9 MakeUp Artist Secrets YOU Need to Know !

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Cosmetics Stash!

  1. No primer to tame your oily skin? Desperate times call for desperate measures! Add a thin layer of cornstarch to the oily areas only.
  2. Add your blush before foundation. This gives the illusion that the glow is coming from underneath the skin ( this trick is best for minimalist makeup applications).
  3. No need for gel or eyeliner pens, create a soft cat eye using only eyeshadow.  Soft liner with eyeshadow is best used when you want a romantic look with loads of focus on the eyes.
  4. To get rid of under eye puffiness instantly; store your eye cream in the freezer for 5 minutes then apply right away and watch the puffiness vanish!
  5. Don’t have a matte lipstick handy? Apply your lipstick as per usual, grab a tissue and place over your lips then pat translucent powder over the tissue. Instant matte lips!
  6. Apply a white or a flesh tone eyeliner to your inner rims to look more awake ( celebrity makeup artists love doing this!)
  7. For a fuller pout, outline the outer rim of your lips with your concealer shade.This technique will not only give the illusion of fuller lips, but also lift them up!
  8. Dab colour corrector to your lips to neutralize the colour and make your lipstick shade more vibrant. ( Petra Strand, founder of Pixie by Petra, swears by this)
  9. Always , Always use a freshly sharpened lip liner to outline your lips. A  pointy tip provides better precision and you’re guaranteed a gorgeous pout!



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