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    Are You Paying Enough Attention To The Details Of Your Health?

    There’s no doubt that, as far as most of us are concerned, our health is a pretty big priority in our lives. After all, living the longest, happiest, healthiest life possible is something that pretty much all of us strive to do. However, one of the most common mistakes that a lot of people make is that they only ever think about their health in the broadest possible strokes. The truth is that if you want to take better care of your health then one of the most important things that you can do is to focus on the details. With that in mind, here are some of the little details of your health you should be paying more attention to.


    Your Eyesight

    It’s strange how little people pay attention to taking care of their eyesight. Considering just how important it is, you would it expect to be at the forefront of people’s minds all the time. Sadly, people tend to take their eyesight for granted much of the time. That is, of course, until something goes wrong. Whether you’re suffering persistent headaches or your vision is deteriorating, there are plenty of signs that something is going wrong with your eyesight. Luckily, from progressive lenses to laser eye surgery, there are always options available. The most important thing is to get the issue checked out as early as possible to prevent it from impacting your lifestyle to significantly.


    Your Hearing

    We all know how important it is to avoid damaging our hearing. And yet, far too often many of us simply ignore those warnings because whatever problems might come up haven’t appeared yet. You might think that those who tell you to wear earplugs at concerts or to keep the volume of the music in your headphones down are being overly dramatic but the truth is that hearing loss is something that can all too easily sneak up on you. Far better to prevent it now than to have to deal with it in the future.


    Your Stress Levels

    The modern world can be pretty stressful. That’s something that most of us have come to terms with at this point. However, you should have to just put up with stress just because it’s an expected part of modern life. Make sure that you’re doing what you can to bring down your stress levels whenever you get the chance. Things like walking away from work for a while or taking some time for yourself, are very simple but can make a huge difference.


    The thing to remember is that every part of your body is connected. If you really want to live the healthiest life possible then you’ve got to be willing to look after every aspect of it. Think of your body like one big mechanism. If one part of your body fails then that has the potential to throw the whole thing into disarray. The key is to be able to look at the big picture and the details at the same time.





    Boring but Essential Health Stuff You Should Never Ignore!

    This post is all about “Boring but Essential Health Stuff You Should Never Ignore!”

    Whether you’re twenty, thirty, forty or somewhere in the ballpark (whatever ballpark that may be), you’re likely guilty of the same thing as the rest of us: occasionally neglecting your health, because, well…certain things are boring. 

    None of us enjoy going to the dermatologist, or to the dentist…it’s not like getting a massage or your nails done; there’s no real payoff, or at least not an immediate one. And when you have a busy, hectic life, cramming the fun things in is hard enough, much less the stuff that’s not always so fun. And when you’re a woman, you’re often encouraged to put your own needs to the side. 

    Well, guys, it’s time to unlearn that behaviour and start taking care of yourself. And that means all the things, not just the fun ones, or the ones that are an immediate danger. Preventative care and maintenance are a good thing for everybody, after all. 

    Below are a few areas that us women and men tend to neglect, and how we can do better at, you know, not doing that anymore: 

    Your Teeth

    Yes. We all hate going to the dentist. And for good reason. Dental visits are often lovely shaming activities where we apologize profusely for not flossing. Sometimes there’s pain. And there’s always lots of money involved (seriously, does anyone’s health insurance have a decent dental plan? Apparently not). We’ve all built the dentist up to be some kind of massive bummer, and because of this, we don’t go. And the more we don’t go, the more problems build up, making the inevitable visit worse…you get the drill. 

    shiny white teeth

    But the teeth are actually much more important than you think, and it’s not all aesthetic. Your teeth are directly related to your nerves, your blood, and your heart. Ignoring things like teeth pain, abscesses and cavities can directly impact your health. You might think it’s no big deal, but putting off a dental visit can do irreparable damage. 

    So call your dentist, schedule that cleaning and check-up and maybe a tooth bridge appointment, bite the bullet (figuratively) and take care of your teeth. 

    Your Skin

    That eight-step skincare routine is great (and nope, we totally don’t judge if you skip a night – or three – a week), but taking care of your skin is about more than just buying a miracle moisturizer and removing your makeup before bed. 

    Seeing a dermatologist every now and then to have things like irregular moles and odd blemishes checked out is a really good idea. Skin cancer is a big risk factor for women, especially if you spend a lot of time outside (always wear sunscreen; every day, no matter the weather or season!). Taking the time to get your body’s largest organ checked out for any potential problems is a really good idea. Don’t wait until it’s too late. 

    Your Heart

    We all know that heart disease is the number one killer of women in the United States. Unfortunately when we hear that statistic we often immediately think of elderly women. And that’s just not accurate – women are having heart attacks at younger and younger ages, due to stress, chronic illness, dietary issues and more. 

    Put simply, we need to take better care of our heart. It’s true that panic attacks and anxiety can mimic heart attacks, which is why a lot of young women just ignore pain and discomfort and don’t see a doctor – often with disastrous consequences. Take your heart health seriously and see a doctor at the very first sign of something wrong. 

    Your Diet

    We’re not talking about fad diets and crash diets, here. Newsflash: they don’t work. We’re not talking about dieting for weight loss, either.  We’re talking about eating a balanced, nutritious and healthy diet that is primarily composed of natural foods that you’ve prepared at home. 

    Taking the time to cook is not only a stress relieving activity, but because you control the ingredients, those meals tend to be healthier and cheaper. Your diet should be full of leafy greens, crunchy vegetables, ripe fruits, lean protein, a few whole grains and healthy fats, and yep, a treat or two for snacking or dessert. Everything in moderation! Including going out for pizza at the weekend. 

    Taking the time to look after your health – yes, even the boring parts – will pay off in the end when you have more energy, clearer skin, a bright smile, and are sleeping like a baby after your long, successful day of being a responsible human who loves the skin they’re in.


    XO, MAHA 



    My dear loyal readers, please brace yourselves. This post is real , raw and personal to me.

    Every year, like most of you people out there, I try to “better” myself by imposing crazy expectations and restrictions on myself in the belief that I will be happier, more fit and of course find my inner peace. Isn’t that what we all want ? Inner peace 🙂

    Some of my go-to resolutions in the past have been:

    exercise more

    learn to use Photoshop

    start meditating

    and of course my favourite , stop eating cake for breakfast!


    No wait the torture doesn’t end there I have more:


    work on communicating better with my family and friends

    do more charity work

    bake and ice a 7 layer cake

    be a mentor to youths in the community

    become CPR certified.

    Out of these 9 resolutions that I have made in the past few years, I have committed to only one and that’s to do more charity work. The other day my husband burst my bubble and told me that its not technically charity work if the recipients are your kids, but in my defence it’s still my time I’m sacrificing for others sooo potatoe, batata whatever man! Read more


    50 small practices to apply in your life NOW for a HAPPIER 2017!


    50 Small Practices to apply in your life NOW for a Happier 2017!

    A week into the new year and motivation for a “happier and better you”‘ are still fairly high. Fast forward a few weeks and that motivation may diminish and momentum in achieveiung a better version of yourself may come to a complete halt. In order to keep the  momentum going, start by adding small practices or habits into your everyday life so you don’t feel overwhelmed with change and want to quit. I’ve already added a few of these practices in my life so far. I’ve started to drink less caffeine and more water. I have stopped body shaming myself ( I struggle with this one every day!) and I cleaned out my office! Big achievements so far  🙂

    Read more


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