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    Esqido Gin & Tonic Unisyn Lashes + GIVEAWAY!

    I have tried numerous lash brands on the market but Esqido seems to be the brand I gravitate towards.  Their lashes always have a great fit for my almond eyes. They are super light and comfortable to wear.

    Esqido sent me their latest Unisyn Gin & Tonic in PR and it was love at first sight.

    The Gin & Tonic lashes are natural, flirty, full volume lashes. These are my FAVOURITE so far! I have now worn them twice and love how they make my eyes pop. The Unisyn lashes are handcrafted, synthetic fibres that can be easily washed and worn over and over again! This to me is so important! I refuse to pay over $20 for lashes and I only get 1 wear out of them.

    Nope,  I need a few more than that!

    First time I wore the Gin & Tonic lashes was for my Birthday bash that my sisters threw for me over the weekend. I knew I made the perfect choice wearing them out that night. True they aren’t as wispy on the ends, like I usually like my lashes to be,  but I added a smokey eye to my look , so the lashes paired with my makeup was the perfect amount of pop! To give the eye look “extra”pop, I lined the inner + upper rims of my eyes in the deepest black kohl liner I could find. I feel it adds extra depth and volume to the lash look.

    I received so so so many compliments on these lashes. Did you notice how many “so’s” I put in that sentence! It was a lot!

    But don’t get me wrong, you can also wear them for casual day out with minimal makeup. They are very versatile. I wore mine out grocery shopping with the kids. I was able to snap a few good pictures as well 🙂

    Minimal makeup in the photo below, and still the lashes make my eyes pop! No black kohl pencil or mascara needed, just a good pair of lashes with volume!

    Side view of the lashes in the photo below. I love the length of the Gin & Tonic lashes. They are 4-12mm in length so not too long that they touch your upper brows ( yep I have worn those types of lashes as well!). The lash band is handcrafted cotton, so easy to apply and even easier to clean. You can bend the lashes any which way and they won’t lose their shape.


    Esqido gives you a comprehensive guide on how to apply their lashes here !Highly recommend it if you have never applied lashes or need a refresher. After one try you’ll be a pro.


    Esqido recommends using their lash glue that comes in a sleek opaque bottle. It’s super sexy for a lash glue to be honest 🙂 It dries quickly and does not leave any white residue once fully dry. I love their Companion Eyelash Glue and use it all the time, even on non Esqido lashes. You can buy it off their site here .


    Do not wash them. After each wear, just ensure you remove the residual glue from the band, that’s all!

    Are you curious to try out a pair of Unisyn Gin & Tonic lashes ? If so, please follow me on IG and comment on the Esqido post and you can be selected to win a pair.

    Good Luck Beauties!!


    XO, MAHA 


    Diamond Sugar Skull

    Happy Halloween !

    I don’t usually make a fuss for Halloween as I just don’t have the time to prepare for it.This year I was so inspired by my favourite MUA, Jordan Liberty so I had to recreate one of his looks; the Diamond Sugar Skull!

    When I first saw his Sugar Skull photo on Instagram, I was blown away at the artistry so I  knew I had to replicate it. As this is not a tutorial I don’t have step by step instructions but I do list the products I used. If you want to know how to do this look, you can watch Jordan’s youtube video here. He’s super easy to follow ! 




    photos by @a2_studio_photo
    Products on eyes
    essence cosmetics, black gel liner all over eyes,lids, inner rim and nose ( go crazy!)
    NYX Jumbo Pencil , purple velvet  all over lids
    Urband decay ,Voodoo on top of NYX purple velvet
    Vaseline all over lip for added gloss
    KISS Natural lashes 
    Tweezerman IQ brushes 
    Mac 127 brush
    Products on face
    NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk all over face
    Blend with wet Beauty Blender
    MakeUp Forever HD Foundation shade N140
    Michaels craft store
    Flower crown
    Rania from Wardrobe Sylist


    When you think of beauty tools what’s the first thing that comes to your mind?
    I instantly think of makeup brushes, tweezers and razors! Now imagine if you had to be without these tools? No way! I’m so dependant on beauty tools that I would be a complete mess, literally! 
    As a makeup artist, makeup wearer and beauty lover I understand the importance of having reliable tools to achieve your look. I own several brands of brushes, lash glue and makeup but I tend to gravitate towards a select few tools that I know can rely on because I’ve done so in the past to help me get the job done with little fuss! That’s why I was so happy when the good folks at Tweezerman sent me a few of their beauty tools to test out. I received 3 eyelash curlers, the iQ eye defining brush set and a funky print tweezer.
    This set includes the iQ Line Glider brush , Shader brush and Blender brush. I used all 3 brushes on a model last weekend ( click here to view pictures on Instagram) and I was impressed by the quality of all the brushes, but the one that stole my heart was the Glider brush. The curved shape of the brush is really unique. I used gel liner and was able to pick up the product from my palette easily. I lightly lined the models’ eyes and I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to create a precise wing even with a curved tip brush. A wing liner is a bit tricky for me but the curve and the tip of the brush made it easier. I used the multifunctional Blender brush to pack on shadow to the lid and blend colours, then used the Shader brush to very lightly smoke out the bottom lash line. 
    For years I’ve used the same lash curler from the drugstore on myself and clients. I have one in my kit and a similar one in my personal makeup bag. It never dawned on me ,until I was exposed to the ProCurl and ProMaster lash curlers, that the lash curler I’ve been using for years is a one size fits all. Does that make sense? How is that possible when we don’t all have the same eye shape! Once I realized this, I did a quick search online to see if all other lash curlers from various brands were a one size fits all , and yes they were! 
    The ProCurl and ProMaster are not a one size fits all beauty tool. They are part of Tweezerman Lash Logic series. These are specially tailored to suite diverse eye shapes such as almond, deep set and round eyes. ProCurl is created for round eyes and the ProMaster is for almond or deep set eyes. I have almond and deep set eyes so the ProMaster has become my new best friend. I’ve used it everyday since receiving it. I’ve also changed the silicone pad and used it on my almond eyed clients. It really does make a difference. The ProMaster is designed with an extra wide opening as almond eyes are typically larger and longer in length. The larger opening is designed to reach every lash and give it a nice curl.It really does reach every single lash!
    ProCurl won Allure Magazines 2105 Best of Beauty Award and is for round eyes and opens to a 60 degree angle. It has the same comfort grip as the ProMaster and comes with 2 silicone pads. For best results the silicone pad should be changed every 3 months. I’m obsessed with rose gold so the ProCurl has been on display on my vanity since I received it! It adds a very nice touch to the space. YES! I do display beauty tools, especially if they look this pretty and shiny! I love the construction of both the ProCurl and ProMaster. They are sturdy and don’t feel flimsy while I’m using them. 
    As a makeup artist I always curl my clients lashes, regardless if they already have a natural curl. If I am applying false lashes, I curl the natural lashes first, then curl the false lashes before applying them for that extra oomph!
    In my day to day makeup wear I used to curl my lashes 60% of the time, but now with the ProMaster I notice a really big difference so I started doing it everyday! Even if I’m not planning on wearing mascara that day I still curl them!
    Tweezerman has created a portable version of their Classic lash curler. It folds in half and is very lightweight. It has a wide opening, but not as wide as the ProMaster. I particiulary love the bright pink handle and because it folds in half you don’t have to compromise great lashes for space in your makeup bag!  This is a must have product for all you jet setters out there!
    My eyebrows grow at a very unique rate, i.e. lightning speed , so I’m constantly trimming and tweezing my full brows. I instantly loved this mini tweezer for it’s unique fun print and because the slant on the tweezers as well as the the size of the tweezer allow me to get really close to the short stubborn hairs I have. This print along with other funky prints also come in a full size but I personally prefer the mini for travelling convenience. 
    I really enjoyed using these products and will invest in this and this from Tweezerman as well this gorgeous gun metal set ( giveaway anyone!!!!). You can buy Tweezerman products in all major drugstores around the globe.
    Disclaimer: I was not paid for this review. The products were provided to me free of charge, however I was not asked for a favourable review. The opinions expressed in this post are my own

    Splurge vs Save

    Hi Beauties

    I hope you’re all doing great! Sorry I’ve been MIA for a little bit on the blog. I have been so busy with the kids, school activities and soccer! School is coming to an end in 2 days……YAY!!!! I think I’m more excited than the kids. Who else needs a break from making lunches in the morning and getting homework done in a reasonable time ? All that to say …. I hope I’ll be contributing more to my blog.

    I was really bad this weekend and went on a makeup shopping spree ( I’ll do a post about what I bought later this week ) ! I left Sephora feeling well … a bit ashamed of my self ( not really! ) but I knew that spending this much money on makeup was just ridiculous but I still did. That got me thinking;  I have so many dupes in my makeup kit that I use on clients and on myself, why not share them with you all!  I mean everyone likes to save money right ? So here is my first Splurge vs Save  list on my blog. This isn’t my complete list but these are some “Save “items that I’ve tried and I feel are very comparable to their “Splurge” item . Don’t  get me wrong  I love my Name Brand items but sometimes a girls gotta save for a rainy day! You know what I mean?  🙂 If you have any dupes of your own, leave me a comment below. I’m always on the look out for new dupe to try out.

    Side note: For those who are new to beauty blogs, a dupe is short for duplicate and it’s used in the beauty world to describe a cheaper copy of a high end item.

    DIOR Foundation
    MAC Fix +
    Studio Mac Tech
    MAC Angel Lipstick
    Bobbi Brown Gel Liner
    MAC #34 lashes
    Lancome Hypnose Mascara
    Clinique All About Eyes Serum

    No 7 BOOTS Foundation
    Sally Hansen Triple Shine Nail Polish
    E.L.F. Mist Spray
    NYX Stay MATTE not FLAT Powder Foundation
    Revlon Super Lustrous Primrose Lipstick
    Maybelline Eye Studio Gel Liner
    Ardell #105 Lashes
    Maybelline Rocket Express Mascara
    Garnier De-puffer eye roller


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