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    I’ve started a new segment on my blog called – Brand Talk which is dedicated to what else … brands! I thought this would be a great idea to introduce  brands that I love ( some well known and some not). They won’t all necessarily be beauty brands as I’ve started to branch out into some lifestyle but more on that in the next few posts.

    This new segment is not a review per se of the brands products, just an introduction of the brand and what they have to offer and most importantly what products from the brand I use because honestly why talk about a brand  if #1, I haven’t tried their products and #2, if I don’t like their products.

    First up on this new blog segment ( that I’m super stoked about btw ) is Maybelline New York. If you’ve never heard of Maybelline then I don’t know what to tell ya…where have you been hiding? 🙂 

    Maybelline New York is by far my favourite “true” drugstore product. When I say ” true” drugstore I’m referring to the budget friendly products sold at the drugstore and not the $80 moisturizer also sold at the drugstore. 



    Maybelline New York is the top selling cosmetics brand and is sold in in over 1oo countries. So basically you can hear ” Maybe She’s Born With It. Maybe It’s Maybelline. ” in over 60  languages!

    Fun fact: Maybelline is named after the founders sister Maybel ,who invented mascara! Maybelline Great Lash mascara is the worlds most iconic mascara ( fact) and this pink tube of mascara is sold every 1.7 seconds!

    Maybelline also has you covered from eyes, face to lips! I’ve used many Maybelline products but my absolute favourite product, and I’ve talked about this product before, is the “Pumped Up Colossal” Mascara. I always go back to this particular one because it just works for me. I hope they never discontinue it as it’s my go-to for life!

    A few Maybelline products that I rely on religiously have to be:

    If you follow me on Instagram you would have seen the product picture above. I took this photo after purchasing and using a few new Maybelline products. The new products are:

    In this non-photoshopped photo above I used the colour correcting kit to conceal my dark circles and then the Master Conceal in medium. I blended them in with a damp beauty blender and they melted into my skin!  What surprised me the most actually was how well the Illuminating highlighter worked. It has a creamy texture and on applies effortlessly on my skin and the highlight effect lasted all night ! You notice in the picture the highlight suits my overall look. I didn’t want to go overboard with it but added a bit of highlight to draw light to my face.I achieved this look with only one swipe of the highlighter and it was enough for me. For another occasion I layered the illuminating highlighter on-top of another cream based highlighter and it looked even more gorgeous. The micro -fine pearls in this product definitely come through even when layered.  This actually is my first creamy highlighter that I  have totally fallen in love with. I usually stick to powder based highlighters but I’ve been converted. I also love that it’s small enough to carry in a teeny tiny clutch in the event that a touch up is needed! 

    Here are a few MAYBELLINE NEW YORK products that I haven’t tried yet but are next on my list:



    What are your favourite Maybelline products ? Let me know in the comments below !

    *This is not a sponsored post. I bought these products and all opinions expressed are my own


    9 MakeUp Artist Secrets YOU Need to Know !

    makeup artist secrets.jpg

    Cosmetics Stash!

    1. No primer to tame your oily skin? Desperate times call for desperate measures! Add a thin layer of cornstarch to the oily areas only.
    2. Add your blush before foundation. This gives the illusion that the glow is coming from underneath the skin ( this trick is best for minimalist makeup applications).
    3. No need for gel or eyeliner pens, create a soft cat eye using only eyeshadow.  Soft liner with eyeshadow is best used when you want a romantic look with loads of focus on the eyes.
    4. To get rid of under eye puffiness instantly; store your eye cream in the freezer for 5 minutes then apply right away and watch the puffiness vanish!
    5. Don’t have a matte lipstick handy? Apply your lipstick as per usual, grab a tissue and place over your lips then pat translucent powder over the tissue. Instant matte lips!
    6. Apply a white or a flesh tone eyeliner to your inner rims to look more awake ( celebrity makeup artists love doing this!)
    7. For a fuller pout, outline the outer rim of your lips with your concealer shade.This technique will not only give the illusion of fuller lips, but also lift them up!
    8. Dab colour corrector to your lips to neutralize the colour and make your lipstick shade more vibrant. ( Petra Strand, founder of Pixie by Petra, swears by this)
    9. Always , Always use a freshly sharpened lip liner to outline your lips. A  pointy tip provides better precision and you’re guaranteed a gorgeous pout!




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