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    Givenchy Interdit Mascara photo

    I was delighted to have been provided the opportunity to test out the new GIVENCHY NOIR INTERDIT mascara. Noir Interdit is a deep classic black mascara that promises to extend and add volume to the lashes. It is also the first 90° bendable brush.

    Givenchy Interdit Mascara photo

     The mascara is housed in all black bottle with a metal ribbon all around. The iconic GIVENCHY label is on the front of the bottle and OMG it’s uber sexy!

    Givenchy Interdit Mascara photo

    The Noir Interdit wand is smaller than what I am used to and I wasn’t sure if I would like it or not. It turns out, it’s perfect for me! I was able to get really close to my lashes to see exactly how this mascara works it’s magic. The shorter wand at a straight angle was very easy to use and with one coat I achieved fuller and longer lashes. The spikes on the wand are great for separating each lash and ensuring each lash is coated evenly with the formula.

    Givenchy Interdit Mascara photo

    At a curved 90°, the Noir Interdit mascara became my best friend! I don’t have natural long lashes, actually mine are short and stubby. The 90° bendable brush gave me the freedom to get really,really,really close to each short lash and separate it using the spikes on the wand. I was able to coat my bottom lashes as well without ending up with mascara on my face. I believe it’s because the  90° brush was made to be used in this manner. It gets really close the to the lashes and evenly coats them with the formula that gives extreme length and volume. 

    Givenchy’s Makeup Artistic Director, Nicolas Degennes’s has these tips how to properly use this innovative mascara:

    ” Bend to 90° by pressing wand against the top of the container to reach lashes from the root up. Then brush them up in a zig zag motion from the root to the tips for unlimited length & definition. Unbend the brush to create a buildable volume.”

    At first, it was a bit weird using the curved wand but I got used to it really fast. I reach for this mascara every day now. It’s super quick to apply since I am now able to get close to my upper and lower lashes. If I see that the lashes are clumping because I added too much mascara, I just use the spikes on the head of the wand to separate them. The only negative issue I have with he mascara is that is has a strong rose fragrance.I don’t mind fragrance on my lip balm or lipstick but I prefer may mascaras to be fragrance free .

    Would I repurchase this mascara?  

    Yes, I would repurchase for special occasions only because it does have a steep price tag, $38 CAD. I did really enjoy using it and it simplified my morning routine once I got the hang of using the wand properly. If you want to know how to properly use the wand to achieve maximum results, just watch this video here!

    Have you used the Givenchy Noir Interdit Mascara before? If so, please leave me a comment below. I love hearing from you 🙂

    XO, MAHA 

    *I was provided the The Givenchy Noir Interdit as a PR sample. The opinions expressed in this post are my own*



    Dull Skin Be Gone with Rodial’s New Innovative Makeup and Skincare!

    I love receiving products from a brand that I’ve always been curious about but never got around to trying their products. Rodial is one of these brands.  This innovative skincare brand that uses tongue and cheek product names such as Bee Venom and Dragon’s blood is a favourite among many celebrities such as Heidi Klum, Lily Aldridge, and Kylie Jenner. I was ecstatic to try these products out and of course “spill the tea” on them! Finally, I found a reason to use this overused cliche! Read more


    Skin Woes + Cetaphil Giveaway!

    Cetaphil skincare product photo

    I was really fortunate to team up with Cetaphil this month to bring to you their well known skincare duo for combating  skin irritations / concerns. They were kind enough to send me the Oily Skin Cleanser and Daily Facial Moisturizer to test out. I used these 2 products religiously for 1 month.

    At the time I was sent the products, I was already looking at switching up my skin care routine. If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you know that every season I switch up my routine by rotating in 1 or 2 new products. I do this for 2 reasons: Read more


    Worth the hype? Deciem, The Abnormal Beauty Company!

    Deciem Haul

    The Ordinary Haul

    This post is long overdo I know! This so far has been one of my most requested post this year. I don’t blame you all for being so curious about Deciem! This cruelty free Toronto based brand is so popular among millennials that their “The Ordinary foundation” had a 25,000 person wait list! That is insane! Their packaging is no fuss, simple, clean and to the point.

    Deciem “the abnormal beauty company”  as they lighthearttly call themselves introduced their current line of serums and foundation under The Ordinary umbrella to major success! This line introduced high coverage foundation for $7 and serums for under $15. How do they do this and do the products work? The founder Brandon Truaxe explained that because of the low number of ingredients in each product, it is possible to produce and sell affordable skincare to the masses.  Of course I was intrigued so I placed my order as quickly as possible. I waited 5 weeks for my products to be shipped because the company was out of stock…hello wait list ! Fair enough. I wanted to get my hands on these foundations that some were saying online could be considered life changing. changing? Well I had to see for  myself so bring it on Deciem!

    I ordered the following from Deciem:

    100% Plant -Derived Squalane  is a hydrator which is found naturally in the skin. You would use Squalane if you want to increase hydration or prevent depletion of hydration in your skin.  You can also use this product on your hair to prevent breakage and add shine.100% Plant Derived Squalene

    100% Plant Derived Squalane, $8

    My thoughts:  I found that the Squalane did a great job ensuring my skin stayed hydrated. I was so surprised that the Squalane only had one ingredient listed .. Squalane!. That’s all there is to it. It doesn’t get more simple than that. I used it every day before I applied my moisturizer. I found the best way to apply this emollient is to place the dropper directly on your face, but not touching your face. Applying the product on your hand first,  I found, was wasteful because it has a runny consistently and is absorbed quickly into any surface it touches.  I only  have a bit left in the bottle so I placed an order for 2 more bottles. 

    Argireline Solution 10% is clear lightweight Serum with 10% Argireline Peptide Complex. Argireline benefits the areas on the face that are prone to folds (wrinkles!!) such as eyes and the forehead area. To use, apply a few drops on the forehead and around the eyes twice daily. 

    Argireline Solution 10% photo

    Argireline Solution 10% $8  

    My thoughts: The solution feels like water on the face. It’s extremely lightweight and odourless. I was skeptical at first because I have never tired a serum that basically looked like water but I was assured that it wasn’t water. In one and half months time I had used up the whole bottle as I used it religiously every morning ( before the Squalene in the morning ) and night.  I can’t say that I see a dramatic difference in the minor crows fee that I have around my eyes but I do feel it has diminished them slightly. I believe if I had another bottle of the Argireline Solution 10%I would have seem a greater difference but I didn’t plan ahead of time to order a bottle. I am now awaiting my 2nd and 3rd bottle to arrive! At $8 per bottle it’s so affordable to give it another chance.

    High-Spreadability Fluid Primer  is from the Ordinary Colours line under Deciem and is made up of high flexibility silicones that help hydrate the skin and give an overall dewy look. Used as a makeup primer it ensures long lasting makeup wear and Ordinary Colours claims that this primer helps spread your makeup evenly to avoid blotchiness.

    Ordinary Colours High Spreadability Fluid Primer photo

    High-Spreadability Fluid Primer, $8

    My thoughts: My first reaction was ” holy heck this is good”! It took me a few days to understand why I loved this primer so much. It’s almost identical to this staple  primer that I use on myself and my clients for $36 less!  You better believe I ordered another 2nd , 3rd and 4th bottle.  It’s perfect on the skin. It does exactly what it claims to do. It smooths your face and ensures your makeup lasts through out the day. As for the claim that it helps disperse complexion makeup evenly, I can see some truth to this definitely as it’s a very light weight formula that smooths out the texture of your skin allowing the makeup to glide on smoothly without the need to tug or pull to get the desired effect. The only negative feedback I have on this primer is not about the product itself but the drop dispenser packaging. I wish at some point Deciem will decide to package it in a squeeze tube instead of a dropper. It’s not easy to dispense. Overall this product is definitely worth $8 ! I can’t stop raving about how much I love it.

    The Ordinary Lightweight Serum Foundation photo

    The Ordinary Lightweight Serum Foundation, $7

    The Ordinary Lightweight Serum Foundation  shut the internet down!

    This $7 bottle had a 25,000 person waitlist as well as orders for 250,000 units it’s first week of launching and literally crashed the Deciem servers! It offers lightweight coverage but buildable to sheer-medium coverage and is formulated in a way that allows the pigments to look natural on the skin, serum like, and this does not settle in fine lines. It has a matte finish and works extremely well over any primer offered by The Ordinary. Only in Europe is this foundation available with SPF. This foundation and all Deciem products actually, are free of parabens, sulfates, mineral oil, animal oils, coal tar dyes, (WTF?) and a bunch of stuff I’m too lazy to type out…but honestly just trust me when I say your face will thank you for omitting junk from your makeup! The Ordinary Colours offers this foundation in 21 shades divided into 3 categories. I strongly recommend you visit their shade guide for a comprehensive breakdown of shades as well as swatches.

    My thoughts: Every woman should have this serum foundation in her makeup bag for the days/nights she wants to feel good and natural in her own skin ! They are 100% right to claim this looks serum like on the skin. The foundation comes in a plastic bottle with a pump for easy application.

    I apply The Ordinary Fluid Primer first and then I use about 1.5 pumps worth of serum foundation on a damp beauty blender to achieve the coverage I’m comfortable with. I ordered 2.1Y which I find is a good choice for the Summer months but once my tan fades I know I will have to go at least a shade lighter.

    Every time I wear this foundation I am guaranteed over 7 hours of wear. It looks natural on the skin so if you have imperfections you want to hide, it would be a good idea to conceal those first before applying this foundation. If you are looking for a soft conceal of imperfections than you’re good to just use this foundation alone. For those that have oily skin you may need to touch up with some powder once through out the day but that’s probably after 6 hours of wear.

    The Ordinary High Coverage Foundation photo

    The Ordinary High Coverage Foundation, $7

    The Ordinary High-Coverage Foundation offers a semi-matte finish with more pigmentation than the serum foundation therefore provides more coverage yet still does not feel or look cakey on the face. 

    My thoughts: I don’t wear this foundation as much as I do the Serum foundation only because I am, knock on wood, having really great skin these days so I don’t feel the need for that extra coverage. When I do wear it I love it. It still feels light on my skin but I know I have that extra coverage. I apply it the same way I do the serum foundation but I only use 1 pump for my entire face. This foundation is also buildable and hides imperfections well!

    Overall thoughts: I’m really impressed with this company and how they managed to stay true to themselves while still offering great working products to their consumers! Deciem and The Ordinary line are definitely worth the hype. Their price point, products and overall social awareness is refreshing. I look forward to trying out a few other products from them and hopefully will love them just as much as I love these!

    Have you tried any Deciem products? If so, leave me a comment below. I love hearing from you !

    Disclaimer: I purchased these products. They are not PR samples.


    Get Glowing with Caryl Baker Visage Luminous Makeup!




    I’m a huge fan of glowing luminous skin and Summer is the perfect time to show off a radiant glow. I’m so thrilled to introduce to you lovely ladies and gents the latest products from Caryl Baker Visage (CBV). I was beyond excited to receive these products in the mail. I literally tore open the box and almost took out my child at the same time. The excitement level was out of this world for 2 reasons : Firstly, who doesn’t like to get a surprise package in the mail and secondly seeing the CBV logo just made my heart melt as I’m a HUGE fan of their skincare and threading services so naturally I was overjoyed to receive their new Luminous Makeup Collection.

    This is what was in the package:

    Radiant Glow Drops

    Caryl Baker Radiant Glow Drops photo

    Caryl BAker Visage  Glow Drops photo


    Caryl Baker Radiant Glow DropsCaryl Baker Radiant Glow Drops

    These glow drops come in 3 shades : Moon Child ( Cool Champagne), Natural Glow ( Warm Gold), and High Beam ( Opalescent pink). They are loaded with a botanical blend of Camomile Flower, Ginseng Root and Ginkgo Leaf Extract which are all great soothing skin ingredients. The drops can be worn alone or as a primer for a “no makeup” makeup look or you can add a tiny drop to your foundation to add luminosity to your skin. I personally love adding these drops to my foundation so I can control how much product or glow I want that day. I pump my foundation on the back of my clean hand, then add one or two pumps of Natural Glow (my favourite!) on top and with a flat tapered foundation brush I mix the concoction very well and apply it to my skin starting from the middle of the face and working outwards.  To use this product as a primer just follow the same steps but omit the foundation. I also love adding Natural Glow to my cheekbones and cupids bow simply because I like to feel extra sometimes! Who doesn’t right 🙂

     Mineral Duo Bronzer

    Caryl Baker Visage Mineral Duo Bronzer photo

    The duo bronzer is made of long wearing soft pressed mineral powder that contains natural Alumina and Mica to help reflect light. The bronzer also contains Rosemary Leaf Exracts to provide antioxidant protection and Sunflower seed oil to sooth dry skin. The universal shade is called Whipped Shimmering Bronze/Glistening Gold and can be used on any skin tone. I’ve been using it non stop since I received it. The bronzer is unique as it will truly suite any skin tone and offers a generous amount of colour to the skin. I always use a light hand when applying bronzer but to test this product out I was a bit heavy handed, but still the outcome was gorgeous. The product diffuses on the skin very well and feels light thanks to the mineral properties. After several hours of wear  it didn’t look muddy or patchy in areas.  Glistening gold has turned out to be the perfect shade for highlighting under the brow and cupids bow. It’s gorgeous!!

    Powder Highlighters

    Caryl Baker Visage Powder Highlight photos Caryl Baker Visage Powder Highlight photos

    Prosecco (White Gold) and Pearl (Pink Moonstone) are the two new highlighters being offered in the Luminous collection. Pearl is my favourite out of the two because it suits my olive skin tone very well. I wear this on top of the Duo bronzer to add a bit more glow to my skin. These highlighters are on the medium sheer side so over applying should not be a concern . I found they worked really well over the Glow drops as a primer. If applied correctly, these highlighters can really enhance your features and give you that high cheekbone effect!

    Nude Balms

    Caryl Baker Nude Balms photo Caryl Baker Nude Balms photo

    Caryl Baker Nude Balms photo

                     Dew (Almost Nude), Blush (Succulent Berry), Petal (Baby Pink)

    If you ever hear me ask for nudes….I’m referring to these babies! The Nude Balms are true balms which means they don’t offer intense colour like a lipstick , but will hydrate your lips and give them a nice glossy look with a reasonable amount of colour. My favourite is Dew and I carry it in my purse all day every day! My sister snatched up Blush from me *sigh* and I’ve started using Petal in my professional kit as I think it’s the perfect wedding pink to apply over lipstick for extra shine!

    Canada Day Look wearing CBV Mineral DuoADIAN Lipstick photo

    This is a look I created for Canada Day. I’m wearing the Mineral Duo Bronzer, Pearl Highlighter, Natural Glow drops and fiery red lips!

    I’ve really enjoyed using the CBV Luminous Collection and I hope you give them a try as they’re currently having an online sale. Have fun shopping!

    Have you used any of these products? If so, I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments 🙂


    *These products were sent to me as PR Samples*


    Celebrating YOU Canada + M.A.C. PROUD TO BE CANADIAN LIPSTICK!

    Happy Canada Day to all my Canadians across the world celebrating and honouring our beautiful country! Regardless of where we Canadians call home come July 1 2017, I know we’ll all be celebrating our amazing country from coast to coast! It’s no secret that I love my home and I’m a true patriot.

    What’s not to love about Canada?

    We have :

    • a great diverse culture that incorporates a multitude of religions and languages
    • we invented and dominate hockey AND birthed Wayne Gretzky ( well Canada didn’t….Mrs.Gretzky did but still, you know what I mean)
    •  we’re a peaceful nation and EVERYONE in the world welcomes us to their country
    • we have the cleanest water than any other nation ( it’s true!)
    • 1/3 of Microsoft programmers come from the University of Waterloo in Canada ( that’s not really that interesting but it’s a Canadian fact and we should be proud of it!!)
    • and last but not least we gave the world Bieber Fever…..right???

    OK OK so my list isn’t comprehensive but you get the point….* insert dj Khaled voice * WE THE BEST!

    With all seriousness,we are so lucky to live in this peaceful and diverse country!

    I said it before and I will say it again, Thank you Canada !. Thank you for accepting this young refugee and her family into this amazing country and giving us another chance at LIFE! If I could hug you,Canada, I would but for now I honour you by continuing to teach my children the morals and values that we as Canadians hold so dear;  to accept others for who they are regardless of their colour, creed or wealth status; to lend a helping hand to your neighbours when in need and most of all to come together as a community to give back to the place we all call Home.


    XO Happy Canada Day!!! 

    P.S Here’s a look I did using the MAC Proud To Be Canadian Lipstick. I loved it so much I had to show it off to you all! Enjoy!

    M.A.C PROUD TO BE CANADIAN Lipstick photo



    IT’s hot out and I’m SUMMER READY WITH VICHY !


    This past weekend we hit 32 degrees in Ottawa!  It was a scorcher and I loved every moment of this Summer heat! I spent the whole day at the beach with the kiddies!

    Now that the heat is officially here , I had to switch up my skin care routine to include some of my favourite Summer products from Vichy. If you’re an avid reader of my blog , ahem….I hope you are 🙂  then you already know that I’m a huge Vichy fan. I don’t think I have come across any of their skincare products that I didn’t like. No joke! I know it’s rare to discover a brand that meets all your skin care needs but Vichy truly does for me. That’s why every Summer I buy the same 3 sun products and this Summer is no different.  They work beautifully on my skin and I know they are protecting me from sun damage.

    Must have Products

    The 3 products I buy every year are the Vichy Idéal Soleil SPF 60 Sunblock for body application, Vichy Idéal Soleil 50 Sunblock for face application and Idéal Soleil After Sun Spray.

    I find the Idéal Soleil SPF 60 too thick to use on my face, but you can most definitely use it for the face.  I prefer a lighter formula so I opt for the  Idéal 50 which is lighter in texture and absorbs really quickly on the skin so you can apply your makeup right on top of it. 

    The Idéal Soleil after sun spray is a unique product. It’s one of those products that you never knew you needed until you tried it. My first bottle was provided to me by Vichy 2 Summers ago but I loved it so much it’s been on my repurchase list every Summer since then.  It has amazing hydrating qualities due to the mix of vigorous and active ingredients such as  shea oil, apricot kernel oil, coriander seeds, and blackcurrant seeds.

    After-Sun can be used in 2 ways:

    On DRY skin while your out and about enjoying the sun . It will instanlty nourish and hydrate parched skin OR on WET Skin. You can spray it on, preferably in the shower as I do,  to cool your skin off from the Summer heat.  I pump a few drops of the oil in my palm and rub it on myself. I let it sink in for a minute or two then rinse it off. The fragrance is so invigorating and it feels like a gel body wash with the added benefits of the nourishing ingredients.

    New Vichy products 

    Vichy was kind enough to send me 2 of their newest launches just in time for Summer heat to ensure my skin stays hydrated.

    Vichy Double Glow Peel Mask photo

    Vichy Double Glow Peel Mask

    The Double Glow Peel Mask is a very potent product. It contains:

    • AHA to remove dead skin cells
    • Exfoliating properties in the form of Rocks from Volcanic origins, and
    • Vitamin CG to help illuminate skin tone

    Its simple to use and very efficient in removing dead skin. Apply the mask and let sit for 5 minutes and then you can gently remove it with luke warm water. Apply your night time moisturizer immediately to reap all the benefits that this mask offers!

    I was also fortunate to receive the highly anticipated Mineral 89 Skin Booster!

    Vichy Mineral 89 Daily Skin Booster photo

    Vichy Minéral 89 Daily Skin Booster

    The Minéral 89 booster contains 89%  mineralizing thermal water and hyaluronic acid and contains no paraben , silicones, frangrance, colorant or alcohol. The skin booster is best used after cleansing and  to help protect against environmental factors like pollution and cold or hot weather. It boosts hydration and replenishes skins moisture barrier.

    I’ve been using the Minéral 89 booster exactly as prescribed, right after cleansing and before my Idealia serum , morning and night and I’m really happy with the results. Now that the hot weather is here,(for good I hope), I can see myself needing extra hydration to my skin and this amazing product definitely delivers!

    Have you tried any to these Vichy products? If so leave me a comment below! I love hearing from you 🙂

     XO, MAHA 

    * All products with the exception of the Minéral 89 and Double Glow Peel Mask were paid for by me and all opinions expressed are my own*