I can’t believe 2015 is coming to an end! For all of you that live in Ottawa,don’t you love all the snow that finally landed on our beautiful city! I know you won’t let a little snow distract you from your New Years Eve plans. To ring in the NY¬†I collaborated with Rania Abdullah from¬†The Wardrobe Stylist, HairByNadine and our model Simar from¬†Mini Me City¬†to put together¬†a¬†Makeup¬†+ Hair¬†+ Styling¬†tutorial¬†on how to¬†pull off an easy¬†but GLAM NYE look!
Trust me when I say this is easy to do. 
It was our first go at it and I have to say we really enjoyed ourselves(a bit too much) and I believe we truly accomplished some work worth sharing. 





The key to a great cut crease is patience, and a bit of practise!
  1. Apply eye primer such as MAC PRO LONGWEAR PAINTPOT in soft ochre to the entire lid.
  2. Apply a highlight like Gesso on the inner corner of the eye and brow bone.
  3. Along the crease area, draw a line from the outer corner of the eye to the inner corner with a kohl pencil or eyeliner.
  4. Use an eye shader brush like the Eco tools brush to blend the eyeliner out. Use small windshield wiper movements to blend the kohl or eyeliner.
  5. Apply any eye shadow colour you like over the line ( I used Naked from the UD NAKED palette). You can go a bit above the line as well. Ensure you are blending the colour toward the inner corner of your eye.                                                                                             
  6.  TIP: I wanted a dramatic cut crease so for the step above I thickened the eye shadow line with the NAKED shadow.
  7. Apply shadow all over the lid to add colour to the look. I used Half Baked from the UD NAKED palette.
  8. Create a winged look with any liquid/gel liner you have on hand. I used Revlon ColorStay Liquid Liner in Black.
  9. For a more dramatic look add glitter on top of the Half Baked Shadow. I used Annabelle Glitterama in Solar Flare. 
  10. For added drama, apply Naked from the UD NAKED Palette to the lower lashline and go over it with a bit of Darkhorse, also from the NAKED palette.
  11. Line your inner lashline with kohl black pencil.
  12. Finish the look off with falsies and a good coat of mascara. I used Maybelline Volume Express Colossal 
To achieve an ultra GLAM look Rania, from The Wardrobe Stylist, suggests adding these accessories to your outfit of the night.
1. Aqua stone ring (this one has a silver frame though)
2. Cuff bracelet
3. Hair chains
4. Ankle bracelet
5. Kaftan paired with pants and ultra comfortable tank
6. Bangles
7. Slave bracelets
8. Cuffs
9. Arm band
10.Oversized rings in natural stones
11.Simpler rings such as the criss cross x ring
12.Head chains (These can be found on Etsy at great prices)
14.Ankle bracelet or ankle slave bracelets
You can read more about the Styling for this specific look over on The Wardrobe Stylist
1. Blow out the hair before styling
2. Section by section curl hair with the curling iron or wand
3. Once all the hair is curled, loosely pin up each curl with a bobby pin
4. Let the hair set for 15-20 minutes
5. Take the pins out and brush each curl out seperatetly to create a wave look
6. Spray with light hold hairspray if desired
7. Clip the hair chains underneath the hair strands close to the ears to hide the attaching clips
8. Add the top head chain and align with the hair partition. 
Voila! You’re all Glammed up for NYE!!!
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