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    Fall is officially here!

    Yeah !

     I’m sad to bid farewell to super hot lazy days around the pool with the kids. I always dread the colder weather but honestly,  who doesn’t love watching the leaves change colours!

    I also feel like FALL is a chance to renew yourself and sets the tone for comfort. When talking about comfort, obviously, I mean oversized scarves, sweaters, gorgeous booties and of  course a coat that is not only stylish but so cozy!

    Hope you enjoyed this quick read on my Fall essentials 🙂

    Fall Essentials 2019

    1. “on the bright cider” Essie , 2. Babaton”Stedman” Wool Coat, Aritzia

    3.Dark Brown Tote Bag, Amazon,  4. High Neck Black Sweater, H&M

    5. “Paper Bag pants”, J.Crew 6.” Teddy Black “Ankle Booties, LuLus

    7.Wilferd “Shirt Dress”, Aritzia, 8.Wilfred “Diamond Mosaic Triangle Scarf”, Aritzia, 9.  “Confidence in a Cream”, it Cosmetics


    XO, MAHA 


    Gold New Years Eve Glam look!

    Who’s ready to welcome 2018 ? I am !!! 2017 was a great year and I saw lots of professional and personal growth I’m hoping 2018 brings more growth for my blog and my makeup artistry business, which I have to say brings me so much joy! I’m m so happy I found this passion of makeup + blogging , albeit even if it was later on in my life.  Truly I believe that if you have a dream  and it makes you happy you should chase it at all costs!

    I used to always worry about failing in this industry. At first when I started doing makeup I had a small kit with all drugstore brand makeup ( Maybelline masacara is life people!!)  I was practising on my sisters, mom and friends and I didn’t have any paying clients and I was ok with that.  But then it came to a point where I really wanted to get paid as a makeup artist because I had invested so much time, effort and money into my skills, so one day I answered an “ad” on facebook for a bride looking for a makeup artist for her wedding which was the next day as her makeup artist backed out on her last minute. On a whim, I PM’d her and she responded back with “let me see some of your work”. I sent her some pics and she liked them and booked me. I was ecstatic,  she was super super sweet and the appointment went well and I couldn’t have been prouder of myself !! Read more



    One of my favourite stores for trendy, casual and work wardrobe pieces is definitely Zara! I know I’m not the only one who walks into the store and wants everything! It seems Zara continues to create pieces that land on every bloggers most wanted list and I’m no exception. I found a few…ok more than a few pieces that I need to incorporate into my fall wardrobe this season.  

    Happy Shopping! Read more


    Celebrating YOU Canada + M.A.C. PROUD TO BE CANADIAN LIPSTICK!

    Happy Canada Day to all my Canadians across the world celebrating and honouring our beautiful country! Regardless of where we Canadians call home come July 1 2017, I know we’ll all be celebrating our amazing country from coast to coast! It’s no secret that I love my home and I’m a true patriot.

    What’s not to love about Canada?

    We have :

    • a great diverse culture that incorporates a multitude of religions and languages
    • we invented and dominate hockey AND birthed Wayne Gretzky ( well Canada didn’t….Mrs.Gretzky did but still, you know what I mean)
    •  we’re a peaceful nation and EVERYONE in the world welcomes us to their country
    • we have the cleanest water than any other nation ( it’s true!)
    • 1/3 of Microsoft programmers come from the University of Waterloo in Canada ( that’s not really that interesting but it’s a Canadian fact and we should be proud of it!!)
    • and last but not least we gave the world Bieber Fever…..right???

    OK OK so my list isn’t comprehensive but you get the point….* insert dj Khaled voice * WE THE BEST!

    With all seriousness,we are so lucky to live in this peaceful and diverse country!

    I said it before and I will say it again, Thank you Canada !. Thank you for accepting this young refugee and her family into this amazing country and giving us another chance at LIFE! If I could hug you,Canada, I would but for now I honour you by continuing to teach my children the morals and values that we as Canadians hold so dear;  to accept others for who they are regardless of their colour, creed or wealth status; to lend a helping hand to your neighbours when in need and most of all to come together as a community to give back to the place we all call Home.


    XO Happy Canada Day!!! 

    P.S Here’s a look I did using the MAC Proud To Be Canadian Lipstick. I loved it so much I had to show it off to you all! Enjoy!

    M.A.C PROUD TO BE CANADIAN Lipstick photo



    What’s in My Make Up Bag?

    I’m always curious about what products other women carry around in their makeup bags so I thought I would share with you what I currently have in mine.

    It  seems that every month my makeup bag gets fuller and fuller with little treasures I find  in the form of lipsticks,liners, foundation  and mascara wands ! My bag travels everywhere with me !!I ‘ve been known to apply  my makeup on the go like on the metro, in a cab and recently in my classroom! I’m a busy girl so when I need to freshen up I make sure I have all my essentials with me.

    MakeUp Bag products

    What’s in my makeup bag?

    Read more


    9 MakeUp Artist Secrets YOU Need to Know !

    makeup artist secrets.jpg

    Cosmetics Stash!

    1. No primer to tame your oily skin? Desperate times call for desperate measures! Add a thin layer of cornstarch to the oily areas only.
    2. Add your blush before foundation. This gives the illusion that the glow is coming from underneath the skin ( this trick is best for minimalist makeup applications).
    3. No need for gel or eyeliner pens, create a soft cat eye using only eyeshadow.  Soft liner with eyeshadow is best used when you want a romantic look with loads of focus on the eyes.
    4. To get rid of under eye puffiness instantly; store your eye cream in the freezer for 5 minutes then apply right away and watch the puffiness vanish!
    5. Don’t have a matte lipstick handy? Apply your lipstick as per usual, grab a tissue and place over your lips then pat translucent powder over the tissue. Instant matte lips!
    6. Apply a white or a flesh tone eyeliner to your inner rims to look more awake ( celebrity makeup artists love doing this!)
    7. For a fuller pout, outline the outer rim of your lips with your concealer shade.This technique will not only give the illusion of fuller lips, but also lift them up!
    8. Dab colour corrector to your lips to neutralize the colour and make your lipstick shade more vibrant. ( Petra Strand, founder of Pixie by Petra, swears by this)
    9. Always , Always use a freshly sharpened lip liner to outline your lips. A  pointy tip provides better precision and you’re guaranteed a gorgeous pout!




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