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    2017 #musthave products!

    photo of #musthave products of 2017!

    As we bid farewell to 2017 I wanted to leave you guys with some of my favourite #musthave products that :

    #1 I used up completely and repurchased in 2017;

    #2  I loved so much I tried not to use them up too quickly (failed miserably)  and;

    #3 they will most likely continue to be my #musthaves in 2018!

    If you click on the product names below you will be redirected to the blog post that I dedicated to these products so you can gain an appreciation as to why  I selected them as my 2017 #musthave products! 

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    Get Glowing with Caryl Baker Visage Luminous Makeup!





    I’m a huge fan of glowing luminous skin and Summer is the perfect time to show off a radiant glow. I’m so thrilled to introduce to you lovely ladies and gents the latest products from Caryl Baker Visage (CBV). I was beyond excited to receive these products in the mail. I literally tore open the box and almost took out my child at the same time. The excitement level was out of this world for 2 reasons : Firstly, who doesn’t like to get a surprise package in the mail and secondly seeing the CBV logo just made my heart melt as I’m a HUGE fan of their skincare and threading services so naturally I was overjoyed to receive their new Luminous Makeup Collection.

    This is what was in the package:

    Radiant Glow Drops

    Caryl Baker Radiant Glow Drops photo

    Caryl BAker Visage  Glow Drops photo


    Caryl Baker Radiant Glow DropsCaryl Baker Radiant Glow Drops

    These glow drops come in 3 shades : Moon Child ( Cool Champagne), Natural Glow ( Warm Gold), and High Beam ( Opalescent pink). They are loaded with a botanical blend of Camomile Flower, Ginseng Root and Ginkgo Leaf Extract which are all great soothing skin ingredients. The drops can be worn alone or as a primer for a “no makeup” makeup look or you can add a tiny drop to your foundation to add luminosity to your skin. I personally love adding these drops to my foundation so I can control how much product or glow I want that day. I pump my foundation on the back of my clean hand, then add one or two pumps of Natural Glow (my favourite!) on top and with a flat tapered foundation brush I mix the concoction very well and apply it to my skin starting from the middle of the face and working outwards.  To use this product as a primer just follow the same steps but omit the foundation. I also love adding Natural Glow to my cheekbones and cupids bow simply because I like to feel extra sometimes! Who doesn’t right 🙂

     Mineral Duo Bronzer

    Caryl Baker Visage Mineral Duo Bronzer photo

    The duo bronzer is made of long wearing soft pressed mineral powder that contains natural Alumina and Mica to help reflect light. The bronzer also contains Rosemary Leaf Exracts to provide antioxidant protection and Sunflower seed oil to sooth dry skin. The universal shade is called Whipped Shimmering Bronze/Glistening Gold and can be used on any skin tone. I’ve been using it non stop since I received it. The bronzer is unique as it will truly suite any skin tone and offers a generous amount of colour to the skin. I always use a light hand when applying bronzer but to test this product out I was a bit heavy handed, but still the outcome was gorgeous. The product diffuses on the skin very well and feels light thanks to the mineral properties. After several hours of wear  it didn’t look muddy or patchy in areas.  Glistening gold has turned out to be the perfect shade for highlighting under the brow and cupids bow. It’s gorgeous!!

    Powder Highlighters

    Caryl Baker Visage Powder Highlight photos Caryl Baker Visage Powder Highlight photos

    Prosecco (White Gold) and Pearl (Pink Moonstone) are the two new highlighters being offered in the Luminous collection. Pearl is my favourite out of the two because it suits my olive skin tone very well. I wear this on top of the Duo bronzer to add a bit more glow to my skin. These highlighters are on the medium sheer side so over applying should not be a concern . I found they worked really well over the Glow drops as a primer. If applied correctly, these highlighters can really enhance your features and give you that high cheekbone effect!

    Nude Balms

    Caryl Baker Nude Balms photo Caryl Baker Nude Balms photo

    Caryl Baker Nude Balms photo

                     Dew (Almost Nude), Blush (Succulent Berry), Petal (Baby Pink)

    If you ever hear me ask for nudes….I’m referring to these babies! The Nude Balms are true balms which means they don’t offer intense colour like a lipstick , but will hydrate your lips and give them a nice glossy look with a reasonable amount of colour. My favourite is Dew and I carry it in my purse all day every day! My sister snatched up Blush from me *sigh* and I’ve started using Petal in my professional kit as I think it’s the perfect wedding pink to apply over lipstick for extra shine!

    Canada Day Look wearing CBV Mineral DuoADIAN Lipstick photo

    This is a look I created for Canada Day. I’m wearing the Mineral Duo Bronzer, Pearl Highlighter, Natural Glow drops and fiery red lips!

    I’ve really enjoyed using the CBV Luminous Collection and I hope you give them a try as they’re currently having an online sale. Have fun shopping!

    Have you used any of these products? If so, I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments 🙂


    *These products were sent to me as PR Samples*


    e.l.f. Makeup : 1 Winner + 3 Losers

    Several weeks back I bought a few e.l.f products from my local Walmart. I was super excited as the selection was huge! e.l.f. is one of those very affordable brands that has a great line up of products and a good handful of their products I’ve tried and loved. A few products like this one and this one are a staple in my skincare and makeup routine. 
    I picked up the Dark Blush Palette , Waterproof Eyeliner Pen in black, Small Stippling Brush and Instant Lift Brow Pencil in neutral brown. Unfortunately this e.l.f shopping trip wasn’t as worthwhile as I had hoped. The title of this posts says it all. 


    Let’s start with the clear winner! This e.l.f stippling brush is the! It’s small enough to fit in an average sized makeup bag. It’s a classic black colour and has short bristles. It looks very much like a the MAC 130 short stippling brush. I used the e.l.f stippling brush to blend in my NARS creamy concealer on the under eye area. It’s small enough to use under the eyes and around the corner of the nose. The bristles are very soft against the skin and I picked up product very easily with it. I also used this brush to apply cream blush. Overall I’m really impressed with the brush considering it was only $5! I haven’t washed it yet so I hope after I wash it for the first time it still holds it’s shape and the bristles don’t fall out. I will be going back to buy another small stippling brush to add to my professional kit as well as trying out some other e.l.f. brushes. I just hope they are as good as this one!
    With the assortment of colours available in the  e.l.f Instant Lift Brow pencil and the spooly at the end this product could have been the front-runner for an ABH brow wiz dupe, but unfortunately this product doesn’t work very well.  First off the spooly is way to harsh and dense. I used a very light hand and it still felt rough against my skin. I had to apply several strokes of the pencil in the same area to have it show on my skin. The colour didn’t last long( 2 hours) on my brows. I started to see it fade on one of my brows while the other one took a half hour longer to fade. I felt the pencil was too waxy therefore not allowing the colour to properly adhere to the brows and skin. I would probably recommend this to brow pencil to anyone who is just starting to experiment with makeup. If you are a seasoned makeup wearer please skip this product as it will frustrate you during application. 
    The e.l.f. Waterproof Eyeliner Pen looks very sleek and functional. It’s also very deceiving. The tip looks very pointy but it’s actually flimsy and bends if you add a bit of pressure to it.My first experience with the pen wasn’t the greatest.I had to shake it a few times to have the liquid dispense out of the pen and after 10 minutes of sheer frustration I managed to achieve a so-called line but had it rub off on me an hour into my work day! I may have gotten a defective pen ,to be honest ,but I wasn’t going to buy another one. It’s not worth the hassle. I’ll just stick to this e.l.f.liner instead. I know it works and I love it!
    Out of all the products I purchased, I would have to say this blush palette was my biggest disappointment. I had such high expectations since I read all the great reviews on it. I’ll start off with the PROS of this palette. The cost, obviously, was very affordable at $7. You receive 4 wearable colours and it comes in a nice sleek black palette that can easily be thrown into a travel case and off you go! This palette will take you from season to season. Here are the CONS of this palette. The colours are wearable but not pigmented enough for my taste. It takes a few swipes of the blush to achieve “enough” colour. The description of the palette says it has matte and shimmer shades but I noticed all the shades have somewhat of a shimmer to them. There isn’t true matte shade in the palette. The blush doesn’t last long on the skin. I do not have oily skin and about 3 hours in to my work day I needed a touch up. 
    Overall this isn’t an atrocious, yes I’m being dramatic again, blush palette to have in your makeup bag. However, with the limited space I have and the mass variety of makeup available on the market I have to be picky of what I carry around. 
    //swatches of the dark blush palette.3 swipes to achieve this pigmentation//
    e.l.f. used to make an amazing HD cream blush that I have bought in the past and would love to repurchase but I can’t find it at my local store. If you know where I can buy it, please leave me a comment below!
    Happy e.l.f shopping!
    DISCLAIMER: I purchased these products with my own money. I was not compensated for my review and my opinions are my own. I am not affiliated with e.l.f cosmetics.





    Make Up For Ever (MUFE)is a PRO makeup line aimed at attracting artists in fields such as cinema, cabaret, TV , fashion and dance, but you don’t have to be a professional artist to use and appreciate this iconic brand. Trust me when I say that every make up artist, staring out or a veteran in the industry has a MUFE product in their kit. For my professional kit, I started off buying all MUFE products because I was told, if you wanted to be respected in the industry, you better start working with the right tools right away. Every artist I asked at that time recommended MUFE for their versatile  product options and wide colour ranges in foundations and concealers.I not only picked up a few items for my kit, but I also added many items to my everyday makeup bag. I call these products my essentials because they make makeup application so much easier for me. I’ve become dependant on them and even though some of the products have been around for a while I still ❤ them.

    Can you tell I use these palettes a lot!I think I’m on my 2 palette of each.I use them on almost everyone.I have the dark complexion in my personal makeup bag as well as I am obsessed with the orange for correcting my under eyes.

    The sculpting blush is a fave of mine! The pigmentation is so strong that you only need to lightly dab the tip of your brush in the compact to pick up a good amount of colour. I’m impressed by the colour range in these sculpting blushes. The colours are very soft almost pastel like and would flatter just about any skin tone.
    //Sculpting Blush,Matte Raspberry Brown//

    I’ve been using the Glossy Full Gloss since I was first introduced to it 2 years ago. I like the shine it gives off and it doesnt’ feel sticky on. I don’t say this about a lot of glosses, but this particular one is long wearing. I love to pair nude lipsticks on top of this gloss, it looks really good! Anytime I wear it I get asked “what’s that gloss?”. I don’t know what the technology is behind this gloss, but it’s a great product and a little goes a long way so you definitely get you monies worth.

    The original HD foundation was a dream to use and very iconic in the beauty industry. When MUFE announced they were reformulating this product I really didn’t believe it could get better than the original, but it did! This foundation comes in 40 shades, yes you read that correctly,40! You are bound to find your perfect match with such a wide range. I still like the fluidity of this product. I still blend it out with my damp beauty blender as I like the sheer look on me and I find the beauty blender is great in achieving this. I ONLY use 1 pump and that is enough product to cover your whole face. 2 pumps would be ideal if you want a full coverage look. This foundation dries to a satin finish and definitely feels and looks natural on the face. I use the HD foundation in my personal makeup bag and professional kit. I use it on clients with normal to slightly dry skin. I don’t use this on oily or very dry skin as I find it further dries the skin.

    The SENS’ EYES cleanser is the ONLY product I use to remove waterproof makeup. I don’t have to tug at my skin to remove the makeup as this works quickly and efficiently. I dab a bit of the liquid on to a cotton pad and with one swipe my eye and lip makeup is gone!. Again, like so many other MUFE products, a little goes a long way. The bottle I have is only 30ML and it’s lasted me about 6 months.

    The HD face Primer pictured is my favourite high end primer. I have so many of these tubes in my kit as I use it on everyone ! When I like a product, I LIKE a product :).This HD primer has a lightweight  yet silky texture, almost comparable to Benefits Porefessional face primer. This primer adds a nice glow to dull complexion and I feel on some people it corrects uneven skin tone. Sometimes I love wearing it alone, after moisturizing just because it adds a nice shine. MUFE doesn’t produce this specific primer any longer as it’s been replaced by STEP 1 SKIN EQUALIZER line. Stay tuned for a dedicated post on the STEP 1 line!

    //Glossy Full Lip Gloss//
    //Ultra HD Foundation//
    //SENS Eyes Cleanser//
    // HD MicroPerfecting Face Primer//

    I have so many MUFE products on my list to buy and try out including the STEP 1 Primers , HD Face Sculpting kit,PRO Sculpting Duo,and the Ultra HD Concealer! Of course, you will be able to read my full review on these products soon 🙂




    I can’t believe August is over! Where did the Summer go? The only great thing about August coming to an end is that I can finally reveal my monthly favourites! I’m so excited about these products. I’ve purchased all these items and just love them so, obviously, I have to share with you all. There is one “Lust” item that made the list! Get ready cause I’ve been loving a lot of things this month!

    EOS Ultra Moisturizing Shave Cream

    This non – foaming, 24 hr moisturizing shaving cream is my new holy grail! I’m very prone to red bumps after shaving or waxing and I didn’t experience the bumps with this product. It’s probably because it’s loaded with natural conditioning oils and Shea butter! It left my legs feeling so moisturized that I could have done without applying any lotion, it’s that hydrating!You can use this product wet or dry. The best part is this shaving cream is made from recycled plastic so it won’t leave a rust ring in your shower. You can choose from Vanilla Bliss ( my fave), Pomegranate or Lavender Jasmine.
    LORAC – 3D Liquid Lustre Top Coat
    I’m always looking for new products that add Oomph! to the eyes. I have a lot of glitters and pigments, but I wanted something different. I read in Allure magazine that this product was the new “Must Have “for the Summer/Fall so of course I had to have it :). These 3D lustre top coat add intensity, shine and sparkle to any eyeshadow look. They can be applied as a top coat for your eyeshadow but also can be worn alone. I like to wear a nude eyeshadow look and add the top coat over it to get a more dramatic day time look without looking overdone. I just love it. I know I’ll get further use out of them come holiday party season. The only downside with Lorac products is that they only ship within the U.S and Sephora no longer carries their products in Canada. I was fortunate and had a U.S. address which I used to get these babies.
    Korres Lip Butter
    I’m a huge fan of lip balms and have them scattered everywhere in my home and office space.  I bought this lip butter from Sephora, where it’s exclusively sold. I wasn’t expecting to like it as much as I did. The staying power of this product is on average to any other tinted balm I’ve tried, so about an hour, but what I really LOVED about this product was that my lips really felt moisturized and stayed hydrated for a couple of hours even after the tint wore off. This to me is worth the $12 price tag. This product has a thicker consistency so I like to apply it with a lip brush but you can use your fingers of course. I like to layer my application so I wear a neutral lip color like M.A.C blankety or creme cup and add the Korres lip butter on top. I love the shine it gives off. The only drawback about this product is the packaging. It’s a bit flimsy and I would have preferred the product in a tube as it’s more sanitary. I initially picked up pomegranate but now have all 4 colors.
    Vaseline Total Moisture Cocoa Radian Lotion
    I’ve been using the Vaseline Cocoa Radiant lotion for a few years now. The packaging has changed, but it still has the same great formula. This lotion is super creamy, super hydrating, thick and non- sticky. It’s everything you need in a drugstore moisturizing body lotion. If you’re not using it, your  missing out! Your skin will thank you. Yeah… it smells like Cocoa and it smells DEVINE!
    L.A. Girl USA HD Pro Concealer
    If you watch Youtube makeup tutorials, you’ll notice a lot of beauty gurus use these HD PRO Conceal tubes for highlighting and contouring. I was really intrigued so I ordered them to try them out first hand. I ordered creamy natural, beige, and bronze. I was somewhat impressed…let me explain. The formula is good, but doesn’t compare to my NARS or Benefit concealers when it comes to concealing dark circles. If you use them to conceal imperfections or dark circles, I recommend using a corrector first before applying this concealer. If you use these conceal tubes for the sole purpose of highlighting and contouring ( H&C) then you have a definite winner! They are very compact and obviously portable making them so convenient to throw in your makeup bag or in my case, my kit. I used them on almost everyone I worked on this summer to give a light highlight and contour and the result was flawless. I still used my Anastasia of Beverly Hills contour powder palette over the PRO Conceal to ensure the H&C didn’t budge. I’m so happy I ordered them. I definitely will be ordering other shades. If your new to the whole highlighting and contouring game definitely give this product a try. At $5.00 US  you can’t go wrong.
    Morphe M438 Pointed Contour Brush
    I ordered this Morphe contour brush without any expectations. I just wanted to know what all the hype was about. Let’s just say my only regret is not ordering more brushes at the same time! This contour brush is AMAZING. It’s super soft and versatile as it can be used for contouring but also for applying setting powder under your eyes, blush on cheekbones and bronzer all over. It’s angled so it’s very precise at applying product exactly where it needs to go. I paid $10.00 US. I would compare the quality of the quality of this brush to my Sigma F25. I love this brush as well but I paid over $30 US for it. I definitely will be ordering a few more Morphe brushes.
    e.l.f Studio Stipple Brush
    I paid $1.99 for this synthetic brush from Winners. It was on clearance. It’s my go to foundation brush in my own personal makeup bag. I love it. You can buy it online for $3.00. You will use it over and over again as it’s super light and the bristles will not scratch your face like other cheaper priced brushes. The bristles are very soft and it evenly distributes my foundation on my skin. I’m not naive, I know this brush will shed at some point but my Chanel brush also shed for the first time last week. No biggie because at $1.99 or $3.00 I can buy another one and not feel guilty
    I have a slight obsession with stationary! I own a few boxes of unused greeting cards and more than normal amounts of unused notebooks. I have no intent in mailing these cards out or writing in these notebooks. They’re so pretty so I collect them. Papyrus is a beautiful site and I shop from this site often. offers a broad range of contemporary greeting cards, stationary , gifts and gift wrapping materials. They offer you the option to personalise any item. The notebooks are my favourite, especially the Kate Spade collection. I love how elegant they look on my home office desk. Just love it!!!
    The Kite Runner – Khaled Hosseini
    This is my 2nd time reading this book and I, most likely, will read it a 3rd time. I spent a good portion of my “glamping” trip this summer reading it. What a beautiful story about friendship, exile , separation and an everlasting love for ones home country. It’s a beautifully written novel that is cherished by many. I highly recommend this book as you will forever feel changed after reading it.
    I know this isn’t makeup or beauty related, but this gadget is a must for anyone wanting to set fitness goals this fall. This baby right here is at the top of my birthday list! Not only is it functional (tracks calories burnt, goals, pace and has GPS) but it looks really cool on and almost futuristic. Yes, I”m a gadget junkie and this baby here is coming home with me soon.

    Talk soon,



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