This creamy¬†cleanser is fragrance free, lightweight and does not foam when you add water to it. I find the cleansers that foam to be a bit drying on my skin, but that’s just me. I’ve used this cleanser for years, not only¬†because it’s¬†super¬†affordable but it¬†really is the only drugstore cleanser that does not dry out my skin. I’ve tried¬†Kiehls¬†and¬†Clarins¬†cleansers and both¬†products are good products, but were¬†drying my skin out quickly. I would love if¬†Neutrogena¬†made a¬†bigger bottle, as this one is only a 354 ml and I tend to use it up fairly quickly. Also this specific formula(creamy) is not sold in Canada! I know…why¬†rave about it if you can’t buy it here?¬†Because, it’s that good! When I travel to good OL’¬†Ogdensburgh, NY I¬†stop off at the¬†Walmart¬†and I STOCK UP! In Canada¬†Neutrogena¬†does sell the¬†Ultra Gentle Cleanser Foaming Formula. It’s similar to the creamy formula but foams when you add water to it. Another equally impressive cleanser is¬†this¬†one. It’s for Normal to Dry skin and non-foaming.¬†If you do find¬†the creamy¬†formula sold in Canada, please let me know!
This is an outstanding moisturizer for the eyes. This formula is loaded with anti-ageing¬†ingredients such as¬†niacinamide, ceramides, and hyaluronic acid. I mostly use this product in the winter months when my face and eye area are¬†extremely dry and¬†need a bit more love!¬†I find this¬†formula to be very¬†moisturizing but not¬†greasy and I’ve never experienced any¬†irritations with it. I’ve tried very expensive¬†high end eye creams and by far this¬†product is my favorite eye cream!
If you love healthy, hydrated glowing skin then you’ll¬†love facial oils. I started experimenting¬†with facial oils years back. I would mix virgin olive oil (voo) and vanilla essential oil and apply it to my face before bed. I had great results the next morning. I had a natural glow and any blemishes I had seemed to diminish slightly. There are numerous benefits to applying¬†voo on your skin; however¬† the oil is just too thick to wear underneath makeup or even alone as you’ll look¬†greasy. It did work in keeping my skin hydrated and plump but it wasn’t a practical solution. Fast forward a couple years and voila…Facial Oils are being sold everywhere now! Facial oils have natural antioxidants and protect your skin from harsh external factors (pollution, cold weather, over cleansing). They instantly absorb into¬†your skin to give you a nice glow. In the colder months I absolutely do not leave my house without applying facial oil. If I go without it, within minutes my face will feel tight and it’ll bother me the whole day. Before I found Acure Marula Oil, I had tested out about 3 o¬†r 4 facial oils and none of them¬†felt great on my skin.¬†Acure Marula Oil is paraben and pesticides free (also Vegan).¬†The oil is harvested in South Africa by local women as part of the Marula Project that economically empowers all women of South Africa. Many people compare the Marula oil to Argan oil and both are amazing naturally derived oils; however my results with Marula oil outweigh the results I achieved with Argan oil. As with Argan, Marula oil can be applied to the tips of your hair, your cuticles and any other dry areas you may have. This product can be found at Target or online¬†here.
Beauty Tip: If you have oily skin YES you can use facial oils! To be on the safe side, apply one drop at first and work up to about 2-3 drops with each application.
¬†I was deliberating whether or not to include this mask in my drugstore post. I wasn’t sure if it would be considered a drugstore product for 2 reasons: it’s sold at select few drugstores (mostly health food stores like Kardish and Rainbow Foods) and because it’s pricier that most drugstore items I’ve previously mentioned. But in all honesty, I really like this mask and I haven’t been able to find ¬†a drugstore product that gives me the same results! It leaves your skin plumped, soft and radiant. I leave this mask on overnight once a week, but in the colder months I definitely use it twice a week for extra hydration. There are a lot of great ingredients in this product that will nourish your skin but the star ingredient is Hyaluronic Acid. This ingredient “can hold up to 1000 times its weight in water” which basically translates too¬†MAJOR HYDRATION¬†for your skin. The company claims that this mask will treat wrinkles. I don’t know how true this claim is but it definitely works to hydrate my skin and¬†get rid of any blackheads and redness I may have. I wanted to also mention that¬†this is¬†also a¬†vegan and¬†sulphate free product.
If you haven’t noticed already by reading any blog post of mine, I’m a huge fan of glowing skin and I’m not talking¬†about¬†that Instagram glow you achieve from a kick ass¬†highlighter!¬†That’s great as well, but I want the natural glow that my¬†body can achieve¬†with the help of a good product.¬†That’s why I use products¬†like Derma e. I’ve tried many toners from drugstore brands, department store to the absurdly¬†expensive (Hello CHANEL LOTION DOUCER!)and this¬†toner simply trumps them all.¬†This product is alcohol and fragrance free. It contains niamicide and cell repairing ingredients. It’s helps with uneven skin tone and it really¬†aids your skin¬†in absorbing any other product you apply¬†after.
This is a great moisturizer for someone who has normal to combination skin. This is a lightweight moisturizer and works well when used under makeup. I don’t recommend this product for dry skin but definitely worth looking into if you like lightweight products. I found that it does have a slight fragrance to it but nothing overwhelming, however if you¬†are sensitive¬†to fragrance then this may not be a good option for you. As you know sunscreen is really important, so the added benefit of¬†using this¬†moisturizer is the protection from the sun’s rays. IMO this is another great product from Aveeno.


This is a drugstore moisturizing lotion that can be used on the face and body. It’s fragrance free , lightweight and IMO great for wear underneath makeup. It has loads of ceramids that help restore and maintain the skins natural barriers. I love this moisturizer because I do feel it helps my combination skin (dryer in the winter months) stay plump and hydrated all day. The only drawback is that it does not contain SPF so I mix a bit of this sunblock with the moisturizer and I’m protected from the sun! I have to say that switch¬†back and forth between Cerave lotion and Paula’s Choice Resist Cellular Defense Daily Moisturizer with SPF 25. Both are great products but Cerave can be bought at your local drugstore.


For years I wasn’t able to find a makeup remover that didn’t¬†irritate my eyes. All the products either contained¬†oils or alcohol and my eyes, being so sensitive, would swell up for hours after¬†just one use.¬†I received a sample of Simple Kind to Eyes makeup remover on a trip to the drugstore and the sales associated reassured me that this product would not irritate my eyes and¬†it definitely would not leave me¬†with a greasy residue. I was apprehensive at first but she was 100% right! That night as I applied¬†the product¬†I braced myself for the initial “burn” I was accustomed to when using eye makeup remover but the “burn” never happened. I was¬†pleasantly¬†surprised. It removed all of my¬†eye makeup without any swelling or irritation. Simple also produce makeup remover wipes but I¬†still prefer their liquid over the wipes.
I need to mention that I do use use this product to remove the rest of my face makeup. Even though it’s¬†at¬†the top end of my budget for a makeup remover it has lasted me¬†awhile (over a year) as a little goes a long way. It’s a very well¬†formulated product¬†and similar to the Simple¬†brand¬†makeup remover, this¬†is also an award winner.¬†
If you haven’t heard of this facial cloth then you most likely have been living under a rock. I read¬†somewhere¬†that these are¬†the most purchased facial cloths in all of Europe and¬†America.¬†One side of the cloth is smooth for cleansing and the other side is slightly textured for exfoliating. I¬†really like them¬†because of the¬†convenience they offer. At the end of the night you’re tired and can’t be bothered with your regular¬†bedtime¬†beauty ritual, grab one of these wipes and¬†you’re good to go! According¬†to¬†Olay these cloths can be used¬†as your cleanser, toner, mask and¬†scrub. I¬†can definitely agree that they do a good job as a cleanser and I¬†have used the¬†textured side for exfoliating but I¬†won’t be replacing my¬†toner,¬†exfoliator and¬†mask for these.¬†They are just for¬†convenience on days¬†where I need to clean my face quickly. Don’t get me wrong, these cloths do a superb quick job at cleaning my face, but in order to maintain youthful healthy skin you need skin care products that¬†are formulated to¬†target specific skin concerns.

I love this product! It feels so luxurious on the hands and it smells so good! If you don’t like the smell of coconut then stay away ūüôā This cream will restore cracked and chapped hands without leaving a greasy residue. Its formulated with virgin coconut oil, vitamin A, C , E and Shea butter! I keep this product on my bathroom counter to remind me to apply the hand and cuticle cream before bed! It’s a nightly ritual for me.¬†
I fell in love with Aveeno products when my daughter was born. To treat her extremely dry skin my doctor recommended I bathe her with Aveeno Baby Cleansing Therapy Wash. I instantly noticed a difference in her skin and since then I’ve only used Aveeno products on my¬†kids. Soon after having her, I noticed I also developed very dry skin, so of course I did what the doctor recommended and starting using Aveeno hydrating body wash. It’s an award winning product for good reason. The natural fig and Shea butter in this product help soothe and hydrate dry skin for hours after you’ve rinsed this product off. It never leaves a¬†residue on¬†your skin or around¬†your shower, it smells divine and for the low price¬†tag definitely worth¬†trying it¬†out. I think I’m on my 12th bottle already!
I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my post!
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