3 Essential Steps To Becoming Spring Ready !

Spring is almost here – so some changes are in order! Not just your wardrobe needs an overhaul but so do your skin, makeup and hair. Let’s start by swapping our winter coats and boots for a light spring jacket and rain boots(ankle boots as well!).I’ve compiled for you an easy 3 step guide that will take you from feeling damp and dreary to feeling beautiful, refreshed and ready for Spring!


\ Clarisonic Mia \
Your skin is your biggest organ(yes it’s an organ,look it up!) and should be taken care of just as you do your heart. We all know good skin is highly sought after. It all starts within. It’s been proven that a well hydrated body emits a natural glow that rivals the best highlighter on the market. For your body to be well hydrated you need to ¬†drink at least 6-8 glasses of water. By consuming water you are flushing toxins out of your system and allowing your glow to come thru. It’s not magic, it’s science!¬†

At times, drinking 6-8 glasses of water isn’t enough or practical so you need the help of exfoliating¬†products.¬†A cleansing power tool¬†helps to rapidly¬†exfoliate the body to reduce dry patches and leaves skin feeling very smooth.

Cleansing your skin is so important first thing in the morning as well as at night to ensure all the products and environmental toxins are removed from your pores. Choose a cleaner that is right for your skin type.

Using a reliable water based toner after cleansing helps to ensure your skin is receiving a healthy dose of antioxidants for the day.

Weekly exfoliating of the skin is necessary!¬†Since many of us¬†can’t make it to the¬†aesthetician¬†on a weekly basis, it’s great to rely on a solid BHA¬†exfoliating¬†product that improves skins texture, appearance and gets rid of blackheads. As well a decent BHA¬†product will help with¬†collagen production.¬†

A serum loaded with antioxidants will help to firm, brighten and hydrate your skin all day.

If dryness around the eyes during allergy season is a factor then adding an eye cream to your Spring prep routine will definitely help. An effective eye cream will hydrate the under eye and reduce puffiness.

There is no excuse for leaving the house without sunscreen. Sunscreen is the #1 defence against ageing skin and skin cancer.

Update Makeup Bag

\ Mac Face Bronzer  \
\ M.A.C Eyeshadow \
Put away¬†those matte lipsticks and reach for a coral lippie! Spring is the time of new awakenings and¬†rejuvenation so¬†don’t hesitate to be¬†inspired and try different colours.
Adding a soft cheerful pastel shade to your lids is not only fun, but will also make them pop. Adding a bright bold colour to your inner and under waterline will tie the look together. If a bright purple in your waterline is not your thing, you can always reach for a nude toned eye pencil to give a bright eyed and awake look!
Feeling like winter took away your colour ? Add a soft bronzer + highlighter to your makeup routine to liven up your colour and give the illusion you just came back from the islands!
Blush is magic! It’s an¬†instant “pick me up” and if applied¬†properly ¬†can easily¬†transform your look. During¬†the winter months the plums, golds and nudes were in high demand.¬†This Spring, go after the pinks, purples and corals.
Wearing a lightweight concealer and foundation as a base will help¬†enhance your natural beauty and won’t make you look overdone.¬†
Applying a coat or two of black mascara always pulls the look together. If your feeling adventurous, teal and pink mascara(a light coat obviously) is a big hit this season. 
Pampering your feet and nails is a luxury.¬†Schedule a mani – pedi as soon as you can. Once¬†the sun starts¬†shining you’re going to want to wear sandals and open toe heels so it’s best to be prepared. If you can’t make it to an esthetician, read¬†this¬†article for a DIY mani –¬†pedi at¬†home!¬†When choosing colour go for the pinks, reds¬†and pastels.
When¬†choosing a¬†Springtime scent, ensure¬†that it represents¬†your¬†personality. If¬†you’re not a flower lover¬†than¬†don’t choose a citrus or fruity scent.If you don’t like attention than a bold scent¬†such as musk or amber is most likely not for you! If you’re Vegan or a Naturalist, there are many¬†companies that offer¬†natural organic scents. Whatever scent you¬†choose, ensure it¬†represents your style and personality well. A lingering scent is at times how¬†people remember you, so make it¬†fabulous!
Transform Hair

\ Otto-Keunis Intensive Mask \
\ L’Oreal TecniArt Volume Mousse\
We can finally say goodbye to Winter hat hair,¬†frizzy and unmanageable tresses! It’s time to¬†pamper your hair. Your hair says a lot about you so ensuring it¬†looks¬†healthy and shiny should be a top priority this Spring.¬†
At the start of every new season you should trim your ends. This will promote hair growth without breakage and thinning. If your  fearless and ready for a change you may want to try a sexy pixi cut or a cute and very wearable LOB (longer bob).
Using a sulfate and paraben free shampoo and conditioner will help hydrate the hair and clean your scalp. A clean scalp ensures your hair can breath and in turn can grow easily. 
An intensive repair mask should be your best friend this Spring.
A hair mask will help heal the damage from the cold Winter months. Once or twice a week is necessary to bring life and hydration back into your hair.
Styling your hair is always fun, but at times can damage your hair. Constant heat and tugging at the tresses weakens the follicles and over time destroys vital proteins needed for hair repair and growth.
This¬†Spring go “Oh¬†Natural” with your hair!If you¬†have curly or wavy hair, shampoo your tresses, let it air dry and add a bit of volumizing mouse to your roots and ends. If you have¬†naturally straight hair,¬†towel dry the hair and comb out any frizz that may have ¬†developed from the towel.¬†
If you must add heat to your hair, ensure you keep the hair dryer as far from your hair as possible to reduce damage. Coating your hair with heat styling products beforehand will minimize the damage.
Applying a shine spray to your hair will create a luminous shine and this will give the illusion that you have natural healthy hair. A good quality shine spray will also offer UV,thermal and environmental toxin protection.
If you decide to tackle any or all of these 3 essential steps, leave a comment below and let me know how it goes! I love hearing from you all!
Happy Spring ¬†ūüôā


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