Mini Drugstore Makeup Haul + My Life so far..

So it’ s no surprise that I’ve been lazy on the blog lately. Life has changed slightly for me. I’m back at school and adjusting to adult-student life. School during the week days and taking care of a family¬†+ side hustle is a bit stressful…Thank the good lord for¬†chocolate and coffee! I seem to be fine after shoving handfuls of dark chocolate in my mouth ūüôā
I’ve missed blogging oh so much though! It really is my favourite hobby and when I’m blogging I feel less stressed and a bit free if that makes any sense. It’s my little domain of creativity and I love it!¬†
So back to it…
I did a little drugstore shopping last weekend to pick up 1 thing (baby shampoo) and I ended up walking out with MANY things and forgot the baby shampoo (typical Maha) ! 
I had never tried any of these products before, so here’s what I think about them.
L’Oreal Paris “Caress Wet” Shine Lip Stain in Iinfinite Fuchsia
Infinite Fuchsia looks very bold in the applicator but ones applied it’s a very subtle colour!This product has a small applicator that is contoured for easy application on the lips. This is very handy and I wish all the glosses, stains had the same applicator. The stain once applied to the lips is very pigmented and almost feels silk-like on the lips. It doesn’t give you a “Wet” look even though this is the marketing angle for this product. It lasted about 3-4 hours on my lips before I had to reapply which I think is pretty good for a non-matte stain. For $6, it was a good purchase and I would buy it again but maybe in a more neutral¬†colour.

L’Oreal Paris Extraordinaire in Plum Adagio

This is a hybrid of lipstick + stain¬†+ balm! At least for me that’s what it felt like. I loved wearing “Extraordinaire” and I’m so surprised I hadn’t picked it up sooner. I chose Plum Adagio to wear this season and it really is a beautiful rich fall colour. It’s very reminiscent of MAC Hang up, which I lurvvv!! “Extraordinaire” also comes with an amazing short applicator for ease of use. The product is thick once applied so you don’t need a lot of product to achieve a good colour or pigmentation. This formula, I found, was much glossier than “Caress Wet”. “Extraordinaire” will also hydrate your lips tremendously and last around 4-5 hours before you have to reapply.The colour looks very rich and plump on the lips.A great¬†product all around! I¬†will be¬†investing in other shades soon.
This product is from a company called Know Cosmetics and I heard about it¬† on a few beauty blogs that I read so during my drugstore shopping frenzy I picked up! It’s a colourless lip liner that is used to prevent lipsticks, lip stains and gloss from bleeding and feathering! I used it only once and it worked well! I was wearing brown script and it didn’t bleed or feather out. This product did exactly what is was supposed to do. The true test will be when I wear a bold red lip come x-mas time. Then and only then I’ll be able to see if it truly is as fantastic as the reviews online say it is! Will keep you updated on this product, but so far¬†it works well.
Last week was my first time using the Fit Me concealer from Maybelline. I think I’m the last beauty blogger on earth to try out this concealer. I had been using L’Oreal true match as well as Nars Creamy concealer before that. Both are great concealers but I wanted to try something different. I found the Fit Me concealer to be just as creamy as Nars but not as great at hiding my dark circles¬†completely¬† I was a bit disappointed because I had high hopes for this one but then quickly remembered that I know how to colour correct for under eye darkness! Duh ! ¬†This is where my next drugstore item came in handy, but first I’ll finish off with this concealer. I found it to be a good product to conceal average dark circles from a few restless nights sleep, however, I don’t consider it to be a heavy duty concealer(on it’s own!). A negative point¬†about this concealer is that I had only used it 3 times and already ran out of the product. To me this indicates 2 things: 1) there¬†isn’t enough¬†product in the tube(.25 oz) and 2) I used way to much product to conceal my dark circles so it probably wasn’t the best concealer for me.
It’s no surprise that I love NYX cosmetics and in Canada you can buy this brand at the local drugstore. I picked up the NYX Dark Circle concealer as it had a salmon /peach tint to it and I instantly knew it would be great to use as a corrector. This product is actually a concealer and not a true corrector, but products can be manipulated and used in other ways. So I use this concealer to first colour correct my under eyes and then I apply the Maybelline Fit me concealer. BAM! Match made in heaven ūüôā¬†You can also use any other concealer you like, but I was testing out the Fit Me¬†concealer for this post. The NYX concealer is very very creamy and almost melts onto your skin as you apply it. I have never used this concealer on it’s own as a true concealer so I don’t know how well it covers. If you decide to use this concealer as a corrector, only apply it to the areas under your eyes that need the colour correcting.¬†
Side Note: Confused about colour correcting ? I have a post coming up that will explain it all!
I picked up this lipstick in the clearance bin and that should have been a clear indication on the quality of this product. I was not impressed with this lipstick at all! The colour should be close to a true brown and it was not at all. It didn’t glide on like a¬†lipstick, more like a dollar store gloss.¬†The colour didn’t last more than an hour and I felt it looked muddy on my lips.All that to say, I¬†was not happy with this¬†product at all. As I was typing¬†out this post I was searching¬†on the NYX site for a link to add and I¬†noticed that they changed the¬†packaging of this¬†product and now it’s called Turnt UP! Lipstick and not High Voltage. I’m not sure if this means they also changed the formula, regardless, it’s not good! I¬†would not buy it¬†again.
L’Or√©al refers to this foundation as a liquid powder. Hmm…. it’s clearly a liquid so I was intrigued and added it to my cart. I applied this foundation with a wet¬†beauty blender and then I realized why it’s called liquid powder. It really does feel and look like a powder once applied on the skin. I instantly fell in love with this hybrid foundation and have worn it to school everyday! It’s supposed to¬†mimic a no makeup look which is does effortlessly.¬†This is a true lightweight¬†foundation that gives the skin a natural satin finish (so not matte and not dewy).¬†It¬†won’t cover redness or imperfections very well as it is a¬†very light. It lasts about 7¬†hours before it starts to¬†separate¬†slightly. If you are seeking out a natural¬†inexpensive foundation, I would highly¬†recommend you try this product out. This isn’t a new product to the L’Or√©al line up but it was knew to my makeup bag ūüôā
essence gel eyeliner
I’ve used many essence¬†products, some I’ve loved and some I would never buy again. The gel eyeliner is¬†definitely¬†a¬†product¬†I would buy again. It reminds me of Maybelline gel eyeliner but $5 cheaper. It almost can be compared to MAC fluid line if it dried a bit darker. The essence gel liner is very smooth/creamy and can¬†easily be picked up by a MAC 208 brush , which is what I use to create a winged liner. The cost and the longevity of the liner is great. You may feel you have to go over the wing a second time¬†just¬†to deepen the¬†colour but other than that it’s a¬†real winner!
I’d love to know what new drugstore products you’ve tried and recommend?
Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I paid for these products with my own money and I have no been compensated for this post.
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