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    Serums…what are they and do I need one?

    photo of the beset SERUMS TO TREAT WRINKLES, DULL , SKIN

    I received such great feedback on my last post that I decided to write another one highlighting another product I believe is fundamental to achieving a flawless ( or darn close to one) complexion. I introduce to you , the world of serums. 

    What is a serum?

    A Serum can be applied to your skin after cleansing but before moisturizing. Serums are made up of smaller molecules so a well formulated serum delivers loads of powerful active ingredients directly into your skin. They literally have one job and that’s to penetrate into the outer layer of your skin to deliver these active ingredients. I like to think of a serums like boosters for your skin. Yes, of course you can do without one and you’ll be fine, but after knowing the benefits of using a serum, why would you skip it? It literally elevates your skincare regime to supreme status!

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    BYE BYE SUMMER, HELLO FALL : New Makeup + Skincare

    I can’t believe we are saying goodbye to the blazing heat in Ottawa and shifting our thoughts to PSL, pumpkin pies and riding boots! Fall is on the horizon and I am not sure how I feel about that, however, since your an avid reader of my blog you probably already know how much I look forward to switching up my makeup and skincare products with each season.  Fall 2018 is the season I amp up my skincare and become more adventurous with my makeup looks! Here are the Fall products I’m loving and living for!


    Skincare for me is so essential. I have friends that don’t use any skincare and I’m shocked and ask myself :

    #1 – how are we friends again?  and

    #2 – so you like aging rapidly?

    Nope sorry. Not I.

    I am a strong believer that skincare can and will help you slow down the aging process ( of course eating healthy, drinking  loads of water , minimizing stress also help 🙂 ).

    This is why I religiously wash, exfoliate, serum and moisturize every morning and night!

    I was happy to receive the Rodial Dragons Blood Micellar cleansing water and Dragon’s Blood essence mist to help me NOT age rapidly 🙂. I’m a huge fan of this brand because they use innovative ingredients in their products that actually work great together to deliver results.


    The cleansing water contains

    Rose water to cleanse and refresh skin,

    Vitamin b3 to helps brighten skin,


    Hyalronic acid to lock in hydration while preventing moisture loss while helping plump up the skin.

    This is now the first step in my morning and night routine, I dampen a cotton pad and wipe off my makeup. I like to use another cotton pad soaked in the cleansing water a second time to ensure everything is removed. I’m just paranoid like this! Give this a try if your looking


    The Dragons blood essence mist is a triple threat. It can be used as

    Makeup Primer,

    Setting Spray,

    Serum substitute

    Truthfully, I use this mist as a setting spray only and I love it! I love how with one pump I get so much mist and it absorbs into my skin quickly and leaves it really refreshed, glow-y , and helps my makeup stay. On really hot days when I’ve worn makeup I’ve spray the essence mist on to freshen up my look. I love his spray. I didn’t know that it comes in a mini size, but now that I do know this I’ll be buying it in mini so I can carry it around in my makeup bag this Fall.


    “Born This Way” medium to full coverage foundation from Too Faced is the fist product I’ve tried from this brand. I didn’t really know what to expect because all the reviews have been amazing for this foundation, but of course I needed to form my own opinion.

    Day 1 wearing this foundation wasn’t the greatest experience. I felt it oxidized rather quickly and by the time I got home that day it didn’t look like I had any foundation on. My face looked rather dull.  I instantly regretted buying it, but I said I would have another go at it as almost everyone I know has loved it from the get-go!

    Day 2 was better. I realized on Day 2 that on Day 1 wasn’t wearing any of  my usual skincare ( testing out some PR products) and the products did NOTHING for my skin and made my skin look really dull, dry and just plain gross! If your skin prep is off even using a foundation made with the tears of the last unicorn wouldn’t make your skin look good!

     Day 3 I realized why I didn’t like the foundation as much as I thought I would. I wasn’t pumping enough foundation onto my brush. 2 pumps of the “Born This Way” foundation was not enough for my liking so I tried 3.5 pumps and VOILA, it was magic! Thank god this product is buildable. After trial and error I finally found the right ratio of pumps for my liking and I have to say I am IN LOVE with this foundation. It covered imperfections beautifully and gave me a semi – matte look. I just hope going into the colder months it holds up!



                                                My skin in natural light wearing “Born This Way” Too Faced foundation.

    Esqido is a brand that I was introduced to this year when they sent me their best selling lashes to experiment with. You can read my thoughts on the lashes  here.

    They recently sent me their new gel liners in brown and black . Esqido gel liners are no joke folks ! They are

    long lasting.

    glide smoothly,

     have great colour payoff,


    formulated without latex,sulphates and parabens.

    The liners have a twist dispenser and a precision sharpener.


    I’m a big fan of lining the inner eyelids and sometimes I find that some eyeliners don’t glide on smoothly in that area so I end up tugging a bit on the lid to ensure I get the liner in place, but with the Esqido liners there was no need to tug as the liner glided on effortlessly! The black liner is really a rich black and you can create a long lasting cat eye with minimum effort.

    I used to be obsessed with the MAC lip liners. Soar was my absolute favourite as it matched all my lipsticks. I was never crazy about paying $22 for a lip liner but I did anyway because there wasn’t any other product I liked more until I started using the NYX Suede Matte Lip Liners! I FREAKING love them ! I’m sure I’ve blogged about them before but I wanted to reiterate in this post how amazing these $6 lip liners are.

    Going into Fall, matte shades are a must for me so I picked up Dainty Daze ( shown below) and KYOTO. I like to line my lips first and then shade the top and lower lip with the liner, then apply the lipstick. I find it lasts longer and deepens the colour of the lipstick. For $6 you cannot go wrong with this amazing liner!



    I don’t usually talk about hair care on the blog,  but I really should as I get asked all the time what I use on my curly, and unruly hair!

    If there is one product I can’t live without to tame my hair it would have to be the Kérastase Nutritive K Oléo-Relax serum ( some people call it an oil but I don’t like to call it that).I have been using this serum for years and years. It’s an amazing product that can be used on your hair wet or dry, curly or straight , frizz or no frizz. It can be used to add shine to your hair or use it for it’s original purpose which is to control frizz.

    I have repurchased this product at least 4 times and lasts me about a year. I only use one or two pumps depending on the length of my hair at that time. When I wear my hair curly , I apply the serum to my wet hair before applying any styling products. When I wear my hair straight, I apply one pump before and after styling.  This is my HG for taming my frizz! I know it carries a steep price ( $45 ) but it is well worth it for me as it lasts me a whole year!





    Korean sheet masks are all the rage now!

    Well it’s been all the rage for the past year, I just happened to hop on this beauty “trend” a tad late…it’s still hot though!

    I bought a few sheet masks from THE FACE SHOP a month ago and I posted this picture on my instagram  and it got some love:
    It turns out  many of you are just as curious about the Korean sheet masks as I am. Well here’s what I researched about them. The sheet mask beauty regime originated from Korea ( duh!) and is used by almost everyone from women, men, celebrities, to teenagers so basically everyone around the globe.!  Sheet masks are individually wrapped and target different skin concerns such as dullness, firmness,acne, hydration and wrinkles.
    The individually wrapped sheets are super convenient , affordable ( $5 – $8) and in a 15-40 minute period can give you glowing healthy looking skin. This is because the sheets are dripping with serums/gels that are loaded with antioxidants and natural ingredients to address your skin woes.
    Some sheets are single sheets and others come in 2 parts, 1 for the upper face ( eyes) and another for the lower face ( nose , jaw,cheeks).  Some sheets are single use ( meaning you use it once and toss it ) and others you can use again ( 2 times max). The sheets adhere to your face and stay put for the duration required.
    Warning: The images you are about to see are frightening! Approach with caution!



    I tried my first Korean mask last night. It was the Myeonghan Miindo Heaven Grade Ginseng Mask Sheet ( reusable) that I purchased from THE FACE SHOP for $5. It contains Ginseng and 24K gold hydro gel to help fight wrinkles, hydrate and brighten skin tone. Yes, I look hideous! I know!
    It was a 2 part sheet mask ( 1 upper and 1 lower). As this was my first sheet mask experience I didn’t properly adhere the mask to my face as you can tell. 4 minutes in to the treatment I read the back of the packaging  and I was supposed to pat the sheet lightly for full absorption to the face.
    The mask felt very soothing and gooey on my face at first. There was no tingling sensation just a soothing one. After 40 minutes, as per the recommended usage, I peeled the sheet off and gently put it back into the packaging as I can reuse the other side of the mask the next day.



    //NO FILTER//
    //NO MAKEUP//
    This is my skin after removing the sheet mask. I did instantly notice the dry patch on the sides of my nose and my jawline was gone, that surprised me! I loved how smooth my skin felt and YES my skin was illuminating!
    I have other sheet masks also purchased from THE FACE SHOP such as Honey and Peony to try next week. I’m impressed with how easy it is to use these masks and I’m loving the instant results. This definitely is a game changer for me as I’ve seen amazing results on my friends from daily use (even twice a week is beneficial) and I’m excited to achieve the same results.
    The Korean sheet mask  “trend” isn’t going anywhere any time soon. There is a whole industry built around these convenient packages and I definitely see why. They are budget friendly and offer a variety of ingredients to target your specific skin concerns. As for me, this will change my skin care game! I’m experiencing a lot of issues with the skin dryness lately and I was on the hunt for a budget friendly alternative and I hope I found it!
    I will be doing another review on the masks once I’ve used them for another few weeks 🙂
    Have you tried these masks? If so , comment below. I’ld love to hear from you!
    Disclaimer: I purchased the products with my own money. I was not gifted the sheet masks and I was not compensated for the post. The opinions expressed are my own. I am not affiliated with THE FACE SHOP. 





    The launch of the Make Up Forever HD concealers was for me, the most anticipated makeup launch of 2016. I’ve been using the same brand name concealer now for about a year and I wanted to try something different. If you haven’t noticed already, I have a love for Make Up For Ever products and I couldn’ wait for them to launch their new ULTRA HD concealers.

    The ULTRA HD concealer is available in 10 shades:

    Color Correct: neutralize dark circles with a peach shade: 

    R20: Light Skintones 
    R22: Light to Medium Skintones 
    R30: Medium Skintones
    R32: Medium to Tan Skintones 
    R40: Tan Skintones 

    Conceal: brighten and awaken undereye area: 
    Y21: Light Skintones 
    Y23: Light to Medium Skintones 
    Y31: Medium Skintones 
    Y33: Medium to Tan Skintones 
    Y41: Tan Skintones 

    The concealer is housed in a slender 7ml black circular tube, making this very convenient for travel. I bought the Y31 shade and R30 corrector (at the time I took the photos, I couldn’t find my R30 and may have to repurchase it!).The concealer is very liquidy so be careful when squeezing the tube as you may receive more product than you really need. The formula itself, according to Make Up For Ever, “reflects light to erase shadows and fills & smooths fine lines, and Hyaluronic Spheres help hydrate skin”. I can definitely agree that it does reflect light and hydrates the skin. I have minor fine lines and some dark circles and I did notice the fine lines were considerably less noticeable after application.I found the coverage to be more of a medium coverage and I used my finger to lightly dab a pea sized amount under the eyes. As per usual, I set this concealer with the Laura Mercier translucent powder.

    My final thoughts on the MUFE Ultra HD Concealer is that his conceler is going to be in my makeup routine for a very long time! I’ve been using itfor 2 weeks straight and noticed my under eye area always felt hydrated and looked exceptionally bright! I didn’t find my skin to feel cakey after setting with translucent powder. My eye area felt very smooth and hydrated all day. This concealer did not set into my fine lines, even after 6 hours of wear! I would recommend you use a small brush or your fingers to blend the product and not to use a sponge( i.e beauty blender). I found the sponge absorbed a lot of the product quickly. This could be because the formula is liquidy. I also don’t like how the concealer extracts from the tube.I find it a bit messy and at times too much product comes out.It’s a bit of a waste as you only need a pea sized amount to achieve great coverage. Overall, this is a great  product that delivers on it’s promise to give the consumer a well formulated , easy to use product that delivers exceptional coverage and hydration to the under eye area. If you decide to try out the Make Up For Ever Ultra HD concealer, leave a comment below to tell me how you like it 🙂

    This is not a sponsored post.I bought these products with my own money. The opinions expressed here are mine.



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