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    Last month I was searching for a light to medium coverage foundation that can be worn everyday. I don’t usually wear foundation everyday but when I decide to its the MAC Pro LongWear. Lately I’m finding it too heavy and the effort it takes to properly blend this foundation out is too much work for a busy woman on the go,go,go,….you get the idea! I popped into a MAC store one afternoon and the MAC girl raved about the Studio Waterweight foundation.I had never heard of it before so I was curious to try it out and see for myself what the hype was about.I purchased it in the shades NC40 and NC42, just in case.I’ve been wearing it for 3 weeks (almost) everyday now and I’ve fallen in love with this foundation.

    The foundation is encapsulated in a glass bottle with a dropper to easily dispense the right amount of product right onto my Sigma flat kabuki brush. Genius! It has an ultra-fluid, thin, serum-like consistency. Upon application it felt very silky on my face, not cakey at all. I noticed right away that it blurred out my “freckles” ( OK sunspots) on my temple. This impressed me as I was really considering getting these spots lasered off! The finish is neither matte nor dewy. After one application it has a very natural finish, almost satin/sheen like. At two applications it’s a full medium coverage foundation. I’ve only been applying one even coat and I’m really happy with the amount of coverage I’m getting. As I’ve mentioned before, I have very dry skin in the winter and I felt this foundation didn’t dry up my skin.I can’t say it hydrated it either, but it does a good job of not drying it up further.I love the idea that the watertight foundation has SPF 30 in the formula. As well the MAC girl gushed over the fact that it’s full of antioxidants(to help repair damaged skin). This can be used on all skin types including acne prone skin. It’s water based and should not cause irritation to the skin. 

    Overall, I’m giving the Studio Waterweight foundation a thumbs up. If you’re in the market for a light – medium foundation, definitely try it out and let me know what you think 🙂





    I was tagged on Instagram to write down the 5 top reasons why I’m happy in my life. I chuckled at first because I thought ” only 5?”I have a few hundred reasons to be happy but if I can only list 5 then it would be these:


    I am happy because I have a very large and loving family. Being Lebanese you have no choice but to come from a big family and to have a big family of your own! I am happy to have my nurturing mother, caring father, 4 siblings that I can’t live without, my loving husband, 3 incredible children that I love more than life itself, 11 beautiful nieces, 1 handsome nephew, 3 amazing brother and sister in laws, and a caring mother and father in law. I can’t imagine my life without any of these people in it. Our dinners are noisy with screaming kids, our table full of delicious food and everyone is smiling. We are blessed.


    I’m happy because I practise a faith that loves me for all my imperfections. I practise a faith that forbids the harming of a human life. A faith so pure that no matter the sin you commit, ask for sincere forgiveness and it is granted upon you. I’m happiest when I am reciting my prayers and devoting my time to thank Allah for all the blessings in my life.


    I am happy when I’m surrounded by friends. My friends are few but great! I feel at peace with them. I can say anything and they understand why I said it without having to explain myself. My true friends support me in my countless endeavours in life and love me in return. We support each other as women, mothers, wives ands sisters. I am so very thankful for their commitment, love and support.


    “for·tune (fôr′chən) The chance happening of fortunate or adverse events; luck”.

    I am happy that so far in my life I’ve been really lucky. I’ve never won the lottery or a dream home, but at the same time I’ve never been diagnosed with a disease and my house has never burned down. I guess I owe it to luck!


    I am happy that my future is so bright that I need sunglasses to shield me from the glare. I am happy that all the hard work I’ve devoted to my family and career will be one hell of a success story. I am happy that my business, even though so small, is steadily growing. I am happy that I took a leap of faith and ventured into a new career that I’m so passionate about. I am at my happiest knowing I still have so much to learn and feeling excited to do so.

    I tag Seema from  and Rania from to participate in this tag! This is an easy one ladies 🙂

    Leave me a comment below and tell me why you’re happy in your life?



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    We have a hair care routine, feet care routine, and skin care routine (day+night) but how many of us have a lip care routine? In the Winter months your lips will take a lot of abuse because they lack natural protection. Your lips don’t have any oils for sweat glands needed for protection from the cold and wind.They can become chapped, blistered, and sometimes even bleed from wind burn, Ouch! Let’s show our lips some TLC this winter by following this routine. 

    Start off by exfoliating your lips to get rid of all the dry skin that builds up over time. As you know I’m a DIY beauty concoction enthusiast( does that even make sense?) so of course I have a basic but effective lip scrub recipe to share with you:


    2 TBS Brown or White Sugar
    1 TBS Organic Coconut or Almond Oil (I prefer Coconut)
    1 TBS Organic Honey or Maple Syrup

    Mix the sugar and coconut oil in a small bowl. Ensure they are mixed well as this will become the base of the scrub.Combine the honey or maple syrup to the bowl and mix well. Transfer the scrub into a small jar( a baby food jar will do). The lip scrub can be used 2-3 times a week and should be stored in the refrigerator for up to 2 weeks.

    After all the dead skin cells have been scrubbed off, you need to add some hydration back to your lips as they may feel a bit “parched”. In the daytime you should use a lip balm that has at least SPF 20. I recently started to use Jack Black intense therapy lip balm with SPF 25 and I really like it. Maybelline Baby lips SPF 20 is also a really good product to use. 

    In the night time I HIGHLY recommend using a product that will help your lips heal from the day’s stress. I just started to incorporate a lip balm into my night time routine (by now my night time routine ends as the sun is rising…beauty is work!). On a recommendation from a dermatologist I started using Sally Hansen overnight lip recovery balm. The company states that ” this product will revitalise and repair your lips as you sleep”. It helps combat night time water loss so your lips stay super hydrated and plumped in the morning. I have to say I’m really happy with the Sally Hansen lip balm. It has surpassed my expectations as my lips in the morning not only feel super hydrated and smooth, but I noticed my lips are a brighter pink than usual. This may be because they are really hydrated. I love it and I’ll definitely continue to add this balm into my routine.

    If you wear lipstick during the day, you can still ensure your lips stay hydrated and smooth by using a moisturizing lipstick. A drugstore brand I really like is Rimmel London Moisture renew  is Estèe Lauder long lasting lipstick.

    I hope you take my advice and add a day+night lip care routine, your lips will thank you in the morning 🙂





    I can’t believe August is over! Where did the Summer go? The only great thing about August coming to an end is that I can finally reveal my monthly favourites! I’m so excited about these products. I’ve purchased all these items and just love them so, obviously, I have to share with you all. There is one “Lust” item that made the list! Get ready cause I’ve been loving a lot of things this month!

    EOS Ultra Moisturizing Shave Cream

    This non – foaming, 24 hr moisturizing shaving cream is my new holy grail! I’m very prone to red bumps after shaving or waxing and I didn’t experience the bumps with this product. It’s probably because it’s loaded with natural conditioning oils and Shea butter! It left my legs feeling so moisturized that I could have done without applying any lotion, it’s that hydrating!You can use this product wet or dry. The best part is this shaving cream is made from recycled plastic so it won’t leave a rust ring in your shower. You can choose from Vanilla Bliss ( my fave), Pomegranate or Lavender Jasmine.
    LORAC – 3D Liquid Lustre Top Coat
    I’m always looking for new products that add Oomph! to the eyes. I have a lot of glitters and pigments, but I wanted something different. I read in Allure magazine that this product was the new “Must Have “for the Summer/Fall so of course I had to have it :). These 3D lustre top coat add intensity, shine and sparkle to any eyeshadow look. They can be applied as a top coat for your eyeshadow but also can be worn alone. I like to wear a nude eyeshadow look and add the top coat over it to get a more dramatic day time look without looking overdone. I just love it. I know I’ll get further use out of them come holiday party season. The only downside with Lorac products is that they only ship within the U.S and Sephora no longer carries their products in Canada. I was fortunate and had a U.S. address which I used to get these babies.
    Korres Lip Butter
    I’m a huge fan of lip balms and have them scattered everywhere in my home and office space.  I bought this lip butter from Sephora, where it’s exclusively sold. I wasn’t expecting to like it as much as I did. The staying power of this product is on average to any other tinted balm I’ve tried, so about an hour, but what I really LOVED about this product was that my lips really felt moisturized and stayed hydrated for a couple of hours even after the tint wore off. This to me is worth the $12 price tag. This product has a thicker consistency so I like to apply it with a lip brush but you can use your fingers of course. I like to layer my application so I wear a neutral lip color like M.A.C blankety or creme cup and add the Korres lip butter on top. I love the shine it gives off. The only drawback about this product is the packaging. It’s a bit flimsy and I would have preferred the product in a tube as it’s more sanitary. I initially picked up pomegranate but now have all 4 colors.
    Vaseline Total Moisture Cocoa Radian Lotion
    I’ve been using the Vaseline Cocoa Radiant lotion for a few years now. The packaging has changed, but it still has the same great formula. This lotion is super creamy, super hydrating, thick and non- sticky. It’s everything you need in a drugstore moisturizing body lotion. If you’re not using it, your  missing out! Your skin will thank you. Yeah… it smells like Cocoa and it smells DEVINE!
    L.A. Girl USA HD Pro Concealer
    If you watch Youtube makeup tutorials, you’ll notice a lot of beauty gurus use these HD PRO Conceal tubes for highlighting and contouring. I was really intrigued so I ordered them to try them out first hand. I ordered creamy natural, beige, and bronze. I was somewhat impressed…let me explain. The formula is good, but doesn’t compare to my NARS or Benefit concealers when it comes to concealing dark circles. If you use them to conceal imperfections or dark circles, I recommend using a corrector first before applying this concealer. If you use these conceal tubes for the sole purpose of highlighting and contouring ( H&C) then you have a definite winner! They are very compact and obviously portable making them so convenient to throw in your makeup bag or in my case, my kit. I used them on almost everyone I worked on this summer to give a light highlight and contour and the result was flawless. I still used my Anastasia of Beverly Hills contour powder palette over the PRO Conceal to ensure the H&C didn’t budge. I’m so happy I ordered them. I definitely will be ordering other shades. If your new to the whole highlighting and contouring game definitely give this product a try. At $5.00 US  you can’t go wrong.
    Morphe M438 Pointed Contour Brush
    I ordered this Morphe contour brush without any expectations. I just wanted to know what all the hype was about. Let’s just say my only regret is not ordering more brushes at the same time! This contour brush is AMAZING. It’s super soft and versatile as it can be used for contouring but also for applying setting powder under your eyes, blush on cheekbones and bronzer all over. It’s angled so it’s very precise at applying product exactly where it needs to go. I paid $10.00 US. I would compare the quality of the quality of this brush to my Sigma F25. I love this brush as well but I paid over $30 US for it. I definitely will be ordering a few more Morphe brushes.
    e.l.f Studio Stipple Brush
    I paid $1.99 for this synthetic brush from Winners. It was on clearance. It’s my go to foundation brush in my own personal makeup bag. I love it. You can buy it online for $3.00. You will use it over and over again as it’s super light and the bristles will not scratch your face like other cheaper priced brushes. The bristles are very soft and it evenly distributes my foundation on my skin. I’m not naive, I know this brush will shed at some point but my Chanel brush also shed for the first time last week. No biggie because at $1.99 or $3.00 I can buy another one and not feel guilty
    I have a slight obsession with stationary! I own a few boxes of unused greeting cards and more than normal amounts of unused notebooks. I have no intent in mailing these cards out or writing in these notebooks. They’re so pretty so I collect them. Papyrus is a beautiful site and I shop from this site often. offers a broad range of contemporary greeting cards, stationary , gifts and gift wrapping materials. They offer you the option to personalise any item. The notebooks are my favourite, especially the Kate Spade collection. I love how elegant they look on my home office desk. Just love it!!!
    The Kite Runner – Khaled Hosseini
    This is my 2nd time reading this book and I, most likely, will read it a 3rd time. I spent a good portion of my “glamping” trip this summer reading it. What a beautiful story about friendship, exile , separation and an everlasting love for ones home country. It’s a beautifully written novel that is cherished by many. I highly recommend this book as you will forever feel changed after reading it.
    I know this isn’t makeup or beauty related, but this gadget is a must for anyone wanting to set fitness goals this fall. This baby right here is at the top of my birthday list! Not only is it functional (tracks calories burnt, goals, pace and has GPS) but it looks really cool on and almost futuristic. Yes, I”m a gadget junkie and this baby here is coming home with me soon.

    Talk soon,



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