Happy Canada Day!

So by the title you’ve guessed it, this isn’t a beauty related blog post. Happy Canada day to all my fellow Canadians! How amazing is it that we live in this beautiful country and every year we gather to celebrate our achievements as Canadians!

Have I told you lovely readers that I, along with my 2 sisters and brother were born in Lebanon?  At a time where safety and freedom were scarce and the war was about to begin pouring down on our beautiful homeland, my parents were provided with an opportunity to leave Lebanon for a safer place called “Canada”.The situation worsened quickly and so we fled Lebanon with little in our hands but much in our hearts. I recall my father telling us years after arriving in Canada  that he had heard Canada was a good place to raise kids but he was unsure of how immigrants would be treated and he felt unsure of leaving all the comfort of his home. We will see, he would say. 

Was it an easy transition for my parents? No, it wasn’t. Being  a young immigrant family in the 80’s in  Canada was challenging for them. Not only were they not used to the winter months , but they had little income. My father took up work in various restaurants and hotels while studying at both the University  of Ottawa, as well as  University of Toronto. The work was humbling for him, as back home in Lebanon he was a teacher, and a great teacher that was loved by all his students. He took such pride in his service work at the hotels and restaurants as his strong work ethic ,regardless of the work, was paramount and ever present . Months go by and my siblings and I are learning to speak English, making friends and feeling welcomed in Canada.
Fast Forward 30 years, and here I sit reminiscing about my younger years as an immigrant child in this now culturally diverse and accepting country.What if my parents never left Lebanon ? Who would I be today? Would I dress the same, enjoy the same food, listen to the same music? I don’t know the person I would have become had we stayed in lebanaon, but I do know the person I am today. Being raised in Canada has shaped me immensely.  Because we believe in Freedom, I’m not afraid to speak my mind ; because we are diverse , my neighbours are Asian, Italian, and Indian; because of our acceptance of all faiths I can visit a mosque, synagogue and temple all within 4 km of each other.  I would never have had the educational opportunities that I did or the security that surrounds me  and the compassion and inclusivity I feel with my fellow Canadians. I type this post as I ‘m sitting in my lovely backyard while my kids are jumping on their trampoline laughing and enjoying their freedom, unbeknownst to them the struggles that came before in order for them to experience these moments. Thanks mom and dad for sacrificing so much of your life and your comfort to travel to an unknown country for a better life! Because of your sacrifices my kids have opportunities available to them that would never have been possible. We really are living the   “Canadian dream ” eh? 
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