Hi Lovlies!

I have a dilemma.  I need your help! 

You, my loyal blog followers, will decide on my next day bag! I’ve been on the hunt for an everyday bag for about 2 months now. To be honest I’m a bit overwhelmed with all the choices, however, I found 4 bags that pretty much fit all my criteria ( perfect for everyday use, large, lightweight, classic, sturdy, easy to clean, and affordable). The most important criteria will have to be size. I usually carry around a sippy cup, a small toy, a pull-up, my wallet, keys and of course a small makeup bag. Being a mom of 3 I carry odd things!

I’m not limiting myself to these 4 bags, as I know there is so much variety out there and I can’t possible research them all! That’s why I’m introducing the “On The Hunt For (OTHF) ” segment to the blog. You ladies out there have amazing recommendations on different products, clothing and decor so I thought why not tap into that! I’ll be decorating my house soon as well as revamping my wardrobe so I hope the OTHF segment will inspire you to share what items you love in your life and would recommend for others! So be on the look out for more OTHF posts!

Here are my choices : 

1. Mark &Graham Everyday Leather Tote Bag

This bag can be monogrammed! The leather is really soft and is very roomy! 

2. Le Pilage Longchamp Tote

This bag definitely is a classic. It’s very easy to clean, light and can fold into notebook size and be put away. Favourite of mine so far!

3. Free People Slouchy Vegan Tote 

This tote is large enough to carry a laptop. It comes with a long removable strap and a coin purse( bonus!). It’s made out of 100% Vegan Leather. 

4. French Connection “Buckle Up” Backpack

This is a surprising large and structured backpack. It has 3 interior zipper compartments as well as adjustable straps. It’s a bit on the trendy side but can be dressed up. 

Now it’s your chance to comment on what bag from the list you like or if you have another suggestion, let’s hear it!!

Have a great day!

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