My Top Beauty Travel Essentials + Product Packing Rules

We didn’t get to travel a whole lot this Summer but I did manage to squeeze in a weekend trip with my husband to beautiful Montreal sans enfants. ! Packing beauty products for a weekend getaway used to be a daunting task for me. I was that person that packed every single product in her makeup collection for a weekend away! Over the years I’ve developed a set of rules that I now follow religiously  to help me decide on what to pack!

Rule # 1 Skip Foundation

 Seriously? Yes!

Leave it at home!.  Instead equipe your beauty bag with a great tinted moisturizer or BB cream such as AVON ideal Shade or Smashbox BB cream Not only do these products work (very well) they also fall into my rule #2. As well your skin will benefit from a day off from foundation. ! If you choose a good BB cream or tinted moisturizer with SPF they sometimes will do a better job than a foundation. A bb cream or tinted moisturizer can hydrate your skin , even skin tone as well as conceal any blemishes By leaving the foundation at home, you’ve also freed up extra space in your makeup bag as you no longer have a need for a foundation brush! #packinglight just got lighter!



Rule # 2 Pack Double Duty Products

Gone are the days when I used to pack a lipstick  and lip balm !! Now I pack a coloured lipblam and add a tiny bit of bb cream to my lips then add the lip balm to give my lips more of a lipstick stain. The best for this hands down is the Clinique Chubby Stick Intense Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm. They come in a variety of shades and apply easily to give you the right amount of colour. Sometimes if I don’t pack my blush I use this chubby stick as a blush as well! To use as a blush , apply it directly to where you usually wear your blush and lightly dab it around with your fingers. It gives the perfect colour. I really love watermelon rose. It adds that bit of flush to your skin that looks good on anyone!

As I wrote earlier in this post, BB cream and tinted moisturizer also contribute to rule #2. A tinted moisturizer with SPF takes the place of a moisturizer, foundation and sunscreen. It can hide blemishes as well as hydrate your skin. 
Bonus Tips:
Did you know you can also use conditioner as a shaving gel? 
Yep works like a charm and you don’t even have to pack it with you as all hotels supply their guests with sample size conditioners+shampoos!
Have you used baby wipes as makeup remover? 
These babies are not just to be used for wiping baby bottoms anymore. Exhausted after a full day of sightseeing or shopping ? Grab a wipe to take your makeup off and hit the sheets! Don’t have time to “freshen up”? Grab a wipe and give yourself a quick pat down ! Convenient when you need to wipe germs off your hands but no washroom in sight! Baby wipes are cheaper than makeup remover wipes and typically have less perfume. A multitasking small and compact product that is a must in any weekender beauty bag!

Rule #3 Do not wash your hair

Sounds gross but unless you jumped into a chlorine filled pool or had a bird lay claim on your mane then there really is no need to wash your hair on a weekend getaway! Wether you have oily unruly  hair, or you just want to clean your scalp to extend the life of your blow out then you need to invest in Dry Shampoo. I prefer to use Batiste Dry Shampoo. I have used other Dry shampoo brands in the past but they were either way overpriced or they didn’t work as promised. Batiste dry shampoo easily brings my hair back to  life. I depend on it when I wear my hair curly hair and straight. It always cleans my scalp and takes away any oil buildup.  This product comes in several fragrances and colours suited for your hair type. As well Batiste dry shampoo is another product that can fall into rule #2. It doubles as a thickening and volumizing spray for thin hair . A few sprays will give you volume and the appearance of thicker hair.

Rule # 4 Pack a shadow stick (or two or three)
What’s a shadow stick?  It’s eyeshadow in stick form! 
So why pack it? It’s more convenient to pack than an eyeshadow palette as it takes up way less room in your makeup bag and you’re not stressing about your expensive eyeshadow smashing. I have been known to forget an eyeshadow palette … or two at the hotel once or twice before. I prefer budget friendly eyeshadow sticks like Rimmer London ScandalEyes Sticks to take away with me on weekend trips. If you are low key makeup on your weekend away then this shadow stick in a neutral colour will come in handy, but if you’re planning on having a romantic dinner  by candlelight ( You go girl!) and you want a sultry look than 2 or 3 shadow sticks is all you need to pack. I’ve travelled across the ocean with these sticks and they never let me down. It’s very easy to add an extra punch to to your eyeshadow while using these sticks. First  apply the eyeshadow stick to your lid, then dab or pat a bit of vaseline on top of the shadow to give you that famous Kim K. “wet” look that she wore at the VMA’s.  These eyeshadow sticks are extremely affordable, portable and versatile. Since you get a lot of pigmentation with only one swipe you won’t be disappointed that you didn’t pack your much loved  UD  palette!
I also love the Bobbi Brown Long Wear Cream Shadow Stick. They are not budget friendly,  however the formula and easy application make up for the price tag ( kinda …it really is a splurge product!) They also come in loads of different shades.
Rule #5 Never Travel without mascara
You all know my obsession with Maybelline Pumped Up Mascara. It’s for a good reason I tell you ! Mascara alone can transform your eye shape and sometimes,if it’s tinted mascara, your eye colour. If I decide to forgo the eyeliner, I just double up on the coat of mascara and my eyes look bigger , more awake and I instantly have fuller lashes. Mascara is a simple way of adding  a bit of glam or sophistication to any look, even if you’re only wearing tinted moisturizer and lip balm 🙂
Rule # 6 Don’t forget to pack toiletries

What are essential toiletries you ask? Well I would say toothbrush , toothpaste and deodorant. You don’t need to pack full size products of these essentials, you can get away with economy size for a weekend getaway.

These are my essential toiletries :

//I do not use antiperspirant//
//Only toothpaste I use now since I was introduced to it. This toothpaste is specially formulated to get your teeth whiter in 5 days. I love the taste and smell of mint so this toothpaste has become my go to!//
//When I travel I only bring disposable toothbrushes so I can toss them after my trip. I’m a bit type “A” with my dental hygiene! //
What do you bring along with you on a weekend getaway?
Disclaimer: I was not compensated for this post. The Batiste dry shampoo and Truly Radiant toothpaste are a PR sample and I chose to discuss them in this post. I was not financially compensated for this post. 


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