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    Want to Raise Happy and Healthy Kids? 6 Things You Should Know

    It is every parent’s wish to raise happy and healthy kids. However, raising happy and healthy kids isn’t as easy as it may seem and the majority of us parents struggle with this. Some are too busy with work, while others have personal issues that hinder them from giving their children the best. Raising happy and healthy kids is not about spoiling them with gifts or fulfilling every wish. It is about imparting life skills that will bring long-term happiness. Luckily, there are things you can do to give your child the best experience.


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    Things you Should Know to Raise Happy and Healthy Kids

    Healthcare is important

    Parents should know that kids can fall sick anytime. It helps to have a primary care doctor to treat your child before things get worse. Additionally, having health insurance helps when you don’t have cash at hand.

    Happiness begins with you                                           

    You cannot raise a happy child unless you are happy yourself. Parents who have emotional problems raise children with emotional issues. You cannot expect your child to be happy when you are always grumpy. Moreover, you cannot convince your child to take care of himself if you neglect yourself. You want a happy and healthy child, start by practicing what you preach.

    Listening is important

    Every child wants a parent who listens when they talk. Don’t assume that you know what your child is about to say before he speaks. Science shows that communication is the key to raising happy children. Give your kids undivided attention. If you are busy with something urgent, politely request them to come later instead of blowing them off. Most of the time, parents are busy ready newspapers and magazines instead of paying attention. Listening enables you to respond thoughtfully, which encourages your child to open up more.

    Spending time together as a family is better than buying gifts

    Your kids long to spend quality time with you. They want to share their fears, hopes and dreams with you. Instead of spending the entire weekend with your friends, spare some time for your family. You can go out for lunch or cook something at home. Take this time to ask your children how they are doing at school. The secret to raising happy and healthy kids is not showering them with gifts all the time but showing them that you care by being present.

    Enough sleep is essential

    Quality sleep is vital to proper development and good health. Insufficient sleep has been shown to cause obesity, lack of focus, poor brain function, and anger issues. Therefore, ensure your kids eat and sleep early.

    Too much screen time is dangerous

    You may think that you are showing love to your child by letting him watch TV the whole day, but this is not helping. Studies show that children who watch too much TV are more likely to be depressed than their counterparts. Moreover, excess screen time is not suitable for your kids’ health. Limit your kid’s TV time and let them play outside with friends. They will learn how to socialize and stay active.

    Happy parents raise happy kids. Create a peaceful environment for your child and spend time with them. Also, when your child is sick, you get worried. There are health things you shouldn’t ignore, including sudden injuries, swelling, numbness, and sweating. Consult your doctor if your child suddenly feels or looks unwell.


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