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    e.l.f New Products Review + swatches

    I have to say e.l.f has come a long way from the cosmetics brand I once used many years back. They definitely have stepped up their game and I’m so glad they did as some of these products are my new go-to. Not only because they are uber affordable but because they have proved themselves to work just as well as my higher end products.

    Flawless Finish Foundation in “Nude”

    Prep & Blur stick

    Liquid Matte lipstick in “Blushing Rose”

    16HR Camo concealer in “Tan Sand”

    Dewy Setting Mist

    18 Hit Wonders Eyeshadow Palette

    Beautifully Bare Sheer Tint Finishing Powder in “Medium-Dark”

    Here’s how I tested the wearability of the products listed above. I wanted to create a “no makeup makeup look while looking polished and well rested, and definitely not made up. Here is the final look:

    makeup no makeup look makeup no makeup look

    (Unedited, NO photoshop, NO Facetune, Raw image of me in e.l.f cosmetics base makeup)

    16 Hr Camo Concealer $9

    I was really really really  impressed with the 16hR camo concealer. It reminded me of NARS creamy concealer but without the hefty price tag. Done’t get me wrong, I don’t mind paying for good quality makeup but if I can find something that works just as well for less than 90% of the cost, ” Imma go buy it” real quick 🙂

    elf concealer camo 16 hr

    The concealer is super creamy and thick so a little goes a long way to achieve full coverage. It covers redness, blemishes and under eye darkness beautifully and literally melts into your skin. As I applied it, I had to keep checking the label to ensure I didn’t pick up my Chanel or Nars concealers because I was so surprised at the quality of this product. I paid $9 for this tube of golden creamy goodness! One swipe was all I needed to fully cover my mommy bags. I’m shook! 🙂

    It’s sold in 18 different shades. I bought “Tan Sand” but I could probably wear a shade lighter. The coverage lasted a good 10 hrs and I used “Beautifully bare sheer tint “in medium-tan to set it. I honestly can go on and on about this concealer but I don’t have too because I know you guys trust me so just go get it and try it out for yourself and let me know what you think.

    Prep & Blur stick $8

    If you use makeup primer before makeup application then the prep and blur is going to be your best friend.
    It’s a sheer, silicone free product that claims to blur imperfections and fills in pores. I can’t really comment on the blurring claim e.l.f makes with this product but I agree that it preps your skin for foundation very nicely. It really smoothed out my skin and my foundation applied effortlessly even with a dry beauty blender (oops I forgot to wet it)!

    prep and blur stick e.l.f

    Overall I really liked the prep & blur stick, but I use it more for prepping my skin and not so much for filling in pores. It gives you a nice smooth finish.

    Flawless Finish Foundation $8

    This foundation comes in 40 shades. I bought shade “Nude”, but could have also matched “Sand”. This foundation is e.l.f.’s best seller. It’s a lightweight, oil-free formula that dries to a semi-matte finish.


    e.l.f foundation photo“Flawless Finish” for a drugstore brand foundation is exceptionally good.  It ‘s a hydrating, buildable foundation that blends out really nicely, not streaky. You can use a beauty blender or brush and the results will be good either way. I wouldn’t say this is my HG foundation but it does cover redness, and imperfections really well. For the price tag, it’s a good purchase.

    Liquid Matte Lipstick $7

    “Blushing Rose ” is a darker pinkish matte shade. The formula contains vitamin E so it’s supposed to be hydrating to the lips, but unfortunately it really didn’t live up to that claim. My lips did feel a bit dry but that’s mostly the case with a lot of matte lipsticks.

    The matte finish lasted a couple of hours and did start to weaken after a meal, which has happened even with luxury brand matte lipsticks. I just reapplied and the colour looked great again with no cakey feeling. I would definitely purchase this in various colours as I’m the type that likes to have multiple shades within my reach and for the price tag can you blame me ?

    e.l.f. tea rose photo matte lipstick            e.l.f. tea rose photo matte lipstick

    Beautifully Bare Sheer Tint $8

    This product, IMO, is the real star of my post!

    I’m a loyal MAC pressed powder ( medium dark ) and now I’ve been converted to this amazing product. As you can see from the photos above, I look a bit more tanned than usual, and that’s because I’m wearing Medium-Dark in Beautifully Bare Sheer Tint. I didn’t really notice that it was too dark for me until I took the photos, so the next day I went out and bought Light-Medium and it’s so so good on the face! Perfect match!

    e.l.f beautifully bare sheer tint photo

    I’m obsessed! 

    It’s a silky mattifying finishing powder that gives you light – medium coverage and comes in 5 shades. I know the name of the product is “Bare Sheer tint” but that’s not the case. You actually get light – medium coverage. I used it to set my “16 HR Camo concealer” and foundation. I don’t know if it’s supposed to do this but it smoothed out my skin and accentuated my olive skin tone. I like that my natural skin tone wasn’t masked, it just made it look better! I don’t know how, but it did. It’s a matte formula so if you like to shine bright like a diamond, this may not be for you.

    This is an amazing product that I will be buying from now on. It’s that good. No joke. Go try it out!

    Dewy Setting Mist $11

    I think by now I have around 15-20 setting sprays, but I decided to add one more to my collection.  After several uses of this setting mist, I didn’t like it. Aside from the amazing fragrance, coconut, the product itself fell short for me. It sprayed out way too much product, which I believe is a waste. I didn’t notice my skin was dewy even after using it on a bare face. I actually prefer e.l.f’s original setting spray, “Makeup Mist & Set “over this one. I’ll continue using it but I don’t think I will repurchase.

    e.l.f dewy setting mist

    18 Hit Wonders EyeShadow Palette $14

     I’ve used e.l.f eyeshadows in the past and I wasn’t too impressed with them. They were chalky, didn’t blend well at all and the pigmentation was not great. I think e.l.f cosmetics took notice of this and decided to revamp their shadows because HOLY MOLY they have a real winner with this gorgeous palette!

    e.l.f cosmetics 18 wonder palette


    From the e.l.f website I quote:

    This vibrant, colorful 18-pan palette contains only the best, most swatch-worthy shades, designed to inspire bold, vibrant eyeshadow looks. We included a mix of matte, satin and shimmer shades. The luxe formula is smooth, creamy, blendable and ultra-pigmented for effortless application.

    So everything e.l.f cosmetics mentioned above is REAL! They are super creamy, super bendable, ultra-pigmented and easy to apply. I couldn’t have described it better myself, I wasn’t expecting to love this palette as much as I do. I was in need of a vibrant spring palette and I found it. So so good! 

    e.l.f cosmetics 18 hour wear palette

    e.l.f palette photo

    “Heat”, “Shade”, “Royal”

    So to sum up my post, I am really happy to see that e.l.f cosmetics has stepped up their game. There are a few products I will be repurchasing, especially the ” Beautifully Bare Sheer Tint”, “16 HR Camo Concealer “and  ” 18 Hit Wonders Eyeshadow Palette”. 

    Have you used any of these e.l.f cosmetic products? If so , please leave a comment below !


    XO, MAHA


    e.l.f. Makeup : 1 Winner + 3 Losers

    Several weeks back I bought a few e.l.f products from my local Walmart. I was super excited as the selection was huge! e.l.f. is one of those very affordable brands that has a great line up of products and a good handful of their products I’ve tried and loved. A few products like this one and this one are a staple in my skincare and makeup routine. 
    I picked up the Dark Blush Palette , Waterproof Eyeliner Pen in black, Small Stippling Brush and Instant Lift Brow Pencil in neutral brown. Unfortunately this e.l.f shopping trip wasn’t as worthwhile as I had hoped. The title of this posts says it all. 


    Let’s start with the clear winner! This e.l.f stippling brush is the! It’s small enough to fit in an average sized makeup bag. It’s a classic black colour and has short bristles. It looks very much like a the MAC 130 short stippling brush. I used the e.l.f stippling brush to blend in my NARS creamy concealer on the under eye area. It’s small enough to use under the eyes and around the corner of the nose. The bristles are very soft against the skin and I picked up product very easily with it. I also used this brush to apply cream blush. Overall I’m really impressed with the brush considering it was only $5! I haven’t washed it yet so I hope after I wash it for the first time it still holds it’s shape and the bristles don’t fall out. I will be going back to buy another small stippling brush to add to my professional kit as well as trying out some other e.l.f. brushes. I just hope they are as good as this one!
    With the assortment of colours available in the  e.l.f Instant Lift Brow pencil and the spooly at the end this product could have been the front-runner for an ABH brow wiz dupe, but unfortunately this product doesn’t work very well.  First off the spooly is way to harsh and dense. I used a very light hand and it still felt rough against my skin. I had to apply several strokes of the pencil in the same area to have it show on my skin. The colour didn’t last long( 2 hours) on my brows. I started to see it fade on one of my brows while the other one took a half hour longer to fade. I felt the pencil was too waxy therefore not allowing the colour to properly adhere to the brows and skin. I would probably recommend this to brow pencil to anyone who is just starting to experiment with makeup. If you are a seasoned makeup wearer please skip this product as it will frustrate you during application. 
    The e.l.f. Waterproof Eyeliner Pen looks very sleek and functional. It’s also very deceiving. The tip looks very pointy but it’s actually flimsy and bends if you add a bit of pressure to it.My first experience with the pen wasn’t the greatest.I had to shake it a few times to have the liquid dispense out of the pen and after 10 minutes of sheer frustration I managed to achieve a so-called line but had it rub off on me an hour into my work day! I may have gotten a defective pen ,to be honest ,but I wasn’t going to buy another one. It’s not worth the hassle. I’ll just stick to this e.l.f.liner instead. I know it works and I love it!
    Out of all the products I purchased, I would have to say this blush palette was my biggest disappointment. I had such high expectations since I read all the great reviews on it. I’ll start off with the PROS of this palette. The cost, obviously, was very affordable at $7. You receive 4 wearable colours and it comes in a nice sleek black palette that can easily be thrown into a travel case and off you go! This palette will take you from season to season. Here are the CONS of this palette. The colours are wearable but not pigmented enough for my taste. It takes a few swipes of the blush to achieve “enough” colour. The description of the palette says it has matte and shimmer shades but I noticed all the shades have somewhat of a shimmer to them. There isn’t true matte shade in the palette. The blush doesn’t last long on the skin. I do not have oily skin and about 3 hours in to my work day I needed a touch up. 
    Overall this isn’t an atrocious, yes I’m being dramatic again, blush palette to have in your makeup bag. However, with the limited space I have and the mass variety of makeup available on the market I have to be picky of what I carry around. 
    //swatches of the dark blush palette.3 swipes to achieve this pigmentation//
    e.l.f. used to make an amazing HD cream blush that I have bought in the past and would love to repurchase but I can’t find it at my local store. If you know where I can buy it, please leave me a comment below!
    Happy e.l.f shopping!
    DISCLAIMER: I purchased these products with my own money. I was not compensated for my review and my opinions are my own. I am not affiliated with e.l.f cosmetics.




    e.l.f. Eye Refresher


    This is going to be one of my shortest posts ever! Not because I don’t think the e.l.f. eye refresher  deserves my usual in depth blog post but really because this is one of the easiest and relied on products in my daily routine and in a short post I know I can convince you it’s a worthwhile product!
    The e.l.f eye refresher is a rollerball tool that can be used day and night. It’s purpose is to refresh, brighten and combat undereye puffiness and discolouration. The refresher contains pomegranate, rosemary,green tea, cucumber and grape to hydrate and nourish the fragile skin. All these ingredients are beneficial in soothing and brightening the skin.  
    I use the refresher in my morning routine to prep my undereye for my Cerave eye cream. So before I add my eye cream, the refresher is the first thing I reach for! The eye refresh is an amazing base for my eye cream just like the Urban Decay primer potion is for the lids.My eye cream applies easier and absorbs faster into the skin. I usually have dry undereye patches but I haven’ seen them since starting the el.f. refresher. Yeah! I love the cooling sensation that I feel after using the rollerball and my eyes instantly look refreshed and brightened. In my night time routine I do the same and apply the e.l.f. refresher before my night cream. I have noticed major reduced undereye puffiness in the morning, however I can’t say that it’s helped with my dark circles. For $6 you’re buying and eye product that cools, refreshes, brightens and also can be used as a base or primer for eye cream. Seriously love this product! I think I’m on my 3rd tube now 🙂 
    In Canada, you can buy the e.l.f products online or at Old Navy.
    P.S.As per usual, I disclose all information to my readers. I was not paid for this post. I purchased this product with my own money. I am not affiliated with e.l.f cosmetics.

    September Favourites!


    Goodbye September!  I can’t believe how quickly this month flew by. Who’s ready for the monthly favourites? Writing the monthly favourite post is by far my most favourite post to do. It’s always challenging though because it’s hard for me to not reveal what items made the list till I blog about it. I get so excited about a good find that I have to share it with someone immediately, but I guess that’s why I started this blog ! I had a really hard time narrowing it down to 8 products. I don’t know what it is about the Fall but I found myself  surrounded by beautiful warm neutral and plum eye pallets, as well as rich burgundy glosses, cozy over sized sweaters and Vince Camuto tall boots …. OK I’ll calm down!  As the saying goes, you can’t have it all, so here’s what made the list.


    Voluspa Japonica Candle Made from 16oz coconut wax with a cotton wix, this candle is now my new favourite. It’s nestled in a custom glass container and at first glance I thought it was a decor piece. It is visually stunning, highly fragrant and can burn up to 100hrs. The elegant container can be reused for flowers or trinkets. I ordered mine off of amazon.
    MAC Warm Neutral x15 Palette My love affair with MAC continues *sigh*. I debated a bit before buying this palette because I have so many shadows, but this palette is so versatile that I had to purchase it. It contains 15 warm neutral shades and gives you endless combinations, so you can mix to your hearts content. Because it’s neutral shades anyone can pull these colours off. The price point is a bit steep at first, but if you were to buy these shadows separately you would almost pay double the price of the palette.It’s a good deal for a pre-assembled versatile palette!
    MAC Hang UP Cremsheen Lipstick Hang Up is a deep rich berry colour. I paired it with Vino lip liner, and Oversexed plush glass. It makes the perfect fall lip combination and is beautiful on. 
    #GIRLBOSS Who hasn’t heard of this amazing and driven young lady Sophia Amoruso? She’s the founder and CEO of NASTYGAL, an online clothing shop. She is truly inspiring and the epitome of a #GIRLBOSS! If your looking for some inspiration in your life or just a good read, grab this book and get ready to be empowered!
    MAC Oversexed PlushGlass As I said previously, I pair this lipgloss with Hang Up lipstick and it’s so beautiful. There is a bit of shimmer to this gloss but not so much that you can’t’ wear it alone, and NO, you won’t look like disco ball! If your familiar with MAC Glass they sometimes can feel very sticky on the lips, but not this one.
    I wanted to try this product out for a long time. Every time I went to order it, it was sold out. Finally, I got my hands on it. This lipstick is matte, super pigmented, and with only one swipe you have a good amount of colour on your lips. I love how it feels on and I didn’t find it dried them out. It’s unique because it feels like lipstick but in a gloss formula. This is a favourite of Ms.West and she always has to have it on her at all times(according to InSyle Magazine).
    MAC All That Glitters Shadow I use this shadow quite often and this is my second refill of it. I used it all Summer on clients and it really is my go to shade. It’s beige with a pearl finish. You can use it as a base and combined with plums and berry colours.
    e.l.f. Skin Care e.l.f. came out with this skin care line last spring. At first I was skeptical when I saw this package on the shelf but of course, being a beauty blogger, it’s my job to pick up these items, try them out and write about them. So I added them to my cart and along I went. I used the illuminating eye cream and serum for 2 weeks straight. I was impressed. I liked the glow the serum gave me and my eye area felt more soothed when I applied the cream. These items for the price was a good purchase. 
    P.s. Did you see , got a makeover!!!. I’m not done tweaking the site just yet, but it’s definitely getting closer to my vision. Someone pinch me! I love seeing my vision board come to life, it makes all the hard work worth it.

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