HUDA BEAUTY Coral Obsessions Palette Review with Swatches

Huda Beauty Obsession Palette photo, review and swatches

On my lunch break from my 9-5, I decided to take a stroll to the mall next to me which so happens to have a Sephora. Lucky me! Not so lucky for my husband ¬†ūüôĀ

He always asks me what I did on my lunch break because it’s either 2 things:

Went to the Mall


Went to the Gym

He would like to hear ” went to the gym” more often but off to the mall I go!

You see, Sephora truly puts me in a euphoric state and I’m not ashamed to say that it is my happy place. I know I’m not the only one!

As I walked around Sephora, I stopped in front of the Huda Beauty cosmetics stand and was instantly drawn to her Obsessions Eyeshadow Palette collections.  The collection consists of 11 palettes with 9 shades which are a mix of mattes and shimmers. The tones range from warm brown, mauve, smokey, and electric! They are all gorgeous and I wanted them all, but at $35 for a mini palette, I had to control my inner diva and I settled on Coral Obsessions.

I was instantly drawn to the burnt orange ,vibrant yellow and dusty pink shades. This palette is screaming SUMMER! I quickly added the mini palette to my shopping tote and went on my way.

I was so excited to get home and try on these gorgeous colours!

Huda Beauty Obsession Palette photo, review and swatches

Amazing shades right!

Huds Beauty Obsession Palette review with swatches and photo

 Coral Obsessions Palette Look:

Huda Beauty Coral Obsessions Palette photo and review


So, what did I think of the final look you ask ?

Huda Beauty Coral Obsessions Palette photo and review

I am somewhat happy with the final results of the eyeshadow application.

Truthfully, I really really wanted to love this palette. I wanted to love it so much, I was going to budget for another 2-3 palettes because the shade ranges are absolutely amazing! The idea of mixing burnt orange and deep red together sounded so good in my head.

But then reality hit me…hard!

The matte shadows are very powdery, chalky and a nightmare to blend out. There was so much fall out. I was constantly dusting away the fallen shadow. The shimmery shades were better to blend but not great. I had difficulty picking up product onto my blending brush. I must have dipped the brush into each shade a good 2-3 times before I saw enough product on my brush to apply.

Did I get a defective palette?  Hoping I did.

I read a few other reviews online and I think the mass opinions on the obsession palettes is in favour of them, but there are some makeup gurus on youtube who are experiencing the same issues as I am.

So here’s my final ¬†verdict on this palette:

I fell in love with the the shades , they are stunning. It’s miniture size make is so convenient for travel and Huda Beauty herself picked out every single shade in each palette. That’s pretty cool I think!

But dear Huda, $35 for a palette that you may get 3-4 uses out of it ( if that) before hitting pan due to crazy fallout is not cool ! Not cool at all . The matte shades are too chalky and the pigmentation is barely there when blending out. Even my UD shadow primer wasn’t able to save me.

But since my mamma didn’t raise a quitter and I’m always up for a challenge, I’ll give it one more try! I’ll probably pick up another palette, maybe from the smokey range, to compare the two.

If you have used any of the Obsessions Collection palettes,  I would love to hear from you. Do we share the same experience? Do you like it or hate it?

Leave me a comment below!


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