L’Or√©al Pure-Clay Masks

Clay masks have¬†been¬†around for¬†centuries¬†and can be traced back to ancient Africa and Egypt¬†where¬†the¬†inhabitants¬†were using¬†them to treat burns and scars.¬†Later they¬†discovered that the masks had great¬†beautifying properties to them and¬†soon become¬†essential to ancient beauty regimes. Fast forward to many many centuries later and clay masks have made a huge comeback¬†thanks to the very popular L’Or√©al¬†Pure-Clay masks.
L’Oreal introduced three pure-clay masks :
 Red Algae +  3 Mineral Clays is best for exfoliating and pore refining rough skin.
Charcoal  + 3 Mineral Clays is great for energizing and brightening dull skin.
Eucalyptus  + 3 Mineral Clays is  for purifying and mattifying and is best used on oily skin.
The masks are all formed ¬†with 3 clays (Kaolin¬†+ Montmorillonite¬†+ Moroccan Clay )¬†+ either¬†Red Algae,¬†Charcoal or Eucalyptus. Once you select the mask that best addresses your skin¬†concerns, it’s¬†recommended that it be applied 3¬†times a week for 10¬†minutes.
I used the¬†masks for five weeks¬†straight , 3 times a week , dedicating one and a half week to each mask. I , at times, have dry and not so lustrous skin so I tried the Charcoal mask first. ¬†I applied an even coat all over my¬†face. The mask dried very quickly and changed to a light blue color. ¬†I did feel tightening of my face once the mask fully dried. ¬†I¬†washed¬†the mask off¬†with water after 10 minutes. Washing the clay off my face wasn’t an easy task. I had to really go over a a few areas several times to ensure the¬†product was¬†completely rinsed off. ¬†Once the¬†mask was completely off ¬†I noticed instant results on my face. ¬†My face felt¬†smoother and looked¬†brighter after the first use. The second time I used¬†the Charcoal¬†mask, I noticed my pores at¬†the tip of my nose looked cleaner than before I applied the mask. ¬†Not once after rinsing the mask off did my face feel dry, actually , my face felt very hydrated and smooth¬†after every use.
The¬†next mask I tried was the Red Algae mask. Even though I don’t have rough skin I do like the idea of exfoliating my skin with out¬†using harsh beads usually found in most¬†exfoliators. I also¬†applied ¬†a thin layer of this mask and left it on for 10¬†minutes. It dried ¬†the same way the Charcoal mask did, very¬†quickly, ¬†and it¬†changed¬†colour to a light orange. This¬†mask didn’t tighten my skin like the¬†Charcoal mask did. It was¬†actually very soothing on my skin and it had a very pleasant aroma.¬†This¬†mask rinsed off very easily. My skin felt very soft and looked clean. By clean I ¬†mean my pores,¬†which are all on my¬†nose, were free of dead cells and dirt! I was impressed¬†when the Charcoal mask cleaned my pores, but the¬†Red Algae¬†mask did an even ¬†better ¬†job at it! ¬†Again, after every use my skin felt¬†hydrated and never dry.¬†
The last¬†mask I used for a week and a half was the Eucalyptus clay mask.¬†Out of¬†the 3 masks , this was the one¬†that I¬†didn’t use all over my face.¬†Since it’s geared for oily skin and I have off and on dry skin, ¬†I only needed to use this¬†mask on my T-Zone where during certain days of the month * ahem* I can be oily there. I loved the¬†light¬†non-perfume aroma of this mask. The Eucalyptus in the mask helps to reduce oil buildup in the skin. After one application on my T-Zone I noticed I had¬†reduced shine.¬†While using the¬†Eucalyptus mask¬†solely on my T-Zone, I used the Charcoal¬†mask on the rest of my face. Again, after I rinsed off the mask, my skin looked hydrated and not dull.¬†

I’m impressed¬†with¬†the overall¬†quality and¬†effectiveness of these pure- clay¬†masks. These masks are thick in texture and they feel like the premium clay you would dig out of the dead sea! They aren’t complicated to use and can¬†easily be¬†incorporated into a day or¬†night time beauty routine. ¬†After using¬†each¬†mask three times a week I was¬†able to see considerable benefits to my skin. I saw a great change in my skin tone and hydration. I was pleasantly surprised¬†that the Red Algae mask was able to remove all the¬†dirt from my pores from one use. After only one application using the Charcoal mask, ¬†I saw hydration and¬†luminosity in my skin. Masks in general have become an essential part of a beauty¬†regimen , (¬†hello #Koreanbeauty is¬†built around¬†masks alone!!), and everyone can benefit¬†from one¬†of these 3 Pure- Clay masks. I¬†love the Charcoal mask so much that I’ve added it to my¬†first¬†ever giveaway;¬†coming up on the blog soon!!¬†
DISCLAMER: This is not a sponsored post. I bought these products with my own money. The opinions expressed are my own.


XO, Maha 
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