about this product before, is the “Pumped Up Colossal” Mascara. I always go back to this particular one because it just works for me. I hope they never discontinue it as it’s my go-to for life!

    A few Maybelline products that I rely on religiously have to be:

    If you follow me on Instagram you would have seen the product picture above. I took this photo after purchasing and using a few new Maybelline products. The new products are:

    In this non-photoshopped¬†photo above¬†I used the colour correcting kit to conceal my dark circles and then the Master Conceal in medium. I blended them in with a damp beauty blender and they melted into my skin! ¬†What surprised¬†me the most actually¬†was how well the Illuminating highlighter worked. It has a creamy texture¬†and on applies effortlessly on my skin and the highlight effect lasted all night ! You notice in the picture the highlight suits¬†my overall look. I didn’t want to go overboard with it but added a bit of highlight to draw light to my face.I achieved this look with only one swipe of the highlighter and it was enough for me.¬†For another occasion I layered the illuminating highlighter on-top of another cream based highlighter and it looked even more gorgeous. The micro -fine pearls in this product definitely come¬†through¬†even when layered.¬†¬†This actually is my first creamy highlighter that I¬†¬†have totally fallen in love with. I usually stick to powder based highlighters but I’ve been converted. I also love that it’s small enough to carry in a teeny tiny clutch in the event that a touch up is needed!¬†

    Here are a few MAYBELLINE NEW YORK products that I haven’t tried yet¬†but are next on my list:



    What are your favourite Maybelline products ? Let me know in the comments below !

    *This is not a sponsored post. I bought these products and all opinions expressed are my own



    I’ve had the privilege of using ¬†some really cool makeup and skincare products recently and I’m ecstatic that I can finally talk to you all about them!

    Vichy Idéal Collection photo

    Vichy Idélea Collection

    First up is the Vichy Idélea collection. The Idélea collection was formulated to be used to combat the first signs of aging such as uneven skintone, fine lines and dull complexion. It consists of the Idélea Radiance Boosting Antioxidant Serum($49), Smoothness and Glow Day Care moisturizer($45), Radiance Activating Night Peeling($40) and the Idélea Gel Cream($36). The packaging is as per Vichy style ; simply gorgeous!.The products are housed in glass bottles (except for the Gel Cream) with the moisturizer having a mirrored lid.

    Fermented Black Tea + Blueberry Polyphenols are the main ingredients in this line and for good reason. Black Tea has been proven to aid in better skin by fighting free radicals and by helping to accelerate skin rejuvenation. Bluberry Polyphenols help to reduce inflammation (if consumed) , help minimize redness and is basically an anti-aging powerhouse!! I’ve been using the full line now for 2.5 weeks now and as with other Vichy products I’ve tried; ¬†I’m a fan.

    After 2.5 weeks of using the Id√©ala line my complextion has been very smooth and looks brighter. I attribute this to the consistent use of the Night Peeling liquid ¬†+ Serum! This combo is heaven! If you read my other blog posts or follow me on Instagram ( which you totes should!) you would know that I am serum lover! I DO NOT sleep or leave the house in the morning without my serum! I am consistent in applying it as I truly believe it nourishes, moisturizes and gives my skin life! Now before I started using the Id√©lea ¬†Radiance booting serum I was using this serum. Yep, another Vichy product! Are you surprised? Don’t be. I’ve been using Vichy serums for years now even before I became a blogger. I love their products simply because they have well formulated ingredients that actually work!


    Charlotte Tilbury Instant Look In a Palette Natural Beauty Photo

    Charlotte Tilbury Instant Look In a Palette Natural Beauty

    It’s no surprise that I have fallen in love with another Charlotte Tilbury product! I am serioulsy obsessed with this brand¬†and heres why. Firstly, the products are best of the best ( CT Magic Cream I’m a come’n for ya!!). I have acquired a good amount of CT products and I have never been disappointed in any one product. The lipsticks glide on effortless without having them tug at your lips ( mattes included , read this post , trust me it’s worth it). Legendary Lashes mascara¬†has now replaced my iconic DiorShow ( sorry not sorry!) and her eyeshadow palettes are amazing and easy to work with. Secondly, the packaging is oh so glamorous and are¬†made for fabulous¬†flatlays (all bloggers will agree to this!!) and thirdly, Miss CT herself is my makeup artist icon/mentor!

    So, the subject of this post is not Charlotte herself, ( sorry got distracted a bit) but the gorgeous Instant Look in a Palette , Natural Beauty!

    This limited edition palette has 7 shades that can be used by any age group as the colours are universal and transcend age. The shades are soft yet effective and super silky so they glide on your face easily. I love that the palette itself tells you the placement of the shades, hence why anyone can use this palette. It’s super quick to use and CT markets it as 5 -minute makeup Magic and it kinda is! I do whish however that they had a deeper ” Eye Smoke” just to add more depth to the look but overall I love this palette.I’ve used it on myself and my 63 year old mom and it¬†looked amazing on us both. I throw it in my gym bag and freshen up after a workout if I plan to meet up with friends afterwards. It’s a very universal palette that I hope becomes a permanent product on the CT site as I can see myself repurchasing it many times over!


    Tweezerman DermaPlaner and Complexion Cleansing Brush photo

    Tweezerman DermaPlaner and Complexion Cleansing Brush

    Tweezerman has come up with the next big at home facial product! The Dermaplaner has made a huge splash on the internet these past few weeks and I was lucky enough to snatch one up!   Yay me! The Dermaplaner( $40) exfoliates dead skin cells for a brighter and glow-esque complexion. The Dermaplaner comes with 3 extra blades( 4 total) and each blade can be used for 3 months each.

    For those who don’t know what Dermaplaning is , let me fill you in :). ¬†Dermaplaning is usually performed by a dermatologist. It was originally used to remove vellous hair or what we non-doctors call it ” peach fuss”! ¬†During the peach fuss removal process the top layer of the skin is also removed in the process to reveal new top layer skin. Some key benefits of Dermaplaning are :

    • exfoliates skin effectively to reveal new skin
    • temporarily removes fine hair
    • rejuvenates skin complexion

    The Dermaplaner treatment you would receive in a Doctors office is a bit more invasive than the in home treatment so I cannot compare the two but here are my thoughts on the Tweezerman Dermaplaner at home tool. ¬†I use it twice a week and I have become a fan of this little blushed tool! ¬†I can literally see my dead skin in the blades, gross, I know, but it’s great to see the product actually works. If you have sensitive skin may be try the product out on your legs first before to see if you are sensitive to it. My face is a bit red after each use but only because I have a bit of sensitively in the my skin. The redness subsides after a few minutes. I found the Dermaplaner really easy to use and it’s just like shaving your legs or underarms. No difference.

    In combination with the Dermaplaner , Tweezerman also has the Complexion¬†cleansing brush. The bristles are long and dense but not too dense where it hurts your face when using it. You can use the Complexion brush before the Dermaplaner ( or on its own for a great facial massage and thorough cleanse) . I personally enjoy using it with the Dermaplaner. Here’s¬†step by step how I use these 2 tools together¬†:

    • I add cleanser to the body of the brush and massage the cleansing brush on my skin. The ¬†cleanser on your face acts as a “shaving cream ” for the Dermaplaner.
    • To exfoliate my skin I would gently pull the skin area I wanted to exfoliate down and with short strokes I would glide the Dermaplaner on that area.
    • If I wanted to get rid of some peach fuss I would use the exact same procedure but pull the skin upwards and use the dermplaner in the other direction ( so against the hair growth). Please¬†do¬†not use it around the eye area as this area is uber sensetive!

    I didn’t experience any discomfort while using it on my face and it felt very safe to use. The Dermaplaner was very gentle on my skin and my face felt very smooth afterwards because it got rid of the peach fuss I had around my lips and hair line ( lol), so you’re not only exfoliating your skin but also getting rid of that peach fuss too! Bonus!

    I highly recommend that after using the Dermaplaner you moisturize your face very well as you just revealed new outer skin so you should keep it hydrated and plump looking. After each Dermaplaner session I was able to continue with my usual skincare routine ( cleanse, toner, serum etc , etc) just fine without any sensitively.

    If you’ve used any of these products or thinking about using them leave me a comment below!

    XO, MAHA 



    There are some¬†common¬†things I feel as women we collect ; jewellery, purses, gorgeous decorated parfume bottles and for some (like myself) eyeshadow palettes. There is something so alluring about¬†a little box with beautiful pigment stored inside ! I’ve accumulated quite a collection and now I’ve added the¬†Nathasha Denona¬†Eyeshadow Palette (5) , shade #12 to my collection.

    Natasha Deanna Palette

    Natasha Denona Palette

    Shades from left Рright  Golden Flesh, Smoky Plum, Sienna, Electric Violet and Deep Slate Gray

    Let me step back a bit and introduce this brand to anyone who isn’t familiar with it. Natasha Denona is a world renowned makeup artist who has worked with top fashion brands in collaboration with¬†some of the worlds best known photographers and has styled world-famous models and actresses. Her looks are unique¬†and¬†her concept of healthy glowing skin¬† is mimicked and admired by¬†many in the beauty industry.¬†I was first introduced to her line by a fellow makeup artist friend¬†who was raving about her products and how I needed them in my kit.¬†Curiosity got the best of me so I did a bit of research on my own and…

     I instantly fell in love with her idea of beauty! She believes in creating makeup for everyday women that can help empower and enhance their looks and is not a fan of layers upon layers of makeup! I too share this philosophy!

    Natasha Denona Palette photo

    Natasha Denona Palette

     I watched several of her YouTube videos and decided to invest in one of her palettes. I was lusting over the ND Eyeshadow palette shade 28 but it was a bit over my budget so I decided to purchase the 5 palette  instead!


    This particular palette is shade #12 and is warm toned. The shadows are very creamy and feel like butter (seriously!) , are highly pigmented and last all day. This particular palette is very shimmery/sparkly but this brand does carry some matte and metallic shades as well.

    The shadow transfer from the palette to my brush/finger is by far the best I’ve ever experienced. With literally¬†one swipe on my finger (because this¬†is my personal palette and I can do that lol!) was all it took to achieve amazing colour pay off.¬† The shadows¬†goes on silky smooth and blend very well. The colours you see in the pan is what is transferred to your lids. You do not lose vibrancy or impact with this palette once applied. The 5 shadow palettes are perfect for travel! I slipped this one in my small makeup tote to haul around with me one day and it worked out great!

    Natasha Denona Palette 5 photo

    Natasha Denona Palette 5

    With all the great attributes of this palette, I did find¬†one¬†less desirable one. There is a lot of fallout with this palette. I would say more than what I experienced with the Anastasia Beverly Hills palettes and if you read my reviews on them you would know that is my #1 pet peeve with ABH!. Most shimmer/sparkly shadows do have fallout so I wouldn’t let this deter you from buying this palette but I did need to mention it in my review. I would have liked to have one true matte shade in this¬†#5 ¬†palette to offset the amount of shimmer shadows but that’s more of a preference and¬†not really a flaw with the palette. Electric Violet shade feels and looks like a matte but once applied I found it to have more of a shimmer to it.

    Overall I am really impressed with this palette and I¬†would like to pick up shade # 10 in the 5 palette. I will at some point invest in the¬†Eyeshadow 28 palette ¬†for my kit. If I do the math, I would be investing in 28 shades for about $10 per shade and that in my opinion is very reasonably priced for high quality shadows, but for¬†right now I’m content with the palette I have as I’m astill ble to recreate several versatile looks.

    Have you used any Natasha Denona products or are you interested in using any ?

    If so, leave a comment below¬† ūüôā

    XO, MAHA

    *I bought this product with my own funds and the opinions expressed in this post are my own.*




    There are a few perks to being a beauty blogger and the best perk is when I get to review new and innovative products that have just been launched on the market.¬†¬†The products I¬†like I talk about them on this platform, and the ones I don’t like..well…they never see the light of day unfortunately.¬†¬†There have been 3 instances¬†where I was so curious about a product that I’ve actually approached the company / PR agency first for a sample. It doesn’t happen often as most of the time I just purchase the product on my own, but this time I decided to approach the company and they were kind enough to send me the product to sample.

    My curiousity with the NIOXIN INTENSIVE HAIR MASK  started in December at a salon.




    At my last hair appointment  ( which turned out to be a total disaster btw because my hair was cut waaaaaay too short) the stylist mentioned that I was in desperate need of a hair treatment for my dry , brittle hair. In my defence I have naturally coarse,curly hair and if anyone knows anything about hair types, they know that coarse + curly = dry! During the winter and fall my hair tends to be drier, but once the warmer weather hits, for some reason, my hair looks and feels healthier. I attribute this to the fact that my hair is in the Anagen phase of the hair growth cycle during the Summer. You can read more about hair growth cycles here .

    Back to my salon experience : I thought he made this comment because he wanted to sell me one of his keratin treatments which I wasn’t interested in because of the cost plus I heard that it depletes your natural curls. I love wearing my hair straight but I didn’t want to get rid of my natural curls ( it’s what makes me..ME!). He then recommended the NIOXIN INTENSIVE HAIR MASK¬†. He didn’t have any on hand to demo on my hair, but he insisted I order some¬†right away¬†as my hair was in desperate need of some TLC. Yikes, I thought! Did I really neglect my hair that much that now I needed to treat it ASAP!

    Natural Curls photo

    Natural Curls

    So off I went with my uber short hair (lol)!

    Ever since that salon date in December I’ve been hearing about the NIOXIN treatment either from clients of mine who have tried it or in magazines I read. So that’s when I decided to call the company for a sample.

    I’ve had the NIOXIN¬†intensive hair masque for 2 weeks now and I’ve used it 3 times. The masque is formulated¬†to hydrate and protect your hair from breakage. It does this by strengthening the hair shaft. After shampooing you should put the product in your hair and leave it in for 5 minutes max.

    After my first treatment, I did notice as I was combing¬†my¬†hair the curls formed a bit nicer than usual. After the 2nd treatment, the bottom half of my hair definitely looked healthier , shinier ( as you can see my the photo) and hydrated, but I still didn’t really see a big difference from the roots. I still have quite a bit of dryness and frizz at the crown. After the 3rd use, the roots and crown were¬†slightly softer to the touch and looked less dry, but the frizziness was still there.

    I was advised that with prolonged use the roots and crown area will definitely show signs of healing from the damage I caused it over the years, but I had to¬†be patient. I¬†can’t say that after 3 treatments I ‘ve seen massive changes to my hair, but ¬†I have to be patient and hopefully by the Summer I’ll have the healthy nourished hair I ‘m craving! There is no such thing as miracle product, however, I can attest that the NIOXIN INTENSIVE MASQUE has definitely helped repair my hair more so than any other deep treatment masque I’ve tried. The key is to be consistent with usage ( twice per week) and to try not to cause further damage to my hair. I guess I’ll be putting the hair ¬†dryer away for now!




    * These  products were sent to me as PR sample, but as always the opinion expressed on this post are always my own


    XO, MAHA