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    Best Foundations For Anyone In Their 30’s !

    There are so many foundations to choose from. How do YOU choose the perfect foundation? You know, that foundation that doesn’t settle into the fine lines or dries out your skin a few hours after applying it! Well for me, in my twenties ,it was easy. I wore anything I wanted to, if I wanted to. In my thirties I struggled a bit as I started to see my skin dry out more.Well hello 40’s! I seem to be holding steady at just the drying out of the skin. Still no deep wrinkles or saggy skin…thank god for them good genes!

    When we beautiful woman hit our 3o’s our skin starts to lose collagen fast and all those years in the sun slowly start to creep up on us. That doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy time in the sun, it just means we need to be aware of the damage it may cause to our skin. I digress, this post is not about sun protection, it’s about finding the best foundation for anyone over 30! Even if your not in your 30’s this is still a very good read! 

    Here are my suggestions on what you need to look for in a really good foundation now that you’re no longer in your 20’s!

    1. Choose a lightweight formula. You can still achieve good coverage with a lighter formula such as Georgio Armani Luminous Silk or L’Oreal True Match foundation. Both have buildable coverage, and won’t dehydrate your skin or sit in those fine lines.
    2.  Foundations that contain Hyaluronic acid instantly plump and hydrate your skin! Charlotte Tilbury “Magic Foundation” and Lancome “Skin Feels Good” are both loaded with good ingredients to give your skin extra moisture and that lifted effect.
    3. Serum infused Foundations are so impressive. Their multitaskers as they are infused with  face oils and powerful antioxidants to help fight away free radicals all while covering up your minor imperfections . My favourite serum infused foundation is the Estée Lauder “Double Wear Makeup”.
    4. Seek out a foundation that contains more natural ,yet active, ingredients such as white tea and thyme extracts. Arbonne makes a beautiful  foundation that literally melts onto your skin

    Kat VOn D foundation photo


    My top foundations that I have on rotation ALL THE TIME are:

    1.Estée Lauder “Double Wear Makeup”

    2.Charlotte Tilbury “Magic Foundation”

    3.L’Oreal “True Match” 

    4.Arbonne  “Perfecting Liquid “

    5.Milani” 2-in-1 Conceal+Protect”

    6.Kat Von D ” True Portrait  Foundation”


    photo of model wearing Kat Von D foundation

    In this photo I’m wearing the Kat Von D ” True Portrait  Foundation” and I just love how it looks on my skin and is definitly a new favourite of mine. Super hydrating, lightweight formula with a semi-matte finish that lasted all day on my skin! It applied as a liquid but then dried to a powder finish. I added some blush, highlighter, lipstick, eyeliner and I was good to go for the day! My skin has a new BFF!

    Remember, age is just a number we see on our drivers licence and nothing more!

    Don’t believe me ?  Google JLo, Queen Rania and Ms. Janet Jackson! All woman that have aged with grace and style!


    XO, MAHA 


    First Impressions : Estée Lauder Double Wear Stay-In-Place Makeup

    Have you ever stayed in an upscale hotel or driven in a luxury car and felt that from now on you can’t settle for anything less than this experience? This is how I feel about the Estée Lauder Double Wear, Stay-In-Place Makeup. I truly believe I have found the Maserati of all foundations! Double Wear exudes glamour and luxury and I desperately need it in my life from now on!
    Double Wear is long wearing, 15 hours to be exact, has a fluid texture, provides medium coverage, very lightweight and gives a semi-matte natural finish. This foundation comes in 3 tones (C) cool, (N) neutral, and (W) warm and has over 30 shades to choose from. 
    //Wearing Estée Lauder Double Wear Stay-In-Place Makeup in Ivory Beige. Soft lighting and NO editing//
    I was introduced to the Double Wear Makeup on one of my lunch break visits to Nordstrom. I really wasn’t shopping for a new foundation, but sometimes god has plans for you and you must accept it ( I’m being a bit dramatic I know). The overly exuberant sales lady insisted I test it out and promised me I would be pleased. I had a hard time saying no, so I reluctantly propped myself onto her mini stool and waited while she matched me to a shade. I convinced her to let me take the lead and I applied the makeup the best way I knew how to apply foundation. I warmed the foundation on the back of my hand in circular motions and applied it to one side of my face with a flat brush. I stepped into the light she had setup beside her counter and was pleasantly surprised at the overall natural finish + semi sheen I saw to my skin after one coat. I liked how silky and soft it felt on my skin and how even my complexion looked. I was impressed but wasn’t blown away. I did the other side of my face and told the sales lady, ” I would think about it, I like it but I don’t love it”. Back to office I went with a fresh foundation application. As a coincidence, Ottawa that day hit temperatures of 30 degrees and to my surprise my foundation stayed in place. It didn’t separate, oxidize or become patchy. Actually , it looked better 4 hours after the initial application. I was a bit perplexed as I had never experienced this with a foundation. How is it that it looked better now than when I applied it at noon?  I researched this magic of a foundation online and it seems that Double Wear was formulated to provide built in long lasting wear. The longer you wear the foundation, it starts to look better on the skin. My skin looked airbrushed 4 hours after I applied it!I have worn the foundation almost every day  since I first purchased it 3 weeks ago and it hasn’t let me down.
    Final Impressions: I like how soft it feels on my skin and doesn’t dry out my already dry skin.I love the fluid rich texture and I’m very pleased with the variety of shades available. I appreciate how it evens out my complexion and provides great medium coverage. I did have to use concealer on a few areas but this is expected with any medium coverage foundation. At $53 it’s very comparable cost-wise with other brand name foundations, but I believe Double Wear is best value for your money because not once did I have to “freshen up” my face while wearing this foundation. So I never used any powder to prolong the life of my foundation. The only setback I have with Double Wear is that it doesn’t have a pump to extract the foundation. I don’t like having to dig into the foundation to get the product. Overall, I can say I have found my HG of foundations! It works so well on my olive toned skin and gives me that perfect fresh, natural and even complexion that I lust after. I truly enjoy wearing this foundation as it does add a bit of luxe into my life and who doesn’t want that!
    DISCLAMIER: I bought this product with my own funds. The opinions expressed are my own and I am not affiliated with Estée Lauder

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