I hate leaving 2017 on a negative note, but honestly guys I had to share my experiences with you on these hyped up products I regret buying in 2017!  Usually, I don’t follow the masses but with some of these products I was really curious so I took the plunge and bought them and regret quickly sank in. Usually if I don’t like a product I have no problem returning the item BUT sometimes I get a bit too lazy to make it back to the store or it’s an online purchase and I don’t want to waste more money returning it, so I end up blogging about my experience! Win -Win I say!

Photo of makeup products I regret buying

Morphe 350M Palette

First up on my list is the über popular Morphe 350M palette. Funny thing with this palette is I actually bought it in 2016 but never used it till 2017.

So why do I have regrets buying it? 

Well first off the colour payoff is not so great. I find the formula of these shadows to be very chalky and sometimes my brush doesn’t pick up enough product,  meaning I have to really dig into the palette to get any colour on my brush. Before purchasing , I did do some research and I found mixed reviews but decided that I needed to form my own opinion on this palette. What really drew me to want to buy it is the amazing matte colours. I love the rich burnt oranges and browns in the palette but unfortunately they don’t last long on. Is it worth the $45 CDN I paid for it? No absolutely not and I regret spending my hard earned money on it tbh!

SimpleGlamGirls Makeup Brushes

These brushes were on my insta feed all the time! Bloggers were comparing them to Artis brushes for a fraction of the cost. I used a discount code that one of my blogger friends sent me and I ordered them. I was really happy because I had always wanted oval brushes and with the discount they were really affordable so why not!

I used them several times and they were fabulous until the largest foundation brush, not pictured above, literally broke in half. After a closer look, I found that where the head of the brush and handle/body connect is very weak and can snap at any time. Overtime they will all snap I’m sure of it. I am not sure why I didn’t notice this before. It’s too bad though because the fibre of the brushes are soft and work really well blending my foundation and makeup. I don’t travel with these brushes in my kit or makeup bag anymore as I feel they are too delicate and can crack easily if transported. For $40 CDN after my blogger discount I really shouldn’t have expected Trish McEvoy quality! Still mad about it though 🙁

Mario Badescu Facial Spray 

Ok so do we all remember when the youngest of the Kardashian/Jenner clan snapchatted about Mario Badescu drying lotion and facial spray? Ok sooo was I the only one that ran out and bought the spray within minutes?

Well I wish I didn’t. At $7 a bottle, it didn’t break the bank but man was I ever disappointed. The spray is used to hydrate skin, set makeup and freshen up your face when in need. After I used the spray for the first time, I instantly felt my face become itchy. I realized after reading the ingredients that it has a high concentration of rose water and most likely my skin didn’t like it.  As soon as I applied it again to set my makeup on another occasion I got the same reaction so I washed it off right away.  This surprised me as I have used other products that contained rosewater as the main ingredient but felt that the rosewater parfume in this spray was just too overbearing for my skin to tolerate.

Hard Candy

Hard Candy has been trying tp reinvent themselves with their metallic line of makeup. I have seen some youtube videos where a few bloggers praised the new metallic line so of course I need to see for myself what the hype was about. I picked up a few Hard Candy products :  2 Metallic Mousse Lip colour and the Glitter Gel Palette called Rock my World.

Both products have really great packaging and I think that’s what further intrigued me purchase them. The Matte Metallic Mousse lip colour were $8 CDN each. They go on really nicely but dry out your lips within a few minutes. I couldn’t tolerate the dryness anymore so I wiped the colour off right away and applied lip balm ! I have loads of matte lip stains and lipsticks and they all have some hydrating properties to them but not these. They have a metallic finish and would be great for a fall goth or halloween look. I can’t see myself wearing it day to day though.

The Glitter Gel palette is gorgeous to look at! I had really high hopes of creating a gorgeous party look with the glitters but it was a no go. The gel shadows are really low quality. You cannot pick them up with a brush and must use your fingers, which is ok with me but even when using my finger to pick up the product, it wouldn’t apply to my eyelids.When it finally did apply to my eyelids (after several tries) it applied patchy. It was as if the glitter just didn’t want to stay put in one place lol! It’s just too much work for me. I’ll just stick to MAC glitter. It’s easier to work with and you get your moneys worth!

Reversa Brightening Serum

Reversa is a very popular skincare line in Canada and are advertised in many magazines and online promos. I have used some of their other products and loved them but this $48 brightening serum didn’t work for me. I used the whole bottle on a few spots on my face and after one month of continuous use I saw no  progress.  This is why I regret buying this product 🙁 It was pricey and I saw no results. 

Anastasia Beverly Hills Prism Palette 

ABH made two of my favourite palettes ever : Master Palette by Mario and Modern Renaissance palette which I use all the time. I originally bought the subculture palette, , but returned it unopened for the Prism palette a few days later. Trust me it had nothing to do with all the hype it received on the palettes shadow quality, I just didn’t like the shadow colours.

This palette is not for me. I find it hard to work with the shadows. There is a lot of fallout (which I have in the modern renaissance) but the staying power of the shadows in MR is worth the fallout. The shadows in Prism are not long lasting and apply sheer at first. You have to really build up the colour that you want. I am used to the high quality of MR and Master Palette so I expected the same with Prism. I was told I need to adjust to Prism and eventually I will “learn” how to use it. Ok, I guess I will carry on and learn how to use it properly as I do love the colours in the palette.

KKW BY KYLIE COSMETICS PHOTO Products I regret buying


KKW x Kylie Cosmetics Lipsticks

My biggest purchase regret is buying these very overhyped and low quality lipsticks from MRS. K.W herself! I dedicated a whole post where I clearly articulate my disappointment with this product. You can read it here. FYI I gave my niece the KKW lipsticks and she was overjoyed! At least it made her happy but I won’t order anything hyped up by KKW or Kylie Cosmetics again. Honestly they won’t miss me so why waste anymore of my cash on them! I was truly disappointed with their products and customer service.

Have you tried any of these products? Did you like them or did you regret buying them? Leave me a comment and tell me your opinions!



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