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    Wet n Wild -Ridiculously inexpensive but is it any good ?


    It’s been a while since I’ve blogged! ¬†It feels great to be back ūüôā

    Sorry folks, but I had to take a much needed mental break and disconnect from social media, technology and basically life in general ūüôā OK I’m being a drama mama, but honestly I did take some time off and now I ‘m back doing what I absolutely love most! *miss you*

    So what’s up you ask? Before I took my break ( more on that in my next blog post so stayed tuned), I had purchased a few wet n wild products but never actually got to try them out, so I decided today was the day to discover what the hype was all about!

    wet n wild has had a makeover the past 2 years introducing new and innovative products to their brand but I still remember buying their lipsticks and nail polish as a teeny bopper for .99 cents!

    Does anyone remember that?

    Man I loved their vibrant lipsticks and funky coloured nailpolish. Mind you , I wasn’t allowed to actually wear lipstick as a young teen but oh well…don’t tell my parents ūüôā

    A few tidbits about wet n wild that I didn’t know :

    Their clear nail polish top coat is their #1 BEST SELLING product ( I’m a huge fan); was the first brand to introduce black¬†nail polish to the market;
    they are cruelty free and have ALWAYS been; is the #1 Value brand in America ( true fact..look it up)!

    With any product line, I gravitate to the foundation, highlights and lipsticks and wet n wild was no exception.

    I picked up the following products:

    Photofocus foundation – Golden Beige

    Photofocus concealer – Medium Peach

    MegaGlo highlighting powder – Precious Petals

    Gel Lip Liner – I Got The Juice

    wet n wild blog photos

    So first off let’s talk about my photo *LOL*.

    I had about 10 minutes to take a photo good enough to use on this post and this one was it. I have no clue why I’m not smiling and I definitely over-lined my lips! Oh well…can’t win all the time but I believe it’s still a good representation of the products .

    Photofocus foundation – Golden Beige $8

    The photofocus foundation was a dream to apply. I can’t stress enough to you how truly shocked I was that I liked it so much.I t blew me away! I am making a bold but truthful statement right now. Are you ready for it?

    Photofocus Foundation is one of the best drug store foundations on the market to date!

    Yes it is! For $8 I had medium, semi-matte coverage throughout the day. There was no creasing or dry patches even after an  8 hour day.  I was able to apply highlighter, powder and brush over it and it still looked fresh and not dry!

    The foundation is formulated with matte, light diffusing particles and is supposed to mimic a filtered look. I can’t really agree that you will look like you have an instagram filter on your face but damn you will look polished. This product was tested under 7 different light conditions with and without flash to ensure you do not have a white cast on your face when photographed.¬†As you can see by my mugshot…I mean photo above, I used my ring light to take this photo and I did not experience a white cast. If you have normal to combination skin you will really benefit from this well priced foundation but if you have dry to really skin it’s best to maybe moisture really well before using this or look for something more hydrating.

    The foundation comes with a spatula tip so applying the product is super simple. The foundation is bit watery when applied and I found it was best to use a wet beauty sponge to press the foundation into your skin for best results. After application, I looked at my semi-matte skin and really appreciated how good this foundation is. It hid 95% of my imperfections and I am good with that! 

    The only negative I have about the foundation is that it has a slight fragrance to it that didn’t bother me but I would prefer non fragrant foundation.

    Overall a real winner ! 

    Photofocus concealer – Medium Peach $6

    Unfortunately, I didn’t have the same reaction to the photofocus concealer as I did the foundation. I was hoping for a creamy texture that didn’t drag on the skin, but that is not what I discovered. I had to apply several coats of the concealer to hide my dark circles ( which weren’t that bad that day to be honest). As you can see from the photo above, the blue tint of my under eye circle is coming through. Other drug store brand concealers have been able to hide them very well. As well the concealer dragged on my skin and for such a delicate area I was just not up for that. Like the phootfocus foundation, the concealer had a really good shade selection for fair , medium and deep skin tones. Inclusion is everything and wet n wild recognizes that!

    MegaGlo highlighting powder – Precious Petals $12

    The star of this brand is most definitely their buttery , non fragrant highlighting powders! In the photo below, I am wearing precious petals over blush. I am also wearing it on my brow bone, inner corner of eyes and as eyeshadow (photo above). So let me tell you a little secret. I recently bought this highlighter¬†and honestly the wet n wild one is the one that blew me away and I will be reaching for it for awhile! It’s that good ! It stayed put all day, even in -20 weather ( damn Ottawa you a cold one!).

    The hightlither comes in 8 shades, and I’ve linked them all for you here ! They are super buttery, shimmery, are buildable and last all day!

    My local Walmart only had this one highlighter in stock. I was ok with that because it was absolutely what I was looking for. It’s more on the rose gold hues and it’s stunning. I don’t think my quick 10 minute photoshoot really showed them off as well as I would have liked too, but if you’re in the market for an inexpensive, creamy textured and good as the name brand highlighter than pick these up because they re so so good!

    wet n wild blog photos

    Gel Lip Liner – I Got The Juice $4

    So as you can see from my first photo, I really went to town with this lip gel! I’m basically just wearing the gel liner all over my lips and topped it off with lip gloss. ¬†I know it’s a clear winner for me because the day I applied it I had really dry lips, as it’s cold as the north pole in Ottawa, and the liner didn’t skip or drag on my lips. Actually it went on smoothly and effortlessly.¬†Here are the different shades that wet n wild carries and I will be purchasing them all. I will have to order them online as there wasn’t a variety of shades in the store and at $4 for this type of quality it’s worth it for me to have them all!

     I would love to hear feedback from you on what your favourite wet n wild products are!


    XO, MAHA 


    Note: These products were not sent as PR. I purchased them all.



    2017 #musthave products!

    photo of #musthave products of 2017!

    As we bid farewell to 2017 I wanted to leave you guys with some of my favourite #musthave products that :

    #1 I used up completely and repurchased in 2017;

    #2  I loved so much I tried not to use them up too quickly (failed miserably)  and;

    #3 they will most likely continue to be my #musthaves in 2018!

    If you click on the product names below you will be redirected to the blog post that I dedicated to these products so you can gain an appreciation as to why  I selected them as my 2017 #musthave products! 

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    Mini Drugstore Makeup Haul + My Life so far..

    So it’ s no surprise that I’ve been lazy on the blog lately. Life has changed slightly for me. I’m back at school and adjusting to adult-student life. School during the week days and taking care of a family¬†+ side hustle is a bit stressful…Thank the good lord for¬†chocolate and coffee! I seem to be fine after shoving handfuls of dark chocolate in my mouth ūüôā
    I’ve missed blogging oh so much though! It really is my favourite hobby and when I’m blogging I feel less stressed and a bit free if that makes any sense. It’s my little domain of creativity and I love it!¬†
    So back to it…
    I did a little drugstore shopping last weekend to pick up 1 thing (baby shampoo) and I ended up walking out with MANY things and forgot the baby shampoo (typical Maha) ! 
    I had never tried any of these products before, so here’s what I think about them.
    L’Oreal Paris “Caress Wet” Shine Lip Stain in Iinfinite Fuchsia
    Infinite Fuchsia looks very bold in the applicator but ones applied it’s a very subtle colour!This product has a small applicator that is contoured for easy application on the lips. This is very handy and I wish all the glosses, stains had the same applicator. The stain once applied to the lips is very pigmented and almost feels silk-like on the lips. It doesn’t give you a “Wet” look even though this is the marketing angle for this product. It lasted about 3-4 hours on my lips before I had to reapply which I think is pretty good for a non-matte stain. For $6, it was a good purchase and I would buy it again but maybe in a more neutral¬†colour.

    L’Oreal Paris Extraordinaire in Plum Adagio

    This is a hybrid of lipstick + stain¬†+ balm! At least for me that’s what it felt like. I loved wearing “Extraordinaire” and I’m so surprised I hadn’t picked it up sooner. I chose Plum Adagio to wear this season and it really is a beautiful rich fall colour. It’s very reminiscent of MAC Hang up, which I lurvvv!! “Extraordinaire” also comes with an amazing short applicator for ease of use. The product is thick once applied so you don’t need a lot of product to achieve a good colour or pigmentation. This formula, I found, was much glossier than “Caress Wet”. “Extraordinaire” will also hydrate your lips tremendously and last around 4-5 hours before you have to reapply.The colour looks very rich and plump on the lips.A great¬†product all around! I¬†will be¬†investing in other shades soon.
    This product is from a company called Know Cosmetics and I heard about it¬† on a few beauty blogs that I read so during my drugstore shopping frenzy I picked up! It’s a colourless lip liner that is used to prevent lipsticks, lip stains and gloss from bleeding and feathering! I used it only once and it worked well! I was wearing brown script and it didn’t bleed or feather out. This product did exactly what is was supposed to do. The true test will be when I wear a bold red lip come x-mas time. Then and only then I’ll be able to see if it truly is as fantastic as the reviews online say it is! Will keep you updated on this product, but so far¬†it works well.
    Last week was my first time using the Fit Me concealer from Maybelline. I think I’m the last beauty blogger on earth to try out this concealer. I had been using L’Oreal true match as well as Nars Creamy concealer before that. Both are great concealers but I wanted to try something different. I found the Fit Me concealer to be just as creamy as Nars but not as great at hiding my dark circles¬†completely¬† I was a bit disappointed because I had high hopes for this one but then quickly remembered that I know how to colour correct for under eye darkness! Duh ! ¬†This is where my next drugstore item came in handy, but first I’ll finish off with this concealer. I found it to be a good product to conceal average dark circles from a few restless nights sleep, however, I don’t consider it to be a heavy duty concealer(on it’s own!). A negative point¬†about this concealer is that I had only used it 3 times and already ran out of the product. To me this indicates 2 things: 1) there¬†isn’t enough¬†product in the tube(.25 oz) and 2) I used way to much product to conceal my dark circles so it probably wasn’t the best concealer for me.
    It’s no surprise that I love NYX cosmetics and in Canada you can buy this brand at the local drugstore. I picked up the NYX Dark Circle concealer as it had a salmon /peach tint to it and I instantly knew it would be great to use as a corrector. This product is actually a concealer and not a true corrector, but products can be manipulated and used in other ways. So I use this concealer to first colour correct my under eyes and then I apply the Maybelline Fit me concealer. BAM! Match made in heaven ūüôā¬†You can also use any other concealer you like, but I was testing out the Fit Me¬†concealer for this post. The NYX concealer is very very creamy and almost melts onto your skin as you apply it. I have never used this concealer on it’s own as a true concealer so I don’t know how well it covers. If you decide to use this concealer as a corrector, only apply it to the areas under your eyes that need the colour correcting.¬†
    Side Note: Confused about colour correcting ? I have a post coming up that will explain it all!
    I picked up this lipstick in the clearance bin and that should have been a clear indication on the quality of this product. I was not impressed with this lipstick at all! The colour should be close to a true brown and it was not at all. It didn’t glide on like a¬†lipstick, more like a dollar store gloss.¬†The colour didn’t last more than an hour and I felt it looked muddy on my lips.All that to say, I¬†was not happy with this¬†product at all. As I was typing¬†out this post I was searching¬†on the NYX site for a link to add and I¬†noticed that they changed the¬†packaging of this¬†product and now it’s called Turnt UP! Lipstick and not High Voltage. I’m not sure if this means they also changed the formula, regardless, it’s not good! I¬†would not buy it¬†again.
    L’Or√©al refers to this foundation as a liquid powder. Hmm…. it’s clearly a liquid so I was intrigued and added it to my cart. I applied this foundation with a wet¬†beauty blender and then I realized why it’s called liquid powder. It really does feel and look like a powder once applied on the skin. I instantly fell in love with this hybrid foundation and have worn it to school everyday! It’s supposed to¬†mimic a no makeup look which is does effortlessly.¬†This is a true lightweight¬†foundation that gives the skin a natural satin finish (so not matte and not dewy).¬†It¬†won’t cover redness or imperfections very well as it is a¬†very light. It lasts about 7¬†hours before it starts to¬†separate¬†slightly. If you are seeking out a natural¬†inexpensive foundation, I would highly¬†recommend you try this product out. This isn’t a new product to the L’Or√©al line up but it was knew to my makeup bag ūüôā
    essence gel eyeliner
    I’ve used many essence¬†products, some I’ve loved and some I would never buy again. The gel eyeliner is¬†definitely¬†a¬†product¬†I would buy again. It reminds me of Maybelline gel eyeliner but $5 cheaper. It almost can be compared to MAC fluid line if it dried a bit darker. The essence gel liner is very smooth/creamy and can¬†easily be picked up by a MAC 208 brush , which is what I use to create a winged liner. The cost and the longevity of the liner is great. You may feel you have to go over the wing a second time¬†just¬†to deepen the¬†colour but other than that it’s a¬†real winner!
    I’d love to know what new drugstore products you’ve tried and recommend?
    Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I paid for these products with my own money and I have no been compensated for this post.

    Finally, Drugstore SkinCare Products that work !!

    I tend to be OK with paying a lot more for higher end department store skincare¬†treatments or¬†products because I know¬†I’m paying for better¬†formulation of ingredients, higher quality ingredients and the science¬†behind¬†the product. Even though I adore my higher end skincare products, I still jumped at the chance¬†to test out the L’Or√©al Revitalift Bright Reveal‚ĄĘ treatments for 6 weeks when Influenster offered¬†them to me. I thought to¬†myself, can I¬†truly find products that can deter the signs of¬†aging, brighten, hydrate my skin and not break the bank?¬†

    Read on to find out!

    Influenster sent me the Bright Reveal‚ĄĘ scrub cleanser,daily lotion, dual overnight moisturizer, and daily peel pads (not pictured).
    The timing of receiving this package was impeccable as I had just 
    written a post on the importance of adding new products to your 
    skincare routine at the turn of every season! As I truly wanted to provide a thorough review I dedicated 6 weeks to only using these products day and night. 
    The Bright Reveal ‚ĄĘscrub cleanser¬†provides¬†gentle exfoliation to reveal new skin. This is done by the micro-pearls in the scrub that contain Glycolic acid. Glycolic acid is a powerful compound that penetrates deep into the skin to address any concerns such as blackheads and wrinkles. L’Or√©al recommends you use the cleanser scrub once in the morning and once at the end of the night.
    ¬†I ‘m usually not a fan of the micro-beads found in scrubs or exfoliators as I find they are too abrasive on my skin. I don’t have sensitive skin, but my skin just doesn’t react well to them. ¬†Fortunately, I didn’t experience any abrasions with this cleanser scrub. The micro-pearls are so fine that my skin wasn’t irritated. Even though I found this cleanser scrub gentle enough to use everyday, I decided to use it three times a week in the morning.

    The Bright Reveal ‚ĄĘ peel pads are pre-soaked with powerful amounts of gylcolic acid to help smooth out fine lines and wrinkles , brighten complexion, rejuvenate dull skin and exfoliate, at a higher concentration than the cleanser scrub, dead skin cells. I used the peel pads every night before applying the overnight moisturizer. I definitely saw a more even toned complexion in the morning after using it consistently for one week straight. After raving about this product for two weeks my sister snatched it from me before I could snap a photo of it for this post. I’m not mad at her though, ¬†sharing really is caring ūüôā

    Bright Reveal‚ĄĘ Brightening daily lotion with SPF 30 can be used every morning after cleansing the skin with the scrub or pads. This lotion is very lightweight and definitely has become my favourite daytime lotion. Since it has SPF it’s also become my only protection against the sun’s harmful rays. The lotion is great under makeup and it doesn’t give off a white cast due to SPF ingredients. I like to wear Est√©e Lauder double wear foundation during the day and this day lotion is the perfect base for it. Anytime I wear it I see my face has a glow to it¬†regardless of what makeup I apply on top!

    Bright Reveal ‚ĄĘ Dual Overnight Moisturizer¬†can be used after the reveal pads or the cleanser scrub. This overnight moisturizer is a brightening¬†+ anti-wrinkle night treatment. This treatment contains a powerful combo of Glycolic acid¬†+ Vitamin C¬†+¬†Retinol to combat wrinkles and uneven skin tone while you sleep.I’m exceptionally surprised by the high level of Retinol contained in this overnight moisturizer. Usually drugstore¬†products do not have high concentrations of retinol and therefore¬†are¬†not as effective on the skin.¬†This is not the case with the this moisturizer!¬†
     Do I love these products?

    ¬†Yes, I sure do! I¬†especially love the brightening peel pads and day¬†lotion! I think they are the stars of the set! I am on my second bottle of day lotion¬†already and I love how it feels on my skin and under my makeup. It gives my skin a surge of¬†moisture and brightens up my complexion¬†instantly. The brightening peel pads are doing wonders at shedding away dead skin. After using¬†them every night I can see that they are more concentrated than the scrub but still gently enough to use everyday. The overnight¬†moisturizer feels great when I apply it after cleansing my face. It’s a light and silky lotion that¬†doesn’t¬†have a¬†fragrance. I have very small fine lines on my forehead and I wanted to see if¬†after 6 weeks of continuous use they would be less visible , as per L’Or√©al claims with this¬†product. Unfortunately, I can’t say¬†the claims about reducing fine lines are true, at least for me they were not. I didn’t notice any change with the fine lines. I may need to¬†use the product longer, which I am doing anyway¬†because I did notice that the little sun spot on my right cheek was diminishing slightly! Yeah no more sun spots, boo, still have fine forehead lines!¬†

    I will¬†continue to use the L’Or√©al Revitalift Bright Reveal ‚ĄĘ¬†products as a set for the the simple fact that I have seen a¬†change in the overall tone of my skin. My sunspots are diminishing and hopefully with¬†extended use¬†they will¬†disappear, but the #1 reason I will continue to use these products is because I have¬†noticed that my skin is more radiant than ever before.¬†

    As I am always open and honest on this blog (and life in general) I want to finish off this post by stating that if Influenster didn’t¬†send me these products to test out, I¬†probably wouldn’t have picked them up on my own. Why?¬†Because I had the mind set that any¬†product under $25 was not powerful and¬†concentrated enough to make a difference on my skin. You see, I am that girl that spends atrocious¬†amounts of money on makeup products so if I can find a¬†drugstore dupe for some of the higher end¬†makeup that I fancy then I go for it and buy the $8 mascara that will give me voluminous lashes like Lancome¬†Hypnose can. I need to start applying the same way of thinking to drugstore¬†skincare¬†products as well. Just because it’s sold at Walmart or Shoppers doesn’t mean it’s not as¬†effective as the¬†product sold at Nordstrom or The Bay. I’m not saying that all drugstore skincare¬†products will do as they claim¬†on the packaging but I won’t dismiss them as quickly as I used too.
    XO, MAHA 
    Disclaimer: I was sent these products for review by Influenster, but I was not asked for a positive review on my blog. All the  opinions expressed are my own.



    This creamy¬†cleanser is fragrance free, lightweight and does not foam when you add water to it. I find the cleansers that foam to be a bit drying on my skin, but that’s just me. I’ve used this cleanser for years, not only¬†because it’s¬†super¬†affordable but it¬†really is the only drugstore cleanser that does not dry out my skin. I’ve tried¬†Kiehls¬†and¬†Clarins¬†cleansers and both¬†products are good products, but were¬†drying my skin out quickly. I would love if¬†Neutrogena¬†made a¬†bigger bottle, as this one is only a 354 ml and I tend to use it up fairly quickly. Also this specific formula(creamy) is not sold in Canada! I know…why¬†rave about it if you can’t buy it here?¬†Because, it’s that good! When I travel to good OL’¬†Ogdensburgh, NY I¬†stop off at the¬†Walmart¬†and I STOCK UP! In Canada¬†Neutrogena¬†does sell the¬†Ultra Gentle Cleanser Foaming Formula. It’s similar to the creamy formula but foams when you add water to it. Another equally impressive cleanser is¬†this¬†one. It’s for Normal to Dry skin and non-foaming.¬†If you do find¬†the creamy¬†formula sold in Canada, please let me know!
    This is an outstanding moisturizer for the eyes. This formula is loaded with anti-ageing¬†ingredients such as¬†niacinamide, ceramides, and hyaluronic acid. I mostly use this product in the winter months when my face and eye area are¬†extremely dry and¬†need a bit more love!¬†I find this¬†formula to be very¬†moisturizing but not¬†greasy and I’ve never experienced any¬†irritations with it. I’ve tried very expensive¬†high end eye creams and by far this¬†product is my favorite eye cream!
    If you love healthy, hydrated glowing skin then you’ll¬†love facial oils. I started experimenting¬†with facial oils years back. I would mix virgin olive oil (voo) and vanilla essential oil and apply it to my face before bed. I had great results the next morning. I had a natural glow and any blemishes I had seemed to diminish slightly. There are numerous benefits to applying¬†voo on your skin; however¬† the oil is just too thick to wear underneath makeup or even alone as you’ll look¬†greasy. It did work in keeping my skin hydrated and plump but it wasn’t a practical solution. Fast forward a couple years and voila…Facial Oils are being sold everywhere now! Facial oils have natural antioxidants and protect your skin from harsh external factors (pollution, cold weather, over cleansing). They instantly absorb into¬†your skin to give you a nice glow. In the colder months I absolutely do not leave my house without applying facial oil. If I go without it, within minutes my face will feel tight and it’ll bother me the whole day. Before I found Acure Marula Oil, I had tested out about 3 o¬†r 4 facial oils and none of them¬†felt great on my skin.¬†Acure Marula Oil is paraben and pesticides free (also Vegan).¬†The oil is harvested in South Africa by local women as part of the Marula Project that economically empowers all women of South Africa. Many people compare the Marula oil to Argan oil and both are amazing naturally derived oils; however my results with Marula oil outweigh the results I achieved with Argan oil. As with Argan, Marula oil can be applied to the tips of your hair, your cuticles and any other dry areas you may have. This product can be found at Target or online¬†here.
    Beauty Tip: If you have oily skin YES you can use facial oils! To be on the safe side, apply one drop at first and work up to about 2-3 drops with each application.
    ¬†I was deliberating whether or not to include this mask in my drugstore post. I wasn’t sure if it would be considered a drugstore product for 2 reasons: it’s sold at select few drugstores (mostly health food stores like Kardish and Rainbow Foods) and because it’s pricier that most drugstore items I’ve previously mentioned. But in all honesty, I really like this mask and I haven’t been able to find ¬†a drugstore product that gives me the same results! It leaves your skin plumped, soft and radiant. I leave this mask on overnight once a week, but in the colder months I definitely use it twice a week for extra hydration. There are a lot of great ingredients in this product that will nourish your skin but the star ingredient is Hyaluronic Acid. This ingredient “can hold up to 1000 times its weight in water” which basically translates too¬†MAJOR HYDRATION¬†for your skin. The company claims that this mask will treat wrinkles. I don’t know how true this claim is but it definitely works to hydrate my skin and¬†get rid of any blackheads and redness I may have. I wanted to also mention that¬†this is¬†also a¬†vegan and¬†sulphate free product.
    If you haven’t noticed already by reading any blog post of mine, I’m a huge fan of glowing skin and I’m not talking¬†about¬†that Instagram glow you achieve from a kick ass¬†highlighter!¬†That’s great as well, but I want the natural glow that my¬†body can achieve¬†with the help of a good product.¬†That’s why I use products¬†like Derma e. I’ve tried many toners from drugstore brands, department store to the absurdly¬†expensive (Hello CHANEL LOTION DOUCER!)and this¬†toner simply trumps them all.¬†This product is alcohol and fragrance free. It contains niamicide and cell repairing ingredients. It’s helps with uneven skin tone and it really¬†aids your skin¬†in absorbing any other product you apply¬†after.
    This is a great moisturizer for someone who has normal to combination skin. This is a lightweight moisturizer and works well when used under makeup. I don’t recommend this product for dry skin but definitely worth looking into if you like lightweight products. I found that it does have a slight fragrance to it but nothing overwhelming, however if you¬†are sensitive¬†to fragrance then this may not be a good option for you. As you know sunscreen is really important, so the added benefit of¬†using this¬†moisturizer is the protection from the sun’s rays. IMO this is another great product from Aveeno.


    This is a drugstore moisturizing lotion that can be used on the face and body. It’s fragrance free , lightweight and IMO great for wear underneath makeup. It has loads of ceramids that help restore and maintain the skins natural barriers. I love this moisturizer because I do feel it helps my combination skin (dryer in the winter months) stay plump and hydrated all day. The only drawback is that it does not contain SPF so I mix a bit of this sunblock with the moisturizer and I’m protected from the sun! I have to say that switch¬†back and forth between Cerave lotion and Paula’s Choice Resist Cellular Defense Daily Moisturizer with SPF 25. Both are great products but Cerave can be bought at your local drugstore.


    For years I wasn’t able to find a makeup remover that didn’t¬†irritate my eyes. All the products either contained¬†oils or alcohol and my eyes, being so sensitive, would swell up for hours after¬†just one use.¬†I received a sample of Simple Kind to Eyes makeup remover on a trip to the drugstore and the sales associated reassured me that this product would not irritate my eyes and¬†it definitely would not leave me¬†with a greasy residue. I was apprehensive at first but she was 100% right! That night as I applied¬†the product¬†I braced myself for the initial “burn” I was accustomed to when using eye makeup remover but the “burn” never happened. I was¬†pleasantly¬†surprised. It removed all of my¬†eye makeup without any swelling or irritation. Simple also produce makeup remover wipes but I¬†still prefer their liquid over the wipes.
    I need to mention that I do use use this product to remove the rest of my face makeup. Even though it’s¬†at¬†the top end of my budget for a makeup remover it has lasted me¬†awhile (over a year) as a little goes a long way. It’s a very well¬†formulated product¬†and similar to the Simple¬†brand¬†makeup remover, this¬†is also an award winner.¬†
    If you haven’t heard of this facial cloth then you most likely have been living under a rock. I read¬†somewhere¬†that these are¬†the most purchased facial cloths in all of Europe and¬†America.¬†One side of the cloth is smooth for cleansing and the other side is slightly textured for exfoliating. I¬†really like them¬†because of the¬†convenience they offer. At the end of the night you’re tired and can’t be bothered with your regular¬†bedtime¬†beauty ritual, grab one of these wipes and¬†you’re good to go! According¬†to¬†Olay these cloths can be used¬†as your cleanser, toner, mask and¬†scrub. I¬†can definitely agree that they do a good job as a cleanser and I¬†have used the¬†textured side for exfoliating but I¬†won’t be replacing my¬†toner,¬†exfoliator and¬†mask for these.¬†They are just for¬†convenience on days¬†where I need to clean my face quickly. Don’t get me wrong, these cloths do a superb quick job at cleaning my face, but in order to maintain youthful healthy skin you need skin care products that¬†are formulated to¬†target specific skin concerns.

    I love this product! It feels so luxurious on the hands and it smells so good! If you don’t like the smell of coconut then stay away ūüôā This cream will restore cracked and chapped hands without leaving a greasy residue. Its formulated with virgin coconut oil, vitamin A, C , E and Shea butter! I keep this product on my bathroom counter to remind me to apply the hand and cuticle cream before bed! It’s a nightly ritual for me.¬†
    I fell in love with Aveeno products when my daughter was born. To treat her extremely dry skin my doctor recommended I bathe her with Aveeno Baby Cleansing Therapy Wash. I instantly noticed a difference in her skin and since then I’ve only used Aveeno products on my¬†kids. Soon after having her, I noticed I also developed very dry skin, so of course I did what the doctor recommended and starting using Aveeno hydrating body wash. It’s an award winning product for good reason. The natural fig and Shea butter in this product help soothe and hydrate dry skin for hours after you’ve rinsed this product off. It never leaves a¬†residue on¬†your skin or around¬†your shower, it smells divine and for the low price¬†tag definitely worth¬†trying it¬†out. I think I’m on my 12th bottle already!
    I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my post!



    I have so much to write about that I had to divide this post into two parts. Part 2 ULTIMATE GUIDE : BEST DRUGSTORE SKIN CARE PRODUCTS




    I’ve had a long term loving relationship with my local drugstore.I visit the makeup aisles so much that I know the cosmetic counter ladies by name. This love affair blossomed when I started wearing makeup in grade nine. All my¬†girlfriends were into M.A.C and I¬†honestly couldn’t afford it so the drugstore was my best¬†friend! My makeup bag was full of Covergirl, Maybelline, Revlon, Jane, and Bonne Belle ( as well as scrunchies and butterfly clips). These were all very affordable brands. I was constantly asked¬†what¬†lipstick is that your wearing or how come your eyeliner¬†doesn’t smudge like mine ? How you apply a products is important but¬†the product itself and the quality of¬†the product is key. To this¬†day, if I need an eyeliner or blush I hit the¬†drugstore first to see what’s on the market before I go to Sephora or M.A.C.¬†So it was only fitting for me to write a post about drugstore products that I personally use, love and repurchase over and over again!¬†

    I’ve talked about this mascara on the blog before. I have this product in my¬†personal and professional kit. It doesn’t¬†clump or flake even after a 7.5 hr day. The wand itself is comfortable to hold and easy to use. Your lashes will look extra thick or as Maybelline promotes, Pumped UP!Hands down¬†the best mascara at the drugstore!

    I’ve been using this liquid liner for about 10 years now. No joke. The packaging has changed slightly, but Revlon has¬†kept¬†the¬†same great formula.I love how the super skinny¬†tip makes drawing a cat eye simple and quick. I don’t feel the tip drags on¬†your skin like other liners do. The staying power is great for a drugstore¬†brand and I have this product in a brown and black. This is my most repurchased drugstore product.
    I have to admit, the first time I tried these shadows I wasn’t a fan. I was comparing¬†them to the Mabyelline Tattoo shadows ,¬†which I ¬†still love and use.I¬†don’t know if L’Oreal changed the formula or if I just didn’t give¬†them a fair chance, but now I have quite a collection. I love how¬†creamy they feel and when applied change to a powder consistency. You can wear them sheer or layer them on for a more¬†intones look.¬†The pigmentation is ridiculous, especially Purple Obsession and¬†Glistening Garnet. These are not matte shades so there is a shine to them. These shadows remind me of the Urban Decay single shadows. My favourite combo is Pink Sapphire and Iced Latte.

    I¬†love how silky the formula feels and once applied isn’t too drying or too dewy. It melts into the skin very¬†easily when patted down with a brush or a beauty blender. The applicator¬†tip on the¬†wand is great to use as well. I dab the product onto the back of my hand to warm it up and¬†then apply it with the beauty blender. As¬†with any concealer there is a bit of creasing after¬†about 7 hours of wear.¬†This is normal. It’s a great everyday¬†concealer and because of the¬†variety of shades available you can¬†definitely find¬†your perfect shade.
    I know what your thinking, another Maybelline product ? I¬†can’t help it, Maybelline has some of the best drugstore products out there.¬†The quality of the¬†products IMO is very comparable to some of the higher end products that you may buy at Sephora or Ulta. This foundation is another example of how a¬†drugstore product can work wonders¬†of¬†you.The whole FIT me! line is great and this is my favourite MATTE foundation. I’ve¬†reached for my Becca Ever Shine Proof Foundation¬†less and less since I discovered the FIT me! collection. It’s much¬†cheaper and does a¬†great job! Will if dimish your pores? It’ll help blur them slightly but not get rid of them. ¬†This foundation is medium¬†coverage but it is very¬†buildable and¬†won’t look¬†cakey with more than one¬†application. I also use my trusty beauty blender to apply it. I find it dries super matte and lasts about 8 hours¬†before you may have to¬†reapply powder. This is very impressive!
    Yes, another star product from Maybelline and No,¬†they are not¬†sponsoring this post! I have this matte lipstick in the shades Divine Wine,¬†Burgundy Blush( for olive skin tones wow!), Daringly Nude and I’m trying to get my hands on Rich Ruby.¬†This creamy matte lipstick is exactly that…it’s creamy and its matte. It’s non drying even while applying it. There’s no dragging of the lipstick as per usual practise with matte lipsticks. I love the bold colour choices Maybelline offers¬†with the¬†product. You will have no problems finding a shade or two or three (¬†like me) for every season. If your lips tend to be on the dry side, you can¬†apply a bit of Vaseline to your lips before applying¬†the lipstick,¬†however the matte formula¬†will¬†take a bit longer to settle in. I notice towards the end of the day the¬†formula does start to become dry but I reapply the lipstick and it looks as if I just applied it for the first time. This is how good¬†this product is. My sister and I adore these lipsticks so much that one Summer we bought upwards of ten¬†different shades and gave them away as gifts to relatives overseas. They still request and rave¬†about these lipsticks. For the price, you can’t go wrong!
    I’m a M.A.C pressed powder girl and have been for many years now. With that being said, I have tried drugstore brand pressed powders.I’ve tried this , this and L’Oreal true match. By far my favourite is the¬†true match. The true match¬†formula contains no oils ¬†or¬†fillers so you always¬†have a weightless application with great coverage.¬†L’Oreal offers this¬†super-blendable powder in 18 shades. ¬†Combine¬†this powder with Super Blendable True¬†Match¬†Foundation and you have¬†yourself a winning¬†combination with flawless coverage. I love to pack this powder with me when I¬†have a small evening purse,it’s the perfect size and gets the¬†job done ver well.¬†
    I wasn’t going to¬†include¬†any NYX products to this post because I¬†already dedicated a whole post to NYX Products(you can read it here),¬†but since I promised you the best of the best drugstore products I¬†had to include it. Hands down the best drugstore blush on the market. The texture is very silky and goes on sheer but you can build it up for more intensity. These are great for all skin tones as they have a wide¬†variety of shades to choose from. My last post I was up to 3 of these blush’s¬†but I¬†recently added¬†Red. It’s one of their more vivid colours. I haven’t worn it¬†yet and I¬†honestly can’t¬†wait to try it on!
    I had to add another one of my favourite drugstore blush’s. This one is fairly new to the market (at least to the drugstores I frequent) and the packaging just got me! Physicians¬†Formula packaging is¬†just the best! It’s very reminiscent of BENEFIT packaging. According to the¬†instructions ,this blush can also¬†be used to highlight and¬†contour, but I just use it as a blush. I used it a lot in the Sumnmer just to achieve a¬†healthy glow as I¬†picked up¬†the natural shade. It does have¬†a soft¬†iridescence shine to it¬†which I really like¬†in the Summer and it looks very natural! The blush is super soft and it’s finely milled so you don’t need a¬†lot¬†of product to¬†achieve a nice glow. The technology behind this product is actually pretty cool. According to the company the blush is “infused with our Happy Boost Blend, featuring Happy Skin and Euphoryl, natural plant extracts which have been shown to promote a feeling of happiness by mimicking the effect of Endorphins and helping protect the skin from environmental stress”. OK so now I¬†know why I’m so happy when I¬†wear this blush ūüôā
    This bronzer is well deserving of it’s ELLE 2015 Beauty Grand¬†Prix win. This is another product that I’ve repurchased many times. It’s very soft, has a silky texture and is buildable. This bronzer comes in a matte and shimmery tone and is offered in 5 different shades. ¬†I usually scoop up Sun Dance which does have a bit of shimmer in it but nothing too crazy. As for the packaging , it’s very basic but for $8-$9 you get an award winning product so who cares about the lacklustre packaging.
    I think this is the product that I’m most excited about! It’s a new product but I¬†defiantly see myself¬†repurchasing this so that’s why I wanted to¬†share this.¬†I have used a few of the essence products in the past(mascaras, eyeshadows) and I¬†liked them. I¬†wouldn’t say¬†that they’re my favourite¬†drugstore brand, but they’re good. Then I discovered this amazing¬†product. I¬†don’t know how long they’ve¬†been at my local drugstore but I only discovered them a¬†month ago. I quickly fell in love with their non sticky consistency as well as the¬†colour payoff!. One¬†swipe was all that I needed for full lip coverage. The liplgloss also¬†contact Vitamin E to¬†keep your lips hydrated. I’ve never liked¬†spending upwards of $20 on a lipgloss,so this find right here is the find of the¬†year!¬†These¬†glosses are¬†definitly on¬†rotation now! I’m in LOVE with¬†Red Blossom, Big Night Out and Fabulous¬†Fuchsia(¬†which I have only seen on other bloggers but¬†can’t seem to find).



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