How I Subconciously Styled A Shoot To Represent All My Passions!

When I snapped this photo, I didn’t realize that I subconcsiousy styled it to include all the things I have a passion for ! I wanted to capture my new Louis chair but ended up sharing a few pieces of me in the photo as well. How amazing is it that a photo can speak volumes without making a sound.


How I Subconciously Styled A Shoot To Represent All My Passions!


I have an immense obsession with flowers, particularly roses, tulips and peonies! If I could, I would love to fill every room of my home with fresh flowers every week! ¬†For now I’ve settled on buying myself a bouquet of flowers every few days! Waking up to the smell of fresh roses in my home is bliss to me.

When I was a kid I had a crazy imagination. At times reality and fiction were blurry to my 9 year old self. My father wanted to channel this creativity so he bought me a typewriter. I would spend hours a day writing and creating characters. Unfortunately, my young dream of becoming a creative writer didn’t pan out, however, I did route my love for writing into a successful blog! Yeah me ūüôā

The book ,Making Faces, by Kevyn Aucoin was the book that fuelled my obsession with makeup and makeup artistry. 4 years ago I decided to sign up for a makeup program and after many hours of practising and studying this art I became a certified makeup artist. I can honestly say I am so proud of my skills thus far ( lots of learning left to do) but I am so happy I started this journey into this creative world!

When I started blogging my photos were horrible! No hideous is more like it. I had no idea what composition, aspect ratio, depth of field or Bokeh ( what a weird word) were. With a rinky dinky old Canon, 50 mm lens (which is still my favourite btw) and no concept of light arrangement, I jumped in with just my passion to learn.  By no means do I consider myself an expert but I have come a long way. The inspiring world of photography feels like home to me so I decided to take it a step further and enroll  in a part time  photography program this fall. Wish me luck !

The chair, the original subject of the shoot, basically sums up my decor style. A little bit rustic, french country and unique!



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