50 small practices to apply in your life NOW for a HAPPIER 2017!


50 Small Practices to apply in your life NOW for a Happier 2017!

A week into the new year and motivation for a “happier and better you”‘ are still fairly high. Fast forward a few weeks and that motivation may diminish and momentum in achieveiung a better version of yourself may come to a complete halt. In order to keep the  momentum going, start by adding small practices or habits into your everyday life so you don’t feel overwhelmed with change and want to quit. I’ve already added a few of these practices in my life so far. I’ve started to drink less caffeine and more water. I have stopped body shaming myself ( I struggle with this one every day!) and I cleaned out my office! Big achievements so far  🙂

Adding small practices into your life will keep you grounded, content and your goals will become more achievable!.  You don’t have to apply all these practices or habits every day, that’s not practical, but adding one or two a day can lift your spirits and you will start to develop a better mindset with the added bonus of self love!

Good Luck and I hope this post has set you in the right direction to a happier you in 2017!

50 small practices to apply in your life NOW for a HAPPIER 2017!

  1. Wake up every morning willing to change one thing about yourself
  2. Practice self love daily
  3. Accept new challenges daily
  4. Greet everyone you meet in your day with a big smile
  5. Buy a coffee for a complete stranger
  6. Don’t make excuses for yourself
  7. Read one page from a self help book a day and apply it
  8. Take a long relaxing bath
  9. Stop comparing yourself to others
  10. Talk to a friend you haven’t spoken to in awhile
  11. Watch your favourite movie again!
  12. Sing loudly in the shower to your favourite tunes
  13. Make a list of all the things you like about yourself and everyday add one item to the list
  14. Buy yourself fresh flowers weekly
  15. Unplug from social media once in a while
  16. Take time out of your day everyday for yourself !
  17. Declutter your home or office
  18. Get 8 hours of sleep everyday!
  19. Drink more water and less caffeine.
  20. Stop body shaming yourself!
  21. Compliment yourself daily ( example: I love how the colour of my sweater makes my eyes pop!)
  22. Take a cooking class with a friend or loved one
  23. Plan your next adventure
  24. Exercise more ( endorphins will become your best friend!)
  25. Remind your loved ones that you love them daily!
  26. Listen more, talk less
  27. Take long walks
  28. Write letter to your younger self
  29. Be honest
  30. Eat more vegetables
  31. Go see a movie alone
  32. Dedicate yourself to reading one book a month
  33. Give yourself an at-home paper session
  34. Splurge and get a deep tissue massage
  35. Wear your favourite shade of red lipstick for the day
  36. Volunteer at a charity
  37. On the weekends prepare an exquisite breakfast for yourself
  38. Create a 2017 vision board
  39. Be generous with others
  40. Live for the moment
  41. Learn a new skill ( example: swimming)
  42. Take a Zumba class
  43. Start a journal
  44. Join a sports team
  45. Take up Yoga
  46. Forgive more , yourself and others
  47. Stop chasing success and money
  48. Devote time to family and friends
  49. Appreciate what you have
  50. Love yourself with all your faults ( we all have them)!
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