L’OrĂ©al Fine Flowers Collection

L'Oreal fine flowers collection

I  have to admit I was pretty excited to see L’OrĂ©al Paris new Fine Flowers Collection on the shelf at my local drugstore. This collection has been out for about a year now but I have never seen it stocked so of course, out of curiosity, I purchased the 3 products in the collection because #1 I needed to test these out for myself to see what all the hype was about AND  #2 I’m a sucker for cute packaging! Into the cart they went 🙂



I purchased the L’OrĂ©al Fine Flowers Cleansing Milk, Cleansing Wipes and Cleansing Gel.


L'Oeral Fine Flowers collection


Cleansing Milk $10.97

This cleansing milk has extracts of Rose and Jasmine flower which are known for their calming properties. The texture of the cleansing milk is creamy and not runny as some people would think since it has the word “Milk” in the name. A pump or two is all you need to remove makeup, impurities and to achieve a good cleanse to your skin.

I apply it first thing in the morning to take off my night time skin care ( I could just use water but I like being a bit extra!) or at the end of the night to take off my makeup. A cleansing milk is always the first or second step in my skincare routine. If I had a lot of makeup on then I would definitely use a wipe or makeup remover first but honestly, lately I haven’t reached for any make up remover as my makeup has been B.A.S.I.C and I ‘m loving it!

I am a big fan of cleansing milk and have been a loyal fan of Nivea Daily Essentials cleansing milk for years now and never thought I would replace it , but I think I found it’s  replacement. The L’OrĂ©al fine flowers cleansing milk will leave your skin feeling smooth, clean and not drying.


L'Oeral Fine Flowers collection

Cleansing Wipes $10.97

The cleansing wipes also have a mix of Rose and Jasmine flower to sooth and clean the skin. Out of all 3 products in this collection, I would say the wipes are not my favourite and I will not repurchase them. I found them to be a bit thin compared to other wipes I have used and to get every last bit of makeup on my skin including shadow and foundation I had to use more than one wipe. I don’t’ know why but I also found the wipes themselves to be a bit small in size. The wipes have a slight fragrance thanks to the Rose and Jasmine flower extract and  left my skin feeling smooth but that’s about it for these wipes. I didn’t feel they fully removed my makeup.

For $11 /25 wipes you’re still getting a great deal, however I did not feel it removed all my makeup and the cloth are too thin for my liking. I won’t be switching from my L’OrĂ©al Ideal Clean makeup wipes to these.


L'Oeral Fine Flowers collection

Cleansing Gel $10.97

This Cleansing Gel is a combo of gel and cream texture. It cleans like gel product and moisturizes like a cream product. Does that make sense? It’s a bit runny to dispense with caution as you may get more than what you actually need to use.

The cleanser has the Rose and Jasmine extracts and is soap, alcohol and “fragrance free” but there definitely is a slight hint of flower in the cleanser.

I used the cleanser gel after the cleansing milk a few times and honestly did not feel I needed the cleanser gel. The cleanser milk did such a good job, I decide to forgo the gel after a week.

If you prefer to use gel to take your makeup off and give yourself a clean faced fresh feeling , then this would be a good inexpensive product for you. I personally did not see the benefit since the Cleansing milk did the job for me so well. I have since given the cleanser gel away to a friend of mine as I did not  want it to go to waste.

Overall I was a but underwhelmed by the L’Oreal Fine Flowers collection. Clearly the big winner for me is the cleansing milk. I was really disappointed with the cleansing wipes as I have used L’OrĂ©al wipes in the past and have raved about how great they are to remove makeup in one shot, but sadly these were a no-go for me.


Have you tried any of the L’OrĂ©al Fine Flowers products? If so please share your thoughts in the comments below !



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  • Reply CrystalCandy

    Ohhh the cleansing milk sounds great! Do you rinse it off with water? (sorry if it’s a stupid question lol)

    June 25, 2019 at 11:45 pm
  • Reply Maddy

    I’ve never even heard of this line.. I would’ve thought it would be better since L’Oreal does have good products usually.

    June 26, 2019 at 8:29 am
  • Reply Renee

    I’ve been interested in trying this line too and that cleansing milk sounds amazing – I love a gentle cleanser in the morning (I need more than water too!)

    June 26, 2019 at 10:58 pm
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