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    My dear loyal readers, please brace yourselves. This post is real , raw and personal to me.

    Every year, like most of you people out there, I try to “better” myself by imposing crazy expectations and restrictions on myself in the belief that I will be happier, more fit and of course find my inner peace. Isn’t that what we all want ? Inner peace ūüôā

    Some of my go-to resolutions in the past have been:

    exercise more

    learn to use Photoshop

    start meditating

    and of course my favourite , stop eating cake for breakfast!


    No wait the torture doesn’t end there I have more:


    work on communicating better with my family and friends

    do more charity work

    bake and ice a 7 layer cake

    be a mentor to youths in the community

    become CPR certified.

    Out of these¬†9 resolutions that I have made in the past few years, I have committed to only one and that’s to do more charity work. The other day¬†my husband burst my bubble and told me that its not technically¬†charity work if the recipients are your kids,¬†but in my defence it’s still my time I’m sacrificing for others sooo potatoe, batata whatever man!

    To add salt to my wounds, I haven’t stopped eating cake for breakfast or exercised more. Actually, this is really screwed up but I have exercised less this year and ate MORE cake than I did last year and I still haven’t learned to use those cool photoshop tools that make my waist look smaller, my butt bigger and legs longer. No seriously, I still haven’t learned how to do any of that and I’m freaking out!.

    How hard is it to watch a youtube tutorial on Photoshop and apply the techniques to my photos? Everyone else on Instagram sure knows how to use it.

    On a recent playdate with Barbara my “mommy friend” and her son, this happened :

    “OMG Maha what are you going to do if your kid chokes?” “Who will save him? “

    Barbara had just found out that I don’t have my CPR certification and she’s shook!

    Ok, I know I shouldn’t feel like the worst mom on earth but I kind of do. I just haven’t had the time to take that CPR class that I’ve been meaning to take for years now. I hope that if my kid does choke my motherly instincts¬†will kick in and¬†I will know what to do at that time. Thank god that hasn’t happened but if it does than Barbara, my “mommy friend”, ¬†I hope you’re¬†with me and you can be my kids hero and save him.*eye roll*

    All joking aside, I know in my heart that I will never be able to bake and ice a 7 layer cake and since I have a really short attention span, meditation is not gong to happen. Techie YouTube tutorials are boring as hell so definitely no JLO booty for me.

    As lighthearted as my new years resolutions¬†are, there is a¬†stigma attached to¬†them that If I didn’t accomplish these goals I was not worthy or¬†I was¬†lazy or I didn’t care enough for child’s health and safety.¬†With every¬†year that went by and I still hadn’t scratched any of them off my list I would fall¬†into the world of self-loathing. This is¬†a terrible, terrible place for me to be in because no one knew I was there therefore no one could get me out of it.

    I am approaching 2018 with an open mind and¬†heart because my¬†mental health is no joke and neither is yours. I’m making a conscious effort to¬†nourish and take better care of it.¬†I had to burn out fast to learn that failure ( yes, I used the “F” word)¬† is normal and a big part of life.

    I¬†swallowed¬†my pride¬†the moment¬†I started to write this article¬†and share my insecurities with you all. I’m at peace with this because I¬†know¬†I am not alone¬†here.¬†¬†Moving forward, I will definitely be faced with many failures and to no¬†surprise I will get up , try again, probably fail¬†again,¬†but then with perseverance succeed¬†and I will do this all with balanced physical , mental and spiritual health ūüôā

    You only live once people, so make it a good one. Eat your cake, hug your family, take a vacation and be spontaneous but most of all please be genuine and kind to yourself ! You don’t have to be a superhero like Barbara, just be you!


    Cheers to you and your family and I wish you an amazing 2018!!

    MENTAL HEALTH HOTLINE : 1-866-531-2600

    let them eat cake photo

    XO, MAHA




    Is Natural Skin Care Worth The Hype ? Rocky Mountain Soap Co. Review



    I love a good skincare regimen and for¬†the most part I try to stick to what I know works well on my skin and doesn’t break me out.¬†¬†My routine is fairly simple ( not) :¬†cleanser, toner, serum , anti-aging eye product, mask, moisturizer and finally lip balm. I told you it was simple ! Unfortunately, I can’t stop or turn back time (the things I would do if I could though…lol) so I’ve been finding lately that my skin is changing slightly and a few of my go-to products have been irritating me a bit. Maybe it’s the change of season or it could be that as my skin is changing it’s also becoming sensitive . So I knew¬†¬†it was time to change of the skin care regimen.

    The Rocky Mountain Soap Co.¬†came to my rescue! They sent me these products to sample and I couldn’t have been happier to receive them just as I was looking to switch up my skin care.Before being sent the products I didn’t know much about this company, only that it was sold at Rainbow Natural Foods in Ottawa. I dug deeper to learn that Rocky Mountain Soap Company only use Toxin Free products to create their vast lineup of All Natural¬†products. As well the products are handmade in Alberta, Canada! I’ve never used 100% natural skincare products ¬†so I thought why not, let’s give it a go.

    I was sent the following products to sample:



                   CALMING TONER

    Lavender and Arnica are known skin soothing ingredients so once I started using this toner I knew my skin ¬†instantly liked it! I didn’t have that dry feeling I had before applying the¬†toner and since I only apply toner at night, I woke up the next morning to very hydrated but more specifically non-itchy skin. I definitely think the lavender did the trick! As well it helped a lot that this toner smelled like heaven and I woke up smelling like a flower!




    Pomegranate is superfood for your¬†skin, just don’t eat the jar even though it does smell good enough to nibble on! The moisturizer is very hydrating when used with the toner or alone. As with all the Rocky Mountain Soap Company products, the moisturizer is 100% natural and toxin-free.If I could bathe in this moisturizer I would!!! The only drawback I found was that it didn’t have any SPF , but then it wouldn’t be considered all natural. Still, I couldn’t justify leaving the house with out SPF so I layered an SPF product on top of this moisturizer.



    Since there’s not a lot of sun in Ottawa lately, except for a day here and there, I haven’t used this product for it’s intended purpose which is to soothe¬†skin after too much sun exposure. Since I didn’t have that problem I started¬†using this product on my legs after shaving! I get crazy little red bumps¬†¬†and since this body butter contains Aloe, beeswax, coconut and castor oil ,which are all known hydrating ingredients, I knew it would sooth my legs! Voila, it worked! Now instead of applying lotion, I’ve started to reach for the body butter stick! It hydrates and gives my legs a nice glow as well.



    Who doesn’t love a good face mask! This mask contains Ginseng and Spirulina which a are known to soften skin and give your skin a healthy¬†glow by¬†infusing it with¬†organic botanicals. The first time I used this mask, I was a bit taken back by the smell. It wasn’t bad but didn’t smell great. It did smell like¬†vanilla and coconut with a green powdery consistency. Once you add water to the powder it creates a paste and you leave it on your skin for 10-15 minutes. Don’t add too much water , ¬†a tiny bit goes a long way. It was easy to remove after the time expired and my skin felt very nourished and hydrated. The package is only 40 grams so you can get 4 uses out of the one package.

    So for the past 2 weeks and half I’ve been using these products and I’v truly¬†enjoyed the 100% natural and non-toxic products that the Rocky Mountain Soap Co. sent me to sample. I am obsessing mostly over the toner, moisturizer and body butter as I feel they really worked well and quickly to sooth my irritated skin. Now I’m not saying I will go all natural with my skincare from now on, but I am making a continue effort to introduce more natural and toxin-free products in my life. I have to say it does feel good to know that I have absolutely no chemicals on my face! I would highly recommend these products to anyone who is against chemicals in their skin care routine and who is looking for a well rounded skin care line that can fight the aging process and still keep skin hydrated¬†and plump. I will definitely continue to use the toner and moisturizer in my routine ( LOVE LOVE!) now that I know they are instantly soothing my skin!


    Have you tried any of the Rocky Mountain Soap Co.products? If you have or are interested in trying any of them, leave me a comment below!

    *Rocky Mountain Soap Co.sent me the products to sample but the opinions expressed in this post are my own and were not influenced by the company.*


    50 small practices to apply in your life NOW for a HAPPIER 2017!


    50 Small Practices to apply in your life NOW for a Happier 2017!

    A week into the new year and motivation for a “happier and¬†better you”‘¬†are still fairly high. Fast forward a few weeks and that motivation may¬†diminish and momentum in achieveiung a better version of yourself may come to a complete halt. In order to keep the¬† momentum going,¬†start by adding small practices or habits into your everyday life so you don’t feel overwhelmed with change and want to quit. I’ve already added a few of these practices¬†in my life so far. I’ve started to drink less caffeine and more water. I have stopped body shaming myself ( I struggle with this one every day!)¬†and I cleaned out my office! Big achievements so far ¬†ūüôā

    Read more


    New Year, New Goals!

    how_to_get_things_done_in_2017.jpgAs the end of the year is coming to a close we start to¬†think about this passing year and what is awaiting us in 2017. Honestly for me 2016 wasn’t the greatest year.¬†I wanted to do so much with the family and blog etc, etc but time¬†and life in general just didn’t permit me to. So I started thinking, how can I make things happen for me in 2017? What are my goals for 2017?

    I dread the word resolution so this is not a post on how to set resolutions! ¬†New years resolutions overwhelm me.¬†When you set a resolution there isn’t any wiggle room.It’s either you succeed or fail! That’s too much stress for my 5″1 frame.

    I want to approach 2017 with clear direction of where I would like to be with my career and life in general. It’s so ironic that I’m sharing this information about myself on the blog because for those who know me, they know I am the most discreet person when it comes to my life, so of course I decide to start a blog (that’s the irony) ! You¬†start a blog to discuss your passions and your life in general¬†but¬†in return you become immensely vulnerable giving a glimpse of yourself to others that you don’t know and there’s a good chance they may not like you or what you have to say.¬† How scary is that? This blog has pushed my boundaries beyond belief, It’s caused me to search deeply within myself¬†to discover who I am , ¬†who I want to be and¬†where¬†do I want to be with my career? . That’s¬†why I started the Girl Talk category¬†on my blog. This is the space where I can¬† be vulnerable and speak my mind about issues and topics that don’t really correlate to other topics on my blog and I hope so deeply that these topics can start a conversation¬†among us girls!

    OK back to my 2017 Goals…

    I’m setting my goals to “paper”¬†so I can visualize them and work towards them every day, ¬†so here they¬†are…

    1. Blog once a week (Have to make time for me and my passion!)
    2. Meet other bloggers from the area ( this means stepping out of my comfort zone a lot!!)
    3. Take a photography course ( I have a fancy new camera now and I have no clue how to use it!)
    4. Take an advanced makeup class to learn new skills (I can’t grow if I’m not learning and applying¬†new skills)
    5. Diversify the blog ( started with Girl Talk and hopefully I can add some more categories soon)
    6. Work out 4 times a week and don’t complain about it ( LORD IS ¬†MY WITNESS THIS IS THE HARDEST GOAL!!)
    7. Be kind to myself. Love myself , especially on days where I feel so drained and look like a zombie (see what I meant about being vulnerable!!).

    That’s it…these are my top goals for 2017! Now that I have made them visual , I have no choice but to work hard in achieving them.

    Have you set any 2017 goals for yourself? I would love to hear about it!!


    XO, MAHA