Make Up For Ever (MUFE)is a PRO makeup line aimed at attracting artists in fields such as cinema, cabaret, TV , fashion and dance, but you don’t have to be a professional artist to use and appreciate this iconic brand. Trust me when I say that every make up artist, staring out or a veteran in the industry has a MUFE product in their kit. For my professional kit, I started off buying all MUFE products because I was told, if you wanted to be respected in the industry, you better start working with the right tools right away. Every artist I asked at that time recommended MUFE for their versatile ¬†product options and wide colour ranges in foundations and concealers.I not only picked up a few items for my kit, but I also added many items to my everyday makeup bag. I call these products my essentials because they make makeup application so much easier for me. I’ve become dependant on them and even though some of the¬†products have been around for a while I still ‚̧ them.

Can you tell I use these palettes¬†a lot!I think I’m on my 2 palette of each.I use them on almost everyone.I¬†have the dark complexion in my¬†personal¬†makeup bag as well as I am obsessed with the orange for correcting my¬†under eyes.

The¬†sculpting blush is a fave of mine! The pigmentation is so strong that you only need to lightly dab the tip of your brush in the compact to¬†pick up a good¬†amount of colour. I’m impressed by the colour range in these¬†sculpting blushes.¬†The colours are very soft almost pastel like and would flatter just about any skin tone.
//Sculpting Blush,Matte Raspberry Brown//

I’ve been using the Glossy Full Gloss since I was first¬†introduced to it 2¬†years ago. I like the¬†shine it gives off and it doesnt’ feel sticky on. I don’t say this about a lot of glosses,¬†but this particular one is long wearing. I love to pair nude lipsticks¬†on top of this gloss, it looks really good! Anytime I wear it I get¬†asked “what’s that gloss?”. I don’t know what the¬†technology is¬†behind this gloss, but it’s a great¬†product and a little goes a long way so you definitely get you¬†monies¬†worth.

The original HD foundation was a dream to use and very iconic in the beauty industry. When MUFE announced they were reformulating this product I really didn’t believe it could get better than the¬†original, but it did! This¬†foundation comes in 40 shades, yes you read that correctly,40! You are bound to find your¬†perfect match¬†with¬†such a wide range. I¬†still like the¬†fluidity of¬†this product. I¬†still blend it out with my damp beauty blender as I like the sheer look on me and I find the¬†beauty blender is great in achieving this. I ONLY use 1 pump and that is enough product to cover your whole face. 2 pumps would be ideal if you¬†want a full coverage look. This¬†foundation dries to a satin finish and¬†definitely feels and looks natural on the face. I use the HD¬†foundation in my personal makeup bag and professional kit. I use it on clients with¬†normal to slightly dry skin. I¬†don’t use this on oily or¬†very dry skin as I find it further dries the skin.

The SENS’ EYES cleanser is the ONLY product I use to¬†remove waterproof makeup. I don’t have to tug at my skin to remove the makeup as this works quickly and efficiently. I dab a bit of the¬†liquid on to a cotton pad and with¬†one swipe my eye and lip makeup is¬†gone!. Again, like so many other MUFE products, a little goes a long way. The bottle I have is only 30ML and it’s lasted me about 6 months.

The HD face Primer¬†pictured is my favourite high end primer. I have so many of these tubes in my kit as I use it on everyone ! When I like a¬†product, I LIKE a product :).This HD primer has a¬†lightweight ¬†yet silky texture,¬†almost comparable to Benefits Porefessional face primer. This primer adds a nice glow to¬†dull¬†complexion and I feel on some¬†people it corrects uneven skin tone. Sometimes I love¬†wearing it alone, after¬†moisturizing just¬†because it adds a nice shine. MUFE doesn’t¬†produce this specific primer any longer as it’s been¬†replaced by STEP 1 SKIN EQUALIZER line. Stay tuned for a¬†dedicated post on the STEP 1 line!

//Glossy Full Lip Gloss//
//Ultra HD Foundation//
//SENS Eyes Cleanser//
// HD MicroPerfecting Face Primer//

I have so many MUFE products on my list to buy and try out including the STEP 1 Primers , HD Face Sculpting kit,PRO Sculpting Duo,and the Ultra HD Concealer! Of course,¬†you will be able to read my full¬†review on these products soon ūüôā

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