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    Pixi Beauty Product photo

    I’ve discussed Pixi Beauty on my blog before , but I wanted to dedicate another post to them because #1 I love their products  and #2 they are against animal testing, and I’m trying to make a conscious effort to feature more brands in this category!  I have highlighted a few of their products that I’m currently using and loving in this post.

    The Geltint & Silkgloss set were sent to me as a PR sample by Pixi ( #thankful). I threw one of them in my gym bag, the other in my work bag and the other is on my desk in my office, you know in case I want to freshen’ up at some time during one of my late night blogging sessions!

    One side of the stick is the Tint and the other side is the Gloss. The tint is so subtle and adds a nice dose of color to your lips. , I found the tint somewhat hydrating but not too much. The gloss adds more hydration and compliments the tint. The gloss is not sticky and fragrance free. As both products deliver a light dose of colour to the lips, they are totally buildable and can be worn during the day or night if you prefer for a polished look.

    Peel & polish is also another PR sample from Pixi. This enzyme peel can be used 2-3 times a week to help you reveal smoother more radiant looking skin.  It  will polish away all dry skin cells and impurities that have built up on your skin. The peel is made with natural fruit enzymes that help exfoliate  the skin in a very gentle manner.

    I think the one product most people are curious about when I bring up Pixi is the glow tonic. For those who haven’t tried it yet ( not sure what your waiting for), it’s a glycolic acid toner that exfoliates and purifies the skin for a more radiant complexion. I use it every other night before I apply my night moisturizer, but it’s safe to use everyday. Love this stuff!

    Pixi collaborated with 4 amazing beauty and lifestyle influencers. First up is their collaboration with influencer Maryam Maquillage. She’s such a doll and I always admired her so when the two teamed up I was so excited to see what the collaboration would be. Of course it’s the very popular Glow & Bronze palette. The highlighters are very wearable and more on the natural side which I adore! It’s very versatile and used it everyday this past Summer to add a sun kissed glow to my face.

    Pixi also has a collaboration with influencer Aspynovard. Together they created a set of highlighters and  blush .I own Rome Rose blush. It’s the perfect peachy shimmery blush that I also wore the majority of the Summer. It really gives a natural flushed look to your skin. As much as I layered the blush I never felt it was overdone and blends beautifully on the skin.

    The last product I own is from influencer Judy from ” It’s Judy Time”. Together these powerhouses came up with not one but two crazy popular palettes ; Get The Look : ITSEYETIME and ITSLIPTIME. One is an eye shadow palette and the other is a lip palette, obviously!  I have not had the chance to try the lip palette yet but I have used the eye shadow palette many times! The palette has 12 shades, mostly neutral , some shimmery but the majority are matte. I love that they included a mix of shimmery and matte shades. It makes the palette so versatile and worth spending the dollar bills on !! Right? I can’t ever see myself buying a palette with just shimmery shades or matte shades. It has to give a wide range of possibilities so you can come up with various looks using only one palette. The ITSEYETIME definitely delivers in that department. The shadows themselves are smooth almost buttery and blend really well. My favourite shade is Honey Bear. I use it as a transition shade and sometimes I just wear it all over my lid for a more “laid back I but still got my stuff together look”


     Here I used ITSEYETIME palette to create this look. I used Honey Bear and Bubbly to create a very wearable everyday look. It literally took me 2 minutes to apply the shadows.  I saturated my brush with Honey Bear + Bubbly and one quick sweep over my eyelids was all it took. I decided to be a bit more dramatic, but still wearable , and swiped the colours on the bottom as well. I also used the Rome Rose blush to accentuate my cheekbones and cheeks. I freaking love this blush, pardon my language , but it’s so darn nice. It looks like I have a nice flush to my face with just the right amount of colour. Very wearable and low maintenance for this mom of 3!


    e.l.f. Makeup : 1 Winner + 3 Losers

    Several weeks back I bought a few e.l.f products from my local Walmart. I was super excited as the selection was huge! e.l.f. is one of those very affordable brands that has a great line up of products and a good handful of their products I’ve tried and loved. A few products like this one and this one are a staple in my skincare and makeup routine. 
    I picked up the Dark Blush Palette , Waterproof Eyeliner Pen in black, Small Stippling Brush and Instant Lift Brow Pencil in neutral brown. Unfortunately this e.l.f shopping trip wasn’t as worthwhile as I had hoped. The title of this posts says it all. 


    Let’s start with the clear winner! This e.l.f stippling brush is the! It’s small enough to fit in an average sized makeup bag. It’s a classic black colour and has short bristles. It looks very much like a the MAC 130 short stippling brush. I used the e.l.f stippling brush to blend in my NARS creamy concealer on the under eye area. It’s small enough to use under the eyes and around the corner of the nose. The bristles are very soft against the skin and I picked up product very easily with it. I also used this brush to apply cream blush. Overall I’m really impressed with the brush considering it was only $5! I haven’t washed it yet so I hope after I wash it for the first time it still holds it’s shape and the bristles don’t fall out. I will be going back to buy another small stippling brush to add to my professional kit as well as trying out some other e.l.f. brushes. I just hope they are as good as this one!
    With the assortment of colours available in the  e.l.f Instant Lift Brow pencil and the spooly at the end this product could have been the front-runner for an ABH brow wiz dupe, but unfortunately this product doesn’t work very well.  First off the spooly is way to harsh and dense. I used a very light hand and it still felt rough against my skin. I had to apply several strokes of the pencil in the same area to have it show on my skin. The colour didn’t last long( 2 hours) on my brows. I started to see it fade on one of my brows while the other one took a half hour longer to fade. I felt the pencil was too waxy therefore not allowing the colour to properly adhere to the brows and skin. I would probably recommend this to brow pencil to anyone who is just starting to experiment with makeup. If you are a seasoned makeup wearer please skip this product as it will frustrate you during application. 
    The e.l.f. Waterproof Eyeliner Pen looks very sleek and functional. It’s also very deceiving. The tip looks very pointy but it’s actually flimsy and bends if you add a bit of pressure to it.My first experience with the pen wasn’t the greatest.I had to shake it a few times to have the liquid dispense out of the pen and after 10 minutes of sheer frustration I managed to achieve a so-called line but had it rub off on me an hour into my work day! I may have gotten a defective pen ,to be honest ,but I wasn’t going to buy another one. It’s not worth the hassle. I’ll just stick to this e.l.f.liner instead. I know it works and I love it!
    Out of all the products I purchased, I would have to say this blush palette was my biggest disappointment. I had such high expectations since I read all the great reviews on it. I’ll start off with the PROS of this palette. The cost, obviously, was very affordable at $7. You receive 4 wearable colours and it comes in a nice sleek black palette that can easily be thrown into a travel case and off you go! This palette will take you from season to season. Here are the CONS of this palette. The colours are wearable but not pigmented enough for my taste. It takes a few swipes of the blush to achieve “enough” colour. The description of the palette says it has matte and shimmer shades but I noticed all the shades have somewhat of a shimmer to them. There isn’t true matte shade in the palette. The blush doesn’t last long on the skin. I do not have oily skin and about 3 hours in to my work day I needed a touch up. 
    Overall this isn’t an atrocious, yes I’m being dramatic again, blush palette to have in your makeup bag. However, with the limited space I have and the mass variety of makeup available on the market I have to be picky of what I carry around. 
    //swatches of the dark blush palette.3 swipes to achieve this pigmentation//
    e.l.f. used to make an amazing HD cream blush that I have bought in the past and would love to repurchase but I can’t find it at my local store. If you know where I can buy it, please leave me a comment below!
    Happy e.l.f shopping!
    DISCLAIMER: I purchased these products with my own money. I was not compensated for my review and my opinions are my own. I am not affiliated with e.l.f cosmetics.





    When you think of beauty tools what’s the first thing that comes to your mind?
    I instantly think of makeup brushes, tweezers and razors! Now imagine if you had to be without these tools? No way! I’m so dependant on beauty tools that I would be a complete mess, literally! 
    As a makeup artist, makeup wearer and beauty lover I understand the importance of having reliable tools to achieve your look. I own several brands of brushes, lash glue and makeup but I tend to gravitate towards a select few tools that I know can rely on because I’ve done so in the past to help me get the job done with little fuss! That’s why I was so happy when the good folks at Tweezerman sent me a few of their beauty tools to test out. I received 3 eyelash curlers, the iQ eye defining brush set and a funky print tweezer.
    This set includes the iQ Line Glider brush , Shader brush and Blender brush. I used all 3 brushes on a model last weekend ( click here to view pictures on Instagram) and I was impressed by the quality of all the brushes, but the one that stole my heart was the Glider brush. The curved shape of the brush is really unique. I used gel liner and was able to pick up the product from my palette easily. I lightly lined the models’ eyes and I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to create a precise wing even with a curved tip brush. A wing liner is a bit tricky for me but the curve and the tip of the brush made it easier. I used the multifunctional Blender brush to pack on shadow to the lid and blend colours, then used the Shader brush to very lightly smoke out the bottom lash line. 
    For years I’ve used the same lash curler from the drugstore on myself and clients. I have one in my kit and a similar one in my personal makeup bag. It never dawned on me ,until I was exposed to the ProCurl and ProMaster lash curlers, that the lash curler I’ve been using for years is a one size fits all. Does that make sense? How is that possible when we don’t all have the same eye shape! Once I realized this, I did a quick search online to see if all other lash curlers from various brands were a one size fits all , and yes they were! 
    The ProCurl and ProMaster are not a one size fits all beauty tool. They are part of Tweezerman Lash Logic series. These are specially tailored to suite diverse eye shapes such as almond, deep set and round eyes. ProCurl is created for round eyes and the ProMaster is for almond or deep set eyes. I have almond and deep set eyes so the ProMaster has become my new best friend. I’ve used it everyday since receiving it. I’ve also changed the silicone pad and used it on my almond eyed clients. It really does make a difference. The ProMaster is designed with an extra wide opening as almond eyes are typically larger and longer in length. The larger opening is designed to reach every lash and give it a nice curl.It really does reach every single lash!
    ProCurl won Allure Magazines 2105 Best of Beauty Award and is for round eyes and opens to a 60 degree angle. It has the same comfort grip as the ProMaster and comes with 2 silicone pads. For best results the silicone pad should be changed every 3 months. I’m obsessed with rose gold so the ProCurl has been on display on my vanity since I received it! It adds a very nice touch to the space. YES! I do display beauty tools, especially if they look this pretty and shiny! I love the construction of both the ProCurl and ProMaster. They are sturdy and don’t feel flimsy while I’m using them. 
    As a makeup artist I always curl my clients lashes, regardless if they already have a natural curl. If I am applying false lashes, I curl the natural lashes first, then curl the false lashes before applying them for that extra oomph!
    In my day to day makeup wear I used to curl my lashes 60% of the time, but now with the ProMaster I notice a really big difference so I started doing it everyday! Even if I’m not planning on wearing mascara that day I still curl them!
    Tweezerman has created a portable version of their Classic lash curler. It folds in half and is very lightweight. It has a wide opening, but not as wide as the ProMaster. I particiulary love the bright pink handle and because it folds in half you don’t have to compromise great lashes for space in your makeup bag!  This is a must have product for all you jet setters out there!
    My eyebrows grow at a very unique rate, i.e. lightning speed , so I’m constantly trimming and tweezing my full brows. I instantly loved this mini tweezer for it’s unique fun print and because the slant on the tweezers as well as the the size of the tweezer allow me to get really close to the short stubborn hairs I have. This print along with other funky prints also come in a full size but I personally prefer the mini for travelling convenience. 
    I really enjoyed using these products and will invest in this and this from Tweezerman as well this gorgeous gun metal set ( giveaway anyone!!!!). You can buy Tweezerman products in all major drugstores around the globe.
    Disclaimer: I was not paid for this review. The products were provided to me free of charge, however I was not asked for a favourable review. The opinions expressed in this post are my own

    Caryl Baker Visage Brow Experience

    If you’ve been following my blog you already know I have a strong devotion for well groomed brows. I try to stay true to my #thickbrows and keep my natural shape. I used to religiously see a threading goddess (yes that’s what I officially called her) but I got tired of the same look and wanted something slightly different.  I felt the goddess was getting lazy with them and never wanted to give me what I asked for so of course I decided to bounce! Why waste time and money on a service only to be unhappy with it in the end ?Fast forward 2 months after my last threading appointment and I noticed my eyebrows looked like a jungle and monkeys would soon inhabit them so I started searching for a new eyebrow goddess.
    That’s when I decided to give Caryl Baker Visage a try.
    So happy I did!

    First, let me tell you a bit about this beauty boutique. They have locations all over Ontario and Calgary, but specifically within Ottawa you can find them at St.Laurent, Rideau Centre and Bayshore.
    They offer a wide range of services by trained professionals such as brow waxing, makeup application, lash extensions, ear piercing, facials and many many more ! For a complete list of their esthetics services click here. Caryl Baker Visage has been pampering us ladies for over 45 years and has earned a great reputation for being in the know on the latest treatments and techniques. They have a great membership incentive that offers a wide range of benefits. For a yearly fee of $25 you receive discounted brow waxing as well mini-facials and makeovers.
     So I made an appointment for later that same day and luckily for me they had a spot open. I was greeted by a lovely Face Expert who’s makeup was on point gurl! She confirmed my appointment and asked me to take a seat in their comfy chairs. The Expert assigned to give me gorgeous brows was Conrad, who is also the Rideau Center location manger. Lovely gentleman that had envious soft skin and eyebrows to die for. How unfair I thought! I put my jealousy aside and hoped for the best! He was very pleasant,super happy and chatty! I really enjoy a service more when the professional offering the service is delightful and puts you at ease within seconds of sitting in their chair! In only 20 minutes I had laughed and smiled profusely and came out of the boutique with gorgeous brows. I can truly say I loved the whole experience and I’ve already scheduled my next brow waxing and eyebrow tinting appointment! 

    Here are my brows au natural :

    ( bad iPhone picture yikes!)

    Here they are with some added love :

    ( better iPhone filter, curly natural hair and )

    DISCLAMIER: I paid for my eye brow waxing service and I was not compensated for this post. I just really enjoyed the service and wanted to share it with my readers!

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