The Most Underrated Makeup Products Beauty Bloggers Use But Never Talk About!


It’s 2018 and I’m ready to spill all my blogger secrets! 

Do you ever wonder if beauty bloggers share everything with you all?  The answer is HELL NO honey! 

Apparently we do not and this came to light for me this past weekend!

 There are some makeup products I don’t really share with my readers because I either think no one else really cares to know about them or no one else likes them as much as I do so why bother to discuss them. Well that changed on New  Years Eve when I lent my sister a setting powder and lipstick to borrow for the night as she couldn’t find hers and all the stores had closed early since it was New Years Eve.

Throughout the night I started to received these one liner texts such as ” You skank ” (yes, we talk like this to one another… if you are offended please stop reading and abort this blog post because It doesn’t get any cleaner lol).

This is the play by play of our texts:

Sister: You skank!

Maha: Yes ( lol)!

Sister: Where the heck have you been hiding this bomb ass makeup!

Maha: Umm … my makeup bag … what’s up?

Sister: Oh  yeah ! Must be nice. When did you buy them? 

Maha: Two weeks ago but I’ve been using them for awhile now. Is something wrong with them?

Sister: No * eyeroll * absolutely nothing wrong with them but why have you been hiding them from me? Like why you not sharing with me?  Hmara! ( donkey in Arabic)

Maha: LOL! I share everything with you…even my heart lol! 

Sister: Shut up ! Stop changing the subject …me too love you long time boo boo..but that’s not the point! Why haven’t you told me about the setting powder before and the thing there.. the lipstick. I didn’t read about them on your blog.  So if you’ve been using them for a long time…how come you keeping secrets? Like why are you so greedy and secretive with your makeup stuff?

Maha : LOL! Actually I’m not greedy or secretive with my makeup stuff. My entire blog is dedicated to makeup so really there’s no secrets! lol! I swear I just didn’t think you or anyone else would be going crazy over a setting powder and a lipstick that not a lot of people have heard of before!. 

Sister: Biatch you know I live for your blog stuff….stop acting like this and don’t keep secrets no more! I swear! Ok gotta go….love you lots and Happy New Year!

Maha: Ok Habla ( crazy in Arabic) love you too and Happy New Year … see you tomorrow for breakfast and make sure you bring my stuff back and don’t try to jack it like you do everything else. Love you loads xo.

That was basically my text convo with my younger sister. She’s actually super nice just don’t keep secrets from her !

So this got me thinking. Have I been totally honest with you guys? I thought I had been but I guess I’ve been keeping secrets! Thanks little Sis for keeping me in check :). So as you can see by my blog post title, I’m totally spilling all my secrets about the most underrated makeup products bloggers use BUT don’t really talk about!

First up is MAX FACTOR eyeshadow. In Ottawa, MAX FACTOR is not sold in drugstores or department stores. I don’t actually know where you can buy MAX FACTOR products, but I did pick up a few eyeshadows when the REVLON sale was on at a local arena in my neighbourhood. The shadows are really creamy and the staying power is amazing! Honestly, I was so so happy that I found this brand as I have heard some, bloggers rave about them on youtube . If you have a chance to buy a few shadows I highly recommend them. They come in over 10 shades and I would compare the consistency and longevity to Urban Decay shadows. I will be in San Diego in April so I will seek out a department store that sells MAX FACTOR and hopefully buy more of these shadows and also pick up a few of their other most popular items. 



This is the setting powder that got me in trouble with little Sis! Honestly , what was I thinking not mentioning this flour setting powder on the blog before ? Beauty Bakerie is a fun , flirty and 100% cruelty free brand that is really well known in Europe. My friend who knows I’m crazy about all things makeup bought me my first Beauty Bakerie setting powder and I’ve been hooked ever since. It’s not easy to get a hold of these items if you don’t live in the US or UK. A few of their very popular products can be bought off of as well.  Their branding is very tongue-in- cheek and very reminiscent of Benefit Cosmetics.  The setting powder is vegan, comes in 4 shades and leaves a slight glow to your complexion. I use the translucent shade and I would say it is very comparable to Laura Mercier translucent powders but flour is much finer than Laura Mercier powders.  To apply use a beauty blender or a fluffy powder brush.  Soon, I hope to try out Beauty Bakerie’s latest ” do it for the graham” eyeshadow and “nude-tella” lipstick collection . I may just place an order and suck up the shipping costs!


In this collection , I own both the blushed NUDES  and NUDES shadows by Maybelline  that I received as a  gift from my amazing nieces who wanted to shower me with love via makeup! YUP! Pretty much sums up my whole existence right there. I wasn’t sure I would reach for this palette as I already had  a neutral palette for everyday wear that I really like but it was such a lovely gesture nevertheless. I use the blushed nude palette more than the nude but both are amazing for everyday wear. The pigmentation is great for day wear and if I want to use these shadows for an intense look I would wear eyeshadow primer and apply them with a wet brush. Both palettes are easy to travel with or throw in my purse to bring with me to work.  I have hit pan on the majority of the shades in the NUDES palette and most likely I will need to restock blushed Nudes by mid March. I know Maybelline is really not well known for their shadows and the packaging isn’t exciting or even original but I think these two palettes are really necessary for a woman like me who has a busy schedule but enjoys her sleep so she only has 10 minutes in the morning to apply her whole makeup routine! One swipe of natural beige on the lid and a burnt brown on the crease then blend blend blend and she’s good to go ! I also know many bloggers who opt for the  Nudes palette for their day to day makeup wear as this is very reminiscent of a certain UD palette but without the big price tag! #spillingallthebloggerteahere

Underrated products beauty bloggers photo 

Black Label Cosmetics has been my secret little gem for awhile now! Actually, I’ve shared this little gem with some of my  fellow makeup enthusiasts and trust me my makeup obsessed peeps didn’t waste any time in taking up on my recommendation to order from BLC.  BLC is an indi company that started out as the brainchild of photographer Bridgette Sifton, who wanted to share her passion for artistry and quality in one great product . BLC is a vegan and cruelty free brand…..yeah for brands who believe in ethics right! The shade I wear is NYLON and it’s a warm neutral with grey undertone. The formula is matte and is not 100% transfer proof so you will still have hydration on the lips. I love supporting smaller more conscious brands such as BLC and I can’t wait to see what products they come up with next!

Elf is a really well known budget friendly brand but did you know that they carry amazing baked highlighters ? No seriously they do! I don’t think I’ve ever discussed how amazing their highlighters are and I think the $4 price tag had something to do with it.  Some people just can’t fathom that a $4 highlighter is better than a $60 one. It really depends on your opinion but don’t knock it till you try it! If there is one item on this list that will blow your mind, it will be these highlighters. So many bloggers use them for highlighting the high points on their face, but also to highlight underneath their brows. I love Moonlight Pearl because it’s great on olive skin tone. For a $4 highlighter it contains some great quality ingredient such as  Vitamin E, hydrating jojoba, rose hip, sunflower, apricot, and grape oils to nourish your skin. The highlighter can be applied wet for a vibrant effect or dry for sheer pigmentation.

ELF highlighter photo

Another Maybelline product that bloggers love to love but not talk about too often is the color tattoo eyeshadows. I have them in every colour Maybelline offers. I use them all the time on myself and I love creating various looks with these long lasting cream shadows. Maybelline aint’ playing when they said long lasting 24hr wear! Seriously these guys are long lasting. They are very comparable to Charlotte Tilbury “Eyes to Mesmerize” line of cream shadows but are obviously the budget friendly choice. Bold Gold is one of their most popular colour tattoo shade and I can’t ever imagine them discontinuing it. It’s really amazing to wear over another gold shadow to intensify the look or you can wear it alone as a daytime look as well. Underrated products beauty bloggers photo

Maybelline has my heart I know! The Pumped up Colossal mascara is my #1 favourite and regardless of how many other mascaras I try and like I always go back to Colossal! I have very short lashes and this mascara lifts and lengthens every single lash. Many bloggers will try the name brand mascaras but I truly believe that  they all secretly love a good drugstore mascara.

Colossal mascara maybelline

I’ve been using the Rimmel Natural Bronzer for years now. I own a lot of different bronzers but this one is my most used. It’s very wearable as it doesn’t contain any shimmer so it can definitely be worn during the day without looking overdone. This bronzer is my go-to especially during the winter as I prefer to not look like ghost! It gives you a natural bronzed looked and you have the choice of 3 shades. I prefer the medium as the light is too light for my olive skin. According to Allure magazine, this is the most popular drugstore bronzer among makeup enthusiasts so you can definitely bet that your favourite blogger, besides me of course, is using this bronzer!


Underrated products beauty bloggers photo

The Gosh foundation drops are the most underrated product ever! Many brands have come with the droplet concept and have been successful but the GOSH  foundation drops are the real deal! GOSH has a really loyal influenster following but I don’t see a lot of  blog posts or youtube reviews on them so this has me perplexed. Why is the blogging community not all over this great product? These are the questions that keep me up at night 🙂  No but seriously I don’t get it. It’s fine by me because I like them a lot and I find they give really great coverage and last a long time as you don’t need to use up a lot of the product to achieve a flawless base when using the Gosh foundation drops.


Gosh foundation drops photo

A few years back Milani blushes were on every bloggers posts / youtube channel but now I don’t see a lot of commotion about them. I wanted to ensure that all you makeup obsessed folks out there don’t forget how amazing these blushes are so I included them in this post. Are they truly underrated ? No I don’t think so. I think people really do know how amazing Milani blushes are . They have great pigmentation and come in a variety of different shades so you can definitely find a shade that suites your skin tone perfectly! I own a few of these blushes and I use them all the time.


Underrated products beauty bloggers photo

OK. So. Here we are with a bit of a controversial product. At least for me it is. I ran out of my MAC fix + one day and I needed a setting spray quickly as I was on the way to a clients photoshoot. At the drugstore, I grabbed this product as it was the first thing I saw as I walked in. I get to the cash and it rang up at $20! $2o for a drugstore setting spray? Seriously? MAC Fix + is $20 ! As I was desperate I paid the $2o and ran out of the store. I was infuriated that L’Oreal honestly thinks their setting spray is worth $20. Well I didn’t think much about it again until I needed to use the setting spray on another client. This shoot was outdoors and it was hot and we were all sweaty including the poor model. She was so worried that her foundation was going to separate and look horrible in photos and her worrying started to worry me. Well to my surprise , L’Oréal Pro Mist & Fix kicked ass that day! This baby is still not worth the $20 price tag, in my opinion,  as it still is considered a drug store brand and $20 is more of a brand name price tag but I would dish out the money again for this product. It really is that good! This is another product that I know lots of  makeup artists  and bloggers use but don’t talk about. But why ?

L'oreal infallibile mist photo

Another L’Oréal product that has left me super excited and I needed to share this with you all. I recently insta-storied that this product was the most underrated product I have ever come across and I still truly believe this. The L’Oréal Magic Nude Liquid Powder foundation is amazing. I bought this foundation at the Revlon sale at the same time I bought the MAX FACTOR shadows. I’ve never used this foundation before but did hear a small buzz around it so of course I had to try it. It’s been a few weeks since I first tried it and I was so blown away at the amount of coverage it gives for such a thin and runny foundation. I really think everyone should have this product in their possession. It gives you a natural yet strong coverage and is buildable. It doesn’t feel like you’re wearing foundation, It isn’t cakey and blends really nicely. I love it! Again,  this is another product I haven’t heard a lot of hype about but I am sure other beauty bloggers are in love with it as much as I am! .

Underrated Makeup Products Bloggers Use









Underrated Makeup Products Bloggers Use
































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