New Year, New Goals!

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how_to_get_things_done_in_2017.jpgAs the end of the year is coming to a close we start to think about this passing year and what is awaiting us in 2017. Honestly for me 2016 wasn’t the greatest year. I wanted to do so much with the family and blog etc, etc but time and life in general just didn’t permit me to. So I started thinking, how can I make things happen for me in 2017? What are my goals for 2017?

I dread the word resolution so this is not a post on how to set resolutions!  New years resolutions overwhelm me. When you set a resolution there isn’t any wiggle room.It’s either you succeed or fail! That’s too much stress for my 5″1 frame.

I want to approach 2017 with clear direction of where I would like to be with my career and life in general. It’s so ironic that I’m sharing this information about myself on the blog because for those who know me, they know I am the most discreet person when it comes to my life, so of course I decide to start a blog (that’s the irony) ! You start a blog to discuss your passions and your life in general but in return you become immensely vulnerable giving a glimpse of yourself to others that you don’t know and there’s a good chance they may not like you or what you have to say.  How scary is that? This blog has pushed my boundaries beyond belief, It’s caused me to search deeply within myself to discover who I am ,  who I want to be and where do I want to be with my career? . That’s why I started the Girl Talk category on my blog. This is the space where I can  be vulnerable and speak my mind about issues and topics that don’t really correlate to other topics on my blog and I hope so deeply that these topics can start a conversation among us girls!

OK back to my 2017 Goals…

I’m setting my goals to “paper” so I can visualize them and work towards them every day,  so here they are…

  1. Blog once a week (Have to make time for me and my passion!)
  2. Meet other bloggers from the area ( this means stepping out of my comfort zone a lot!!)
  3. Take a photography course ( I have a fancy new camera now and I have no clue how to use it!)
  4. Take an advanced makeup class to learn new skills (I can’t grow if I’m not learning and applying new skills)
  5. Diversify the blog ( started with Girl Talk and hopefully I can add some more categories soon)
  6. Work out 4 times a week and don’t complain about it ( LORD IS  MY WITNESS THIS IS THE HARDEST GOAL!!)
  7. Be kind to myself. Love myself , especially on days where I feel so drained and look like a zombie (see what I meant about being vulnerable!!).

That’s it…these are my top goals for 2017! Now that I have made them visual , I have no choice but to work hard in achieving them.

Have you set any 2017 goals for yourself? I would love to hear about it!!




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