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    If you live in Ottawa, you’ve either seen or heard that the Rideau Centre has been transformed into a fashion and art hub! Actually it’s considered more of a concept change with it’s first introduction of Nordstrom, Tiffanys,Ted Baker,and of course the well-to-do food court. The architectural change is the brain child of B+H Architects. From it’s surrounding areas to the indoor architectural design, CF Rideau Centre is a glorious site. I was lucky enough to be invited to an exclusive evening event celebrating the CF Rideau Centre continous expansion before the grand opening TODAY! I had exclusive access to over 230,000 square feet of shopping heaven and first hand viewing of the new boutiques including Maison Simons, H&M, NYX, Massimo Dutti, VANS,SKECHERS, DISNEY, Frank& Oak,and Anthropologie, just to name a few. Oh yeah, I also got to mingle with some of the CF executives. Not a bad way to spend a Wednesday night!

    I was most excited to see what new fashion trends the new retailers would bring to the Capital and I was thoroughly impressed. What an exciting time to live in Ottawa!  Here is your exclusive look at what you can expect on opening day August 11 2016!



    Happy Canada Day!

    So by the title you’ve guessed it, this isn’t a beauty related blog post. Happy Canada day to all my fellow Canadians! How amazing is it that we live in this beautiful country and every year we gather to celebrate our achievements as Canadians!

    Have I told you lovely readers that I, along with my 2 sisters and brother were born in Lebanon?  At a time where safety and freedom were scarce and the war was about to begin pouring down on our beautiful homeland, my parents were provided with an opportunity to leave Lebanon for a safer place called “Canada”.The situation worsened quickly and so we fled Lebanon with little in our hands but much in our hearts. I recall my father telling us years after arriving in Canada  that he had heard Canada was a good place to raise kids but he was unsure of how immigrants would be treated and he felt unsure of leaving all the comfort of his home. We will see, he would say. 

    Was it an easy transition for my parents? No, it wasn’t. Being  a young immigrant family in the 80’s in  Canada was challenging for them. Not only were they not used to the winter months , but they had little income. My father took up work in various restaurants and hotels while studying at both the University  of Ottawa, as well as  University of Toronto. The work was humbling for him, as back home in Lebanon he was a teacher, and a great teacher that was loved by all his students. He took such pride in his service work at the hotels and restaurants as his strong work ethic ,regardless of the work, was paramount and ever present . Months go by and my siblings and I are learning to speak English, making friends and feeling welcomed in Canada.
    Fast Forward 30 years, and here I sit reminiscing about my younger years as an immigrant child in this now culturally diverse and accepting country.What if my parents never left Lebanon ? Who would I be today? Would I dress the same, enjoy the same food, listen to the same music? I don’t know the person I would have become had we stayed in lebanaon, but I do know the person I am today. Being raised in Canada has shaped me immensely.  Because we believe in Freedom, I’m not afraid to speak my mind ; because we are diverse , my neighbours are Asian, Italian, and Indian; because of our acceptance of all faiths I can visit a mosque, synagogue and temple all within 4 km of each other.  I would never have had the educational opportunities that I did or the security that surrounds me  and the compassion and inclusivity I feel with my fellow Canadians. I type this post as I ‘m sitting in my lovely backyard while my kids are jumping on their trampoline laughing and enjoying their freedom, unbeknownst to them the struggles that came before in order for them to experience these moments. Thanks mom and dad for sacrificing so much of your life and your comfort to travel to an unknown country for a better life! Because of your sacrifices my kids have opportunities available to them that would never have been possible. We really are living the   “Canadian dream ” eh? 

    Delightful Mother’s Day Gift Ideas Under $60!

    How do you thank the woman that raised, loved and cared for you?  
    No amount of money can truly show ones appreciation towards their mother, but every year on this special day we try to honour her.  I routinely end up with a small gift + flowers for my mother Amira (means Princess in Arabic).  My mother, a kind hearted loving woman, doesn’t like to be showered with extravagant gifts and prefers charming and dainty ones instead. I definitely had her in mind when creating this collage. I truly don’t think you can go wrong in gifting any of these delightful,  practical and petite gifts.

    We’re talking Shoes! DSW IS NOW OPEN

    Did you hear the news?

    Designer Shoe Warehouse Canada is making it’s grand debut in O-town today and I was lucky enough to receive an invite to the media cocktail event last night hosted by Black Book Lifestyle.

    What a night it was ! Not only was I surrounded by some of the most influential bloggers and media personnel in Ottawa, but also by hundreds upon hundreds of amazing shoes!! What’s a girl to do but of course squeal with excitement and take pictures!

    Now, before I show you drool worthy images of the stilettos I was mingling with last night, let me introduce you to DSW Canada. DSW is a well-known footwear and accessories retailer that offers a wide range of brand name and designer dress, casual, and athletic footwear and accessories for men, women and kids. DSW is now partnered in Canada with Town Shoes Limited. Town Shoes Limited is a well established company with over 60 years of experience in the footwear industry, and with over 200 locations across the country it’s the largest branded footwear retailer in Canada.

    Now let’s talk shoes!!!

    Walking into the cocktail event, I had a thought ” I hope the cash registers are open! What if I see the perfect pair of heels and I can’t take them home with me?.” Now that’s a fear that I’m sure many of us have had. Finding the perfect pair of heels is like finding the perfect man. You have to scoop them up right away before someone else does! Now, that’s just my giddy humour talking, but it’s true. It’s amazing what a beautiful pair of pumps, heels, wedges, and boots can do to a girl. Drive us crazy until we have them in our possession!

    Well have no fear girls, we now have the best selection of men..I mean our lovely city!

    //Designer and Brand Name Stilettos, Booties, Pumps, Flats up to 40% off suggested retail price//


    //Blazer, BCBG//
    //Top, Dynamite//
     //Shoes, Forever 21 (last season)
    //Pants, H&M//
    //Clutch, Vintage//
    //Blogger and good friend Seema from glimpse3sixty//
    (We didn’t plan to coordinate!)


    //Nine West “Lace Up” came home with me!//

    I hope you take some time out of your day today(March 31)to attend the official opening of DSW located at Train Yards. Doors open at 8 am and the first 200 shoe lovers will receive a $25 DSW CASH CARD!

    P.S If you can’t make it in store to shop, DSW.TOWNSHOES.CA is now open !

    Happy Shopping!




    Currently Coveting

    Happy Easter weekend! 

    I hope you’ve had time to relax and enjoy this time off with your loved ones. For me it was all about good healthy food, amazing company, reading and of course surfing the net! If I got paid to surf I would be rich I tell ya! Here are my weekly internet bits and pieces 🙂


    //These healthy almond milk popsicle’s look amazing. I have to make them soon. I’m craving a healthy dessert!\
    //This is my vision of a “She Shed”. It combines my two favourite loves ; vintage/rustic decor + nature.\
    //This is definitely an outfit I would rock on the weekends! Loose fitting,layered sweater, tights and a cross body.\
    //Added stand up paddling to my bucket list this year!Look at that scenery!\

    First Impressions :

, a global online eyewear store, contacted me offering to send me a pair of glasses and If I liked the sunglasses to kindly write about them on my blog. As I was under no obligation to write a positive review, I accepted their generous gift and my gold aviator lenses were shipped 1 week after I placed my order. 
    A global eyewear online store that has many years of experience in the optical industry and offers a variety of male and female perscription and NON-perscription frames. caters to the fashion-conscious consumer by making high quality fashionable eyewear available at affordable prices. 
 offers hundreds of frames such as Cat Eye, Round,Wrap Around,Titanium, Square, Clear, Aviator and Wayfarer,Computer, Reading and Bifocal.. just to name a few! 

    Customer Service
    I had never ordered eyewear online so I was apprehensive as to which frames would suite me. I contacted the customer service for some advice and they ultimately helped me decide on my gold rimmed aviators. They were polite, friendly and helpful as they answered all my questions about the ordering process (which is super easy btw). 
    Virtual Try-On Feature
    Customer service also kindly pointed me to the Virtual Try-On Feature on the site. With this feature, you can upload a picture of your face to virtually TRY ON any style of frames you like to see how they look on you. It’s a helpful feature and you’ll get some giggles out of it as well. I now know I look hideous in  round frames!!
    How To Place an Order
    Placing an order on is quick and easy. It’s a 7 step process and makes it easy by highlighting the steps for you so you’re not wasting time navigating the site wondering ” what do I do next?”. For a detailed explanation and tutorial on how to place an order, read here.
    Signing Up
 allows you to sign up to their site via Facebook. This makes log-in simple and easier as you don’t need to create a completely new account. As well will save your prescription(s) for the next time you want to place an order.
    Order Status likes to keep you well informed on the status of your order. You will receive emails to keep you updated on wether your order is Pending, New Order, In Process,  Shipped and Delivered! I found this very helpful as I anxiously awaited my order. 
    First Impressions on Aviator #SC1611
    A week after I placed my order on my non prescription sunglasses were shipped. I received the sunglasses,a case, cleaning cloth and a mini screwdriver. The sunglasses were in great condition, no scratches or deformities on them from the shipping process. suggest that you tighten the screws on the sides of the glasses to ensure they fit you best (hence the reason for the mini screw driver)! The aviators are lightweight, sturdy and definitely a step out of my comfort zone but I think they look good and I’ve received many compliments on them.
    I’m really pleased with my first experience. I’m also very pleased that has graciously decided to give my first 10 readers a voucher code, makeupblog2, that covers a complete pair of glasses from this page 
    (Shipping and handling fees are extra.Free frame + single vision lenses.Must be first time customer and voucher expires April 15).
    If you are one of the lucky ones that received a free pair using the voucher code, let me know how you like them in the comments below 🙂


    DISCLAIMER : gifted me these sunglasses. I am under no obligation to write a positive review. The thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are my own. I have not been paid for this post.