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    9 Products That Will Get You Summer Sexy NOW!

    Summer Summer Sumertime, time to sit back and unwind….¬†Did you sing the song to the right beat? ūüôā

    It’s that time of year again when the temperatures are high and days are long! I’m not complaining, I enjoy the sun rays on my skin and the good vibes that come with the season. July is when I start to feel that Summer is officially here in my hometown, so that’s
    usually when¬†I start my search for beauty products that can transition me from Spring pretty to Summer sexy !¬†Everyone’s¬†vision of sexy is different, of course, but my¬†vision definitely¬†includes¬†iridescent soft skin,¬†well manicured nails, long voluminous lashes and of course a killer smile! I thought why not¬†share with all of you the¬†products that make me feel amazing, sensual¬†sexy, gorgeous …(you get the picture) in the Summer!

    This past year I started experimenting with tanning lotions because I wanted to deepen my already tanned skin. I have medium olive skin and I tan fairly easily but baking in the sun is a huge no-no, so I had to find another alternative to get my JLo’esque glow on! I really like the St.Tropez self tanning products as they are the only products that I’ve been satisfied with that offer a more natural and gradual looking tan.¬†The Prep and Maintain moisturizer is the first step in preparing your skin for that sun kissed glow. The enhancing moisturizer also prolongs your tan and hydrates your skin.
    This is St.Tropez¬†most popular tanning mousse. It’s to be used after the Prep and Maintain moisturizer. This mousse is very lightweight, streak free and simple to use. I’m a self tanning¬†newbie and I didn’t find it complicated at all.¬†St.Tropez products do not have that tanning salon smell¬†that other tanning¬†lotions have.The tanning mousse promises to give a streak free and natural looking tan. You will not look orange with this mousse and if you use it properly¬†
    you’ll experience a glowing tan for up to¬†10 days. It’s best to apply it with the St.Tropez tan applicator mitt to ensure you get a well blended tan.

    The good folks at Coppertone sent me this product to try out. The Clearly Sheer Face lotion is part of the new formulated line that¬† also includes lotion and spray for the¬†body. I know¬†what your thinking, how is sunscreen sexy? Well first let me tell you what isn’t sexy; sun spots and skin cancer! To protect yourself against the harmful sun rays, you¬†need to¬†apply a¬†broad spectrum¬†sunscreen¬†with an SPF 30 or higher, such as the Coppertone Clearly Sheer Face.¬†It absorbs quickly into the skin and feels very light. I like that the formula will not¬†clog my pores or cause breakouts and it’s specially formulated so it can be used on sensitive and acne prone skin. By taking a¬†few minutes every morning to apply this sunscreen¬†you’re well on your way in keeping¬†wrinkles and dry patchy skin at bay. I was¬†pleasantly surprised at how wearable this particular sunscreen¬†was under my makeup. I didn’t experience any white cast on my face and when photographed wearing this sunscreen there wasn’t any flashback in the photos! If you want to see for yourself, check me out here¬†! I¬†found out that¬†Coppertone actually created this specific formula with women in mind to wear alongside their favourite makeup !It dries quickly to¬†a matte finish and is so sheer and light you can actually mix it in with your foundation. As well, if you¬†want to take a dip in the pool¬†Clearly Sheer face and body¬†offer 80 minutes of water resistant protection.¬†
    In recognition of their outstanding¬†product Coppertone Clearly Sheer Face won Allure Magazines Best of Beauty award in 2015! After¬†wearing it for 3 weeks straight I can defiantly see why it’s¬† a winner.

    During¬†the Summer, I rarely wear foundation. Actually, I have been wearing foundation for¬†the past¬†4 days but only because I’m¬†reviewing a brand name foundation for the blog.¬†If it¬†wasn’t for the review I would be¬†wearing this tinted¬†moisturizer!.It glides on effortlessly because it’s a liquid formula but has a creamy texture and gives you a dewy finish. I love how it evens out my skin tone without “masking” my skin. The coverage is minimal with this tint and I LOVE this because I feel like¬†my skin looks it’s best in the Summer months and I actually want to show it off! I don’t want to hide behind¬†full coverage makeup.¬†The Nars Pure Radiant tint will give you healthy looking skin but it will NOT cover¬†imperfections. Another great tinted¬†moisturizer that I LOVE to wear is this one.
    Lashes Lashes, Lashes!
     If you want to amp up the sultriness this Summer than invest in some lashes! Excessive Lash mascara gives you long, voluminous and and full lashes. The first time I used this mascara was at a recent night out with my husband and he actually commented that my eyes
    looked “bigger”!. I didn’t experience any smudging or clumping because of the heat that night but this is a¬†Make Up For Ever mascara and these professionals know what their doing with pro-grade products! This is my go-to Summer mascara!
    Maybelline has once again come out with a winner! The Master Hi-Light Blush is a must in your makeup kit this Summer. Why? Well first off it doubles as a highlighter and blush. Yay! Cost savings!
    The soft milled powder feels creamy and applies like a dream. It’s buildable, meaning you can apply several layers until you reach your desired intensity without it looking cakey. It comes in 6 different illuminating combos. I’ve used Nude and Mauve! Mauve is by far my favourite!.Like I mentioned it can be used as a blush and a highlighter. As a highlighter it will not make you glow like a disco ball! That isn’t sexy to me ( my opinion only no need to be offended)! I apply the Nude shade above¬†my cupids bow, at the high end of my cheekbones and temples. It gives me the right amount of highlight during the day and for night time I amp it up a bit with a few layers! As a blush, it offers a subtle fresh colour¬†OR¬†you can turn the heat up and layer it on! ¬†All the shades can be worn with any skin tone. This product is gorgeous in daylight with the sun glistening on your skin. Side Note: Went to my local drugstore yesterday to pick up Pink Rose ( for the 2nd time now )but it still sold out the day it restocked!
    I received this stain in the shade “Energy Shot” as part of a gift that I won at an event. I wasn’t too thrilled with the colour as it was a bit too pale for my olive skin, but I¬†was intrigued with the formula and¬†the¬†union of a lipgloss +¬†lip stain.¬†I ended up ordering “Preserving Passion” and “Long Live the Night”. I would categorise this product more of a stain rather than a lipgloss as the glossiness of a typical gloss (say that 5 times fast)wasn’t there, however the staying power of the stain is worth picking this product up! Because I wanted a bit more sultriness to my lips, I¬†overlined¬† ¬†my lips a bit and added a coat of”Long Live The Night” and topped it off with a lipgloss. Wore it all night and received many compliments on it!
    ¬†A polished¬† manicure in the Summer is a must for me. Add a romantic hue to the nails,sandals, maxi dress,and a floppy¬†brim¬†fedora¬†and you’re on your way to channelling the effortlessly styled Kate¬†Hudson! I love wearing essie¬†“spaghetti strap” because it’s a romantic pink peony¬†colour that makes me feel girly and sweet!¬†What¬†nail¬†colour do you reach for when you want to feel sultry and a¬†bit wild?¬† Of course, classic red! I truly believe any red lipstick and fiery red nail polish can ignite a¬†woman’s confidence, so no need to shy away from this powerful shade!¬†Wear it with¬†grit!¬†I’ve been an essie lover since I first¬†laid my eyes on their vast¬†array of colours years back but lately I’ve been swooning over butter London nail lacquer.¬†Come To Bed Red is one of their most suggestive names and is befitting of this gorgeous colour!

    Let’s talk about hair b.a.b.y! Let’s talk about you and me….
    I’m feeling really nostalgic while writing this post today. For all the millennial generation readers¬†just ignore me! So I take great pride in removing every bit of hair , not on my head, off my body! I do it every 2.5 to 3 weeks. I like the feeling of having super smooth skin and I just feel so much better and cleaner.Ok, now I’ve shared a bit too much info but I told you I was going to share my secrets with you! I was sent the wax ready strips as a PR sample to try out and if I liked the product to write a post about my experience. What the good folks over at Nair don’t know is that this is what I’ve been using for a¬†while now and this product is my go-to hair removal product. Because of my middle eastern decent, my hair grows really fast, I mean super lightning fast! I find the ready strips super easy to use as there¬†is no need to warm up the product before use. The strips¬†don’t dry out my skin at all and I don’t’ haven’t experienced any pain or discomfort when removing the strips(even in the most delicate areas but this may differ for each individual).The typical results last about 3-4 weeks.¬†My results last about 2 weeks(remember super lightning fast hair growth)!. For the price point of the product you’re receiving 40 wax strips so you get a few sessions out of each box. If you compare Nair value vs salon value you’re spending $8 for half leg and bikini compared to half leg an bikini for the $70 at the salon(in Ontario). If your interested in trying the wax ready-strips, Nair has offered a $2 coupon on their site. I’ll link it for you here!

    What products do you use to get Summer sexy? Let me know by leaving a comment below!
    DISCLOSURE: The Coppertone Clearly Sheer Face lotion and the NAIR Ready-Wax strips were sent to me as a PR sample. I was not paid to discuss them in this post.The other products discussed were bought with my own funds. I am not affiliated with any brands discussed in the post and my opinions are my own.


    Hi ladies! I’ve been away for a bit and I’ve missed being here on the ¬†blog. What can I say, life is taking over and I’m¬†just super busy all the time now. I did however want to share this quick post with you all on my new¬†drugstore find!! I can’t¬†believe I haven’t tried this¬†product before, but it’s never too late.¬†If you follow my bog regularly ( which I’m sure you all do), you know I have a slight fascination with ¬†a Maybelline Pumped Up Colossal Mascara.¬†I’ve used it for years now and I’ve never¬†truly found any other mascara that works as well..till now!
    Marcelle Xtension Plus Mascara

    I was at my¬†local drugstore the other day and was feeling¬†adventurous as I¬†wanted to add a few new¬†products¬†to my¬†makeup bag. I feel sometimes I get stuck in a rut and always¬†reach for¬†the same¬†products. If¬†those products work for you then¬†there’s nothing wrong with sticking with them, but it’s great to also try¬†something new. So that day I decided to put away my go-to mascara and pick up the Marcelle Xtenstion Plus Mascara. It was nicely priced at $12.99 and I’ve heard great things about the brand so I¬†thought¬†why¬†not give it a shot!¬†
    Marcelle brands this mascara as a¬†lengthening¬†and curling¬†product.¬†The wand on one side is made up¬†of small¬†bristles to reach the shortest lashes and¬†the other side has longer bristles for longer lashes. I was able to coat my lashes twice without clumping. My lashes that are naturally short were super long¬†after just¬†the first coat of mascara. I could of stopped there but I added the second coat for extra¬†oomph! and I¬†definitely¬†achieved that. It¬†separated my lashes very nicely and¬†never clumped or¬†dried out on me causing black flakes to fall on my cheeks ( arg I hate that!). I’ve experienced this flakey fall-out with some very expensive¬†mascaras and it’s super annoying!¬†
    I’m really really¬†impressed¬†with¬†this mascara. I’ve used it now for 2 weeks straight and¬†the¬†tube¬†hasn’t dried out even after everyday use. It¬†gives my lashes such a generous lift that my co-worker ( bless her heart)¬†actually¬†thought I was wearing¬†falsies to work! YES..isn’t this every girls dream? I hope to¬†continue¬†using the Xtension Plus mascara as it‘s effortlessly become a nice¬†addition to my¬†collection of loved¬†products !
    p.s I purchased this product with my own money and the opinions expressed in this post are my own. I was not compensated for this post.

    3 Essential Steps To Becoming Spring Ready !

    Spring is almost here – so some changes are in order! Not just your wardrobe needs an overhaul but so do your skin, makeup and hair. Let’s start by swapping our winter coats and boots for a light spring jacket and rain boots(ankle boots as well!).I’ve compiled for you an easy 3 step guide that will take you from feeling damp and dreary to feeling beautiful, refreshed and ready for Spring!


    \ Clarisonic Mia \
    Your skin is your biggest organ(yes it’s an organ,look it up!) and should be taken care of just as you do your heart. We all know good skin is highly sought after. It all starts within. It’s been proven that a well hydrated body emits a natural glow that rivals the best highlighter on the market. For your body to be well hydrated you need to ¬†drink at least 6-8 glasses of water. By consuming water you are flushing toxins out of your system and allowing your glow to come thru. It’s not magic, it’s science!¬†

    At times, drinking 6-8 glasses of water isn’t enough or practical so you need the help of exfoliating¬†products.¬†A cleansing power tool¬†helps to rapidly¬†exfoliate the body to reduce dry patches and leaves skin feeling very smooth.

    Cleansing your skin is so important first thing in the morning as well as at night to ensure all the products and environmental toxins are removed from your pores. Choose a cleaner that is right for your skin type.

    Using a reliable water based toner after cleansing helps to ensure your skin is receiving a healthy dose of antioxidants for the day.

    Weekly exfoliating of the skin is necessary!¬†Since many of us¬†can’t make it to the¬†aesthetician¬†on a weekly basis, it’s great to rely on a solid BHA¬†exfoliating¬†product that improves skins texture, appearance and gets rid of blackheads. As well a decent BHA¬†product will help with¬†collagen production.¬†

    A serum loaded with antioxidants will help to firm, brighten and hydrate your skin all day.

    If dryness around the eyes during allergy season is a factor then adding an eye cream to your Spring prep routine will definitely help. An effective eye cream will hydrate the under eye and reduce puffiness.

    There is no excuse for leaving the house without sunscreen. Sunscreen is the #1 defence against ageing skin and skin cancer.

    Update Makeup Bag

    \ Mac Face Bronzer  \
    \ M.A.C Eyeshadow \
    Put away¬†those matte lipsticks and reach for a coral lippie! Spring is the time of new awakenings and¬†rejuvenation so¬†don’t hesitate to be¬†inspired and try different colours.
    Adding a soft cheerful pastel shade to your lids is not only fun, but will also make them pop. Adding a bright bold colour to your inner and under waterline will tie the look together. If a bright purple in your waterline is not your thing, you can always reach for a nude toned eye pencil to give a bright eyed and awake look!
    Feeling like winter took away your colour ? Add a soft bronzer + highlighter to your makeup routine to liven up your colour and give the illusion you just came back from the islands!
    Blush is magic! It’s an¬†instant “pick me up” and if applied¬†properly ¬†can easily¬†transform your look. During¬†the winter months the plums, golds and nudes were in high demand.¬†This Spring, go after the pinks, purples and corals.
    Wearing a lightweight concealer and foundation as a base will help¬†enhance your natural beauty and won’t make you look overdone.¬†
    Applying a coat or two of black mascara always pulls the look together. If your feeling adventurous, teal and pink mascara(a light coat obviously) is a big hit this season. 
    Pampering your feet and nails is a luxury.¬†Schedule a mani – pedi as soon as you can. Once¬†the sun starts¬†shining you’re going to want to wear sandals and open toe heels so it’s best to be prepared. If you can’t make it to an esthetician, read¬†this¬†article for a DIY mani –¬†pedi at¬†home!¬†When choosing colour go for the pinks, reds¬†and pastels.
    When¬†choosing a¬†Springtime scent, ensure¬†that it represents¬†your¬†personality. If¬†you’re not a flower lover¬†than¬†don’t choose a citrus or fruity scent.If you don’t like attention than a bold scent¬†such as musk or amber is most likely not for you! If you’re Vegan or a Naturalist, there are many¬†companies that offer¬†natural organic scents. Whatever scent you¬†choose, ensure it¬†represents your style and personality well. A lingering scent is at times how¬†people remember you, so make it¬†fabulous!
    Transform Hair

    \ Otto-Keunis Intensive Mask \
    \ L’Oreal TecniArt Volume Mousse\
    We can finally say goodbye to Winter hat hair,¬†frizzy and unmanageable tresses! It’s time to¬†pamper your hair. Your hair says a lot about you so ensuring it¬†looks¬†healthy and shiny should be a top priority this Spring.¬†
    At the start of every new season you should trim your ends. This will promote hair growth without breakage and thinning. If your  fearless and ready for a change you may want to try a sexy pixi cut or a cute and very wearable LOB (longer bob).
    Using a sulfate and paraben free shampoo and conditioner will help hydrate the hair and clean your scalp. A clean scalp ensures your hair can breath and in turn can grow easily. 
    An intensive repair mask should be your best friend this Spring.
    A hair mask will help heal the damage from the cold Winter months. Once or twice a week is necessary to bring life and hydration back into your hair.
    Styling your hair is always fun, but at times can damage your hair. Constant heat and tugging at the tresses weakens the follicles and over time destroys vital proteins needed for hair repair and growth.
    This¬†Spring go “Oh¬†Natural” with your hair!If you¬†have curly or wavy hair, shampoo your tresses, let it air dry and add a bit of volumizing mouse to your roots and ends. If you have¬†naturally straight hair,¬†towel dry the hair and comb out any frizz that may have ¬†developed from the towel.¬†
    If you must add heat to your hair, ensure you keep the hair dryer as far from your hair as possible to reduce damage. Coating your hair with heat styling products beforehand will minimize the damage.
    Applying a shine spray to your hair will create a luminous shine and this will give the illusion that you have natural healthy hair. A good quality shine spray will also offer UV,thermal and environmental toxin protection.
    If you decide to tackle any or all of these 3 essential steps, leave a comment below and let me know how it goes! I love hearing from you all!
    Happy Spring ¬†ūüôā





    I can’t believe 2015 is coming to an end! For all of you that live in Ottawa,don’t you love all the snow that finally landed on our beautiful city! I know you won’t let a little snow distract you from your New Years Eve plans. To ring in the NY¬†I collaborated with Rania Abdullah from¬†The Wardrobe Stylist, HairByNadine and our model Simar from¬†Mini Me City¬†to put together¬†a¬†Makeup¬†+ Hair¬†+ Styling¬†tutorial¬†on how to¬†pull off an easy¬†but GLAM NYE look!
    Trust me when I say this is easy to do. 
    It was our first go at it and I have to say we really enjoyed ourselves(a bit too much) and I believe we truly accomplished some work worth sharing. 





    The key to a great cut crease is patience, and a bit of practise!
    1. Apply eye primer such as MAC PRO LONGWEAR PAINTPOT in soft ochre to the entire lid.
    2. Apply a highlight like Gesso on the inner corner of the eye and brow bone.
    3. Along the crease area, draw a line from the outer corner of the eye to the inner corner with a kohl pencil or eyeliner.
    4. Use an eye shader brush like the Eco tools brush to blend the eyeliner out. Use small windshield wiper movements to blend the kohl or eyeliner.
    5. Apply any eye shadow colour you like over the line ( I used Naked from the UD NAKED palette). You can go a bit above the line as well. Ensure you are blending the colour toward the inner corner of your eye.                                                                                             
    6.  TIP: I wanted a dramatic cut crease so for the step above I thickened the eye shadow line with the NAKED shadow.
    7. Apply shadow all over the lid to add colour to the look. I used Half Baked from the UD NAKED palette.
    8. Create a winged look with any liquid/gel liner you have on hand. I used Revlon ColorStay Liquid Liner in Black.
    9. For a more dramatic look add glitter on top of the Half Baked Shadow. I used Annabelle Glitterama in Solar Flare. 
    10. For added drama, apply Naked from the UD NAKED Palette to the lower lashline and go over it with a bit of Darkhorse, also from the NAKED palette.
    11. Line your inner lashline with kohl black pencil.
    12. Finish the look off with falsies and a good coat of mascara. I used Maybelline Volume Express Colossal 
    To achieve an ultra GLAM look Rania, from The Wardrobe Stylist, suggests adding these accessories to your outfit of the night.
    1. Aqua stone ring (this one has a silver frame though)
    2. Cuff bracelet
    3. Hair chains
    4. Ankle bracelet
    5. Kaftan paired with pants and ultra comfortable tank
    6. Bangles
    7. Slave bracelets
    8. Cuffs
    9. Arm band
    10.Oversized rings in natural stones
    11.Simpler rings such as the criss cross x ring
    12.Head chains (These can be found on Etsy at great prices)
    14.Ankle bracelet or ankle slave bracelets
    You can read more about the Styling for this specific look over on The Wardrobe Stylist
    1. Blow out the hair before styling
    2. Section by section curl hair with the curling iron or wand
    3. Once all the hair is curled, loosely pin up each curl with a bobby pin
    4. Let the hair set for 15-20 minutes
    5. Take the pins out and brush each curl out seperatetly to create a wave look
    6. Spray with light hold hairspray if desired
    7. Clip the hair chains underneath the hair strands close to the ears to hide the attaching clips
    8. Add the top head chain and align with the hair partition. 
    Voila! You’re all Glammed up for NYE!!!



    I have so much to write about that I had to divide this post into two parts. Part 2 ULTIMATE GUIDE : BEST DRUGSTORE SKIN CARE PRODUCTS




    I’ve had a long term loving relationship with my local drugstore.I visit the makeup aisles so much that I know the cosmetic counter ladies by name. This love affair blossomed when I started wearing makeup in grade nine. All my¬†girlfriends were into M.A.C and I¬†honestly couldn’t afford it so the drugstore was my best¬†friend! My makeup bag was full of Covergirl, Maybelline, Revlon, Jane, and Bonne Belle ( as well as scrunchies and butterfly clips). These were all very affordable brands. I was constantly asked¬†what¬†lipstick is that your wearing or how come your eyeliner¬†doesn’t smudge like mine ? How you apply a products is important but¬†the product itself and the quality of¬†the product is key. To this¬†day, if I need an eyeliner or blush I hit the¬†drugstore first to see what’s on the market before I go to Sephora or M.A.C.¬†So it was only fitting for me to write a post about drugstore products that I personally use, love and repurchase over and over again!¬†

    I’ve talked about this mascara on the blog before. I have this product in my¬†personal and professional kit. It doesn’t¬†clump or flake even after a 7.5 hr day. The wand itself is comfortable to hold and easy to use. Your lashes will look extra thick or as Maybelline promotes, Pumped UP!Hands down¬†the best mascara at the drugstore!

    I’ve been using this liquid liner for about 10 years now. No joke. The packaging has changed slightly, but Revlon has¬†kept¬†the¬†same great formula.I love how the super skinny¬†tip makes drawing a cat eye simple and quick. I don’t feel the tip drags on¬†your skin like other liners do. The staying power is great for a drugstore¬†brand and I have this product in a brown and black. This is my most repurchased drugstore product.
    I have to admit, the first time I tried these shadows I wasn’t a fan. I was comparing¬†them to the Mabyelline Tattoo shadows ,¬†which I ¬†still love and use.I¬†don’t know if L’Oreal changed the formula or if I just didn’t give¬†them a fair chance, but now I have quite a collection. I love how¬†creamy they feel and when applied change to a powder consistency. You can wear them sheer or layer them on for a more¬†intones look.¬†The pigmentation is ridiculous, especially Purple Obsession and¬†Glistening Garnet. These are not matte shades so there is a shine to them. These shadows remind me of the Urban Decay single shadows. My favourite combo is Pink Sapphire and Iced Latte.

    I¬†love how silky the formula feels and once applied isn’t too drying or too dewy. It melts into the skin very¬†easily when patted down with a brush or a beauty blender. The applicator¬†tip on the¬†wand is great to use as well. I dab the product onto the back of my hand to warm it up and¬†then apply it with the beauty blender. As¬†with any concealer there is a bit of creasing after¬†about 7 hours of wear.¬†This is normal. It’s a great everyday¬†concealer and because of the¬†variety of shades available you can¬†definitely find¬†your perfect shade.
    I know what your thinking, another Maybelline product ? I¬†can’t help it, Maybelline has some of the best drugstore products out there.¬†The quality of the¬†products IMO is very comparable to some of the higher end products that you may buy at Sephora or Ulta. This foundation is another example of how a¬†drugstore product can work wonders¬†of¬†you.The whole FIT me! line is great and this is my favourite MATTE foundation. I’ve¬†reached for my Becca Ever Shine Proof Foundation¬†less and less since I discovered the FIT me! collection. It’s much¬†cheaper and does a¬†great job! Will if dimish your pores? It’ll help blur them slightly but not get rid of them. ¬†This foundation is medium¬†coverage but it is very¬†buildable and¬†won’t look¬†cakey with more than one¬†application. I also use my trusty beauty blender to apply it. I find it dries super matte and lasts about 8 hours¬†before you may have to¬†reapply powder. This is very impressive!
    Yes, another star product from Maybelline and No,¬†they are not¬†sponsoring this post! I have this matte lipstick in the shades Divine Wine,¬†Burgundy Blush( for olive skin tones wow!), Daringly Nude and I’m trying to get my hands on Rich Ruby.¬†This creamy matte lipstick is exactly that…it’s creamy and its matte. It’s non drying even while applying it. There’s no dragging of the lipstick as per usual practise with matte lipsticks. I love the bold colour choices Maybelline offers¬†with the¬†product. You will have no problems finding a shade or two or three (¬†like me) for every season. If your lips tend to be on the dry side, you can¬†apply a bit of Vaseline to your lips before applying¬†the lipstick,¬†however the matte formula¬†will¬†take a bit longer to settle in. I notice towards the end of the day the¬†formula does start to become dry but I reapply the lipstick and it looks as if I just applied it for the first time. This is how good¬†this product is. My sister and I adore these lipsticks so much that one Summer we bought upwards of ten¬†different shades and gave them away as gifts to relatives overseas. They still request and rave¬†about these lipsticks. For the price, you can’t go wrong!
    I’m a M.A.C pressed powder girl and have been for many years now. With that being said, I have tried drugstore brand pressed powders.I’ve tried this , this and L’Oreal true match. By far my favourite is the¬†true match. The true match¬†formula contains no oils ¬†or¬†fillers so you always¬†have a weightless application with great coverage.¬†L’Oreal offers this¬†super-blendable powder in 18 shades. ¬†Combine¬†this powder with Super Blendable True¬†Match¬†Foundation and you have¬†yourself a winning¬†combination with flawless coverage. I love to pack this powder with me when I¬†have a small evening purse,it’s the perfect size and gets the¬†job done ver well.¬†
    I wasn’t going to¬†include¬†any NYX products to this post because I¬†already dedicated a whole post to NYX Products(you can read it here),¬†but since I promised you the best of the best drugstore products I¬†had to include it. Hands down the best drugstore blush on the market. The texture is very silky and goes on sheer but you can build it up for more intensity. These are great for all skin tones as they have a wide¬†variety of shades to choose from. My last post I was up to 3 of these blush’s¬†but I¬†recently added¬†Red. It’s one of their more vivid colours. I haven’t worn it¬†yet and I¬†honestly can’t¬†wait to try it on!
    I had to add another one of my favourite drugstore blush’s. This one is fairly new to the market (at least to the drugstores I frequent) and the packaging just got me! Physicians¬†Formula packaging is¬†just the best! It’s very reminiscent of BENEFIT packaging. According to the¬†instructions ,this blush can also¬†be used to highlight and¬†contour, but I just use it as a blush. I used it a lot in the Sumnmer just to achieve a¬†healthy glow as I¬†picked up¬†the natural shade. It does have¬†a soft¬†iridescence shine to it¬†which I really like¬†in the Summer and it looks very natural! The blush is super soft and it’s finely milled so you don’t need a¬†lot¬†of product to¬†achieve a nice glow. The technology behind this product is actually pretty cool. According to the company the blush is “infused with our Happy Boost Blend, featuring Happy Skin and Euphoryl, natural plant extracts which have been shown to promote a feeling of happiness by mimicking the effect of Endorphins and helping protect the skin from environmental stress”. OK so now I¬†know why I’m so happy when I¬†wear this blush ūüôā
    This bronzer is well deserving of it’s ELLE 2015 Beauty Grand¬†Prix win. This is another product that I’ve repurchased many times. It’s very soft, has a silky texture and is buildable. This bronzer comes in a matte and shimmery tone and is offered in 5 different shades. ¬†I usually scoop up Sun Dance which does have a bit of shimmer in it but nothing too crazy. As for the packaging , it’s very basic but for $8-$9 you get an award winning product so who cares about the lacklustre packaging.
    I think this is the product that I’m most excited about! It’s a new product but I¬†defiantly see myself¬†repurchasing this so that’s why I wanted to¬†share this.¬†I have used a few of the essence products in the past(mascaras, eyeshadows) and I¬†liked them. I¬†wouldn’t say¬†that they’re my favourite¬†drugstore brand, but they’re good. Then I discovered this amazing¬†product. I¬†don’t know how long they’ve¬†been at my local drugstore but I only discovered them a¬†month ago. I quickly fell in love with their non sticky consistency as well as the¬†colour payoff!. One¬†swipe was all that I needed for full lip coverage. The liplgloss also¬†contact Vitamin E to¬†keep your lips hydrated. I’ve never liked¬†spending upwards of $20 on a lipgloss,so this find right here is the find of the¬†year!¬†These¬†glosses are¬†definitly on¬†rotation now! I’m in LOVE with¬†Red Blossom, Big Night Out and Fabulous¬†Fuchsia(¬†which I have only seen on other bloggers but¬†can’t seem to find).



    What’s In My EveryDay Makeup Bag ?


    I¬†tend to stick to the basics when it comes to my¬†everyday makeup. If I know I’ll be heading out to a¬†function after work and not heading home first, then I’ll¬†include¬†my¬†Urban Decay naked 2 palette¬†and¬†Urban Decay all nighter setting spray¬†in my bag to glam up my day look to a night look.I didn’t¬†include any liquid foundation and eyeshadow in this post as it would be deceiving to include them¬†because 90%¬†of¬†the time in the Fall/Winter I¬†don’t wear liquid foundation and eyeshadow on a daily basis. I’ll wear them on the weekend or if I’m going out to an event. I’ll do an updated “What’s in my makeup bag ” post in the Spring as the¬†items in my bag will change from season to season.


    I love this makeup bag. It¬†was a¬†free gift with¬†purchase from Clinique.I love the pattern and it’s a really good size and fits all my makeup.
    ( not shown but I use this sunscreen before apply moisturizer)
    Before I forget,I wanted to include a picture of my handbag. As you know, I was on the hunt for an¬†everyday handbag for months. I finally found something practical, stylish and reasonably priced. Funny¬†story about this particular handbag; I found the brand¬†Tutilo¬†online¬†and I really liked the style, practicality and affordability of their handbags but of¬†course never found the time to¬†actually purchase the bag online. A few weeks later I walk into Marshall’s and what do you know…the bag is staring me in the face. I was so excited!¬†Marshall’s and Winners now carry a few of the Tutilo product line. I absolutely love the bag and highly¬†recommend it. It’s¬†faux pebbled leather,includes a take-away clutch,very roomy, and super stylish. I have received so many compliments on this bag. My next¬†purchase will be this¬†Tutilo handbag.¬†
    P.S. To my readers who look forward to my monthly favourites, I’m sorry but I skipped it for October. I didn’t do a lot of purchasing this month and the items I did buy I didn’t feel were really that great to write about, so I’ll be combining my October and November favourites. I already started working on this post so you know it’ gonna be good!!!
    Maha ūüôā
    //Please Note that this is not sponsored posts//



    Splurge vs Save

    Hi Beauties

    I hope you’re all doing great! Sorry I’ve been MIA for a little bit on the blog. I have been so busy with the kids, school activities and soccer! School is coming to an end in 2 days……YAY!!!! I think I’m more excited than the kids. Who else needs a break from making lunches in the morning and getting homework done in a reasonable time ? All that to say …. I hope I’ll be contributing more to my¬†blog.

    I was really bad this weekend and went on a makeup shopping spree ( I’ll do a post about what I bought later this week ) ! I left Sephora feeling well … a bit ashamed of my self ( not really! ) but I knew that spending this much money on makeup was just ridiculous but I still did. That got me thinking; ¬†I have so many dupes in my makeup kit that I use on clients and on myself, why not share them with you all! ¬†I mean everyone likes to save money right ? So here is my first Splurge vs Save ¬†list on my blog. This isn’t my complete list but these are some “Save “items that I’ve tried and I feel are very comparable to their¬†“Splurge” item¬†. Don’t ¬†get me wrong ¬†I love my Name Brand items but sometimes a girls gotta save for a rainy day! You know what I mean? ¬†ūüôā If you have any dupes of your own, leave me a comment below. I’m always on the look out for new dupe to try out.

    Side note: For those who are new to beauty blogs, a dupe is short for duplicate and it’s used in the beauty world to describe a cheaper copy of a high end item.

    DIOR Foundation
    MAC Fix +
    Studio Mac Tech
    MAC Angel Lipstick
    Bobbi Brown Gel Liner
    MAC #34 lashes
    Lancome Hypnose Mascara
    Clinique All About Eyes Serum

    No 7 BOOTS Foundation
    Sally Hansen Triple Shine Nail Polish
    E.L.F. Mist Spray
    NYX Stay MATTE not FLAT Powder Foundation
    Revlon Super Lustrous Primrose Lipstick
    Maybelline Eye Studio Gel Liner
    Ardell #105 Lashes
    Maybelline Rocket Express Mascara
    Garnier De-puffer eye roller


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