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    Makeup By Mario Collection

    Makeup By Mario palette

    Mario Dedivanovic released his new collection at Sephora and I quickly snagged a few items to take home to my makeup collection ūüôā He’s a well known makeup artist who has painted the faces of many celebrities including KKW, the Jenner Klan and Gab Union to name a few. He’s also one of my favourite makeup artists and I admire his techniques and work ethic so much. He also grew up feeling like an awkward and didn’t know how to channel his creativity so I relate to him on that level so much.¬†

    I picked up the Master Mattes‚ĄĘ Eyeshadow Palette, Master Eye Prep & Set‚ĄĘ and Master Secret Glow‚ĄĘ Highlighter.

    First off the packaging is a minimalist dream and very instagram worthy. The palettes are sleek, matte, crisp white with “By Mario” etching on the bottom right. The packaging is extremely sturdy as I dropped one of the palettes on my ceramic tiles and not a single dent was made nor was the product shattered or damaged in anyway!

    Makeup By Mario palette

    Master Mattes‚ĄĘ Eyeshadow Palette $64

    Master Mattes is made up of 12¬† neutral matte shades that are universal on all skin tones ranging from light too deep tones. The shadows were not too creamy and not too dry for matte shades. Most shadows tend to lean towards a chalky texture but I didn’t have this experience with these shadows except for the darkest shades simply called Matte 11 (deep cool brown) and Matte 12 (intense black).¬† This palette is fairly pigmented and a little product goes a long way. Matte 11 and 12 were a bit more difficult to blend out which is perfectly normal for darker matte shades so take your time when blending them out.¬† I was able to create a light makeup application for daytime and then smoked it out easily for a night look. I did find that there was some fall out with the shadows but since I do my eye makeup first it didn’t bother me as I just wipe off the excess prior to foundation.¬† I find neutrals are the PERFECT shade for effortless day to night makeup wear and Makeup By Mario eyeshadow palette did hit the mark.¬†

    Would I recommend this palette?

    Yes and No.

    I would recommend this palette to someone that is seeking a well formulated matte palette and does not already own anything similar to these neutral shades. The shadows except for Shades 11 & 12 are easy to blend. The formula is perfect for what a matte shadow needs to be ( not too creamy, not too dry) and you can easily build on the shadows. If you already own a neutral matte palette, like the majority of us do, then I would pass. There isn’t anything extra magical about this formula to make you cough up $64.¬† It’s a nice to have palette.¬†

    Makeup By Mario Look

    Master Eye Prep & Set‚ĄĘ $37

    I have to admit when I purchased this palette I thought it was a concealer but learnt after that this was an eye prep palette. I’ve been prepping my eyes with NARS Creamy concealer ¬†for years so I was curious to see if the Eye Prep and Set would make me change my mind. This palette is offered in 3 shades: Light, Medium and Deep to Prime, Prep and Conceal your eyelid. I selected shade medium and Mario also suggests you can use this palette to cut your crease or shape your brows.¬†

    There are 2 cream formulas to prep and cover your lids and then a powder formula to set the cream. I found the cream to be a bit thick and a little goes a long way. Less than a pea size amount was good enough to cover both my eyelids. I found the medium shade to be an exact match for my olive skin tone on my lids ,however, found it to be too dark carve out my brows. Once I concealed the lids I set it with the powder. The powder was very fine and silky. It applied beautifully and gave me a really nice matte finish.¬† I can’t stress enough how little of this product you actually need! I wouldn’t suggest using this product as a concealer as the formula is too thick for such a sensitive area and you don’t want to be tugging at your under eye to blend it into the the skin.¬† My shadows lasted all night and at one point I topped up my eye makeup for fun and I was able to blend the shadow without any issues. I’m fairly confident it’s because of the meticulous Eye Prep and Set layering I did.¬†

    Would I recommend this palette?

    Yes, I would recommend this palette! This palette has replaced my Nars creamy concealer for eyeshadow prep.

    The Master Eye Prep & Set is a great tool to have! If used correctly ( not too much cream and powder) you can definitely achieve the perfect canvas for eyeshadow application!¬† For better application, it’s best to apply the creams in thinner layers with a flat dense brush.¬†



    Master Secret Glow‚ĄĘ Highlighter $29

    This is an interesting product. I say it’s interesting because I didn’t know if I was using it correctly.¬†

    The Secret Glow Highlighter is “A translucent balm that gives a dewy glass-like glow for the eyes and face in a nourishing, emollient formula.”¬† ¬†I felt the texture of the highlighter to be a bit sticky / tacky and hard to work with. I applied the balm to the high points on my cheekbones and brows and also cupids bow. I didn’t see any of the product on my skin so I applied a bit more…then a bit more…then a bit more. I finally gave up, wiped it off and used my Charlotte Tilbury highlighter instead.

    I felt this product was more of a gloss than a highlighter. It felt sticky on the face and I actually would prefer it on my lips. 

    Would I recommend this palette?

    No, I wouldn’t recommend it.

    ¬†It was difficult to apply with a brush and my ring finger. I found it super sticky and it dried quickly on my face. Again, I don’t know if i was using the product properly or I just wasn’t using enough product. I just know that it should’t be this challenging to highlight my cheekbones!


    Overall, the star out of the items I purchased was definitely the Master Eye Prep & Set. The eyeshadow palette is a nice to have if you currently don’t own a matte shadow palette or you want to support Mario. The Master Secret Glow Highlighter was a big mystery to me.¬†

    If you’ve used any of these products, I would LOVE to hear your feedback!


    XO, MAHA




    Too Faced #Chocolatebarpalette Review

    too faced bon bons palette

    A friend of mine gifted me the “Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons “palette for my birthday back in November and I just recently opened it up.¬†

    too faced palette bon bon

    Too Faced released this palette back in 2015 and since I never really got into their eyeshadows I didn’t have this in my collection. My lovely friend who is not a makeup connoisseur but enjoys these cheeky type products couldn’t believe I had never tried it so she made sure I had one to call my own.

    The only Too Faced product I own is the” born this way” foundation and it was a good introduction to the brand. Even though this is not a new , just released palette we wanted to test it out on the blog and give is a fair review.¬†

    The packaging is super cute and feminine! Pink all the way baby. The shadows are housed in heart shaped containers and smell devine! This palette is nicknamed #chocolatebarpalette for a good reason.

    Too faced chocolate bon bon eyeshadow palette swatches

    top to bottom

    Almond Truffle


    Molasses Chip


    Too faced chocolate bon bon eyeshadow palette swatches

    left to right


    Cashew Chew

    Cotton Candy

    Too faced chocolate bon bon eyeshadow palette swatches

    left to right

    Café Au Lait



    Too faced chocolate bon bon eyeshadow palette swatches

    left to right

    Black Currant

    Dark Truffle

    Pecan Praline

    Too faced chocolate bon bon eyeshadow palette swatches

    left to right

    Totally Fetch

    Earl Grey

    Satin Sheets


    bon bon too faced palette

    When I first opened up the packaging the cocoa powder fragrance is intense, but a sweet surprise. There are a total of 16 shadows , a mix of mattes and vibrant satin shimmers.

    The matte shadows are soft, bendable, have good colour pigmentation and work even better if you use an eyeshadow primer underneath. A few matte shades were ¬†powdery and blotchy upon first application, but get better once you add more product and blend out. Malted gave me the most trouble to apply but that’s expected with intense dark matte colours Molasses Chip had the most pigmentation of all the matte shades and applied quite easily with little fall out. Overall, ¬†I really liked the matte shades and Almond Truffle is the perfect neutral all over colour for olive skin tone. It’s my new favourite for a quick, well refined look.

    The satin shimmers are Totally Fetch, Cotton Candy,Black Current, and Café au Last. The first two, of course, being the most vibrant and in my opinion should be single shadows as they down fit into this mostly neutral palette. The shimmer shadows are OK. I experienced more fall out with these shades and they seemed more powdery then the mattes, which was really unexpected.

    ¬†Surprisingly, all the shades last a good 7 hours before I started to notice them sheering out on the lid. I don’t want to be repetitive but a good eyeshadow primer is necessary with this palette as I doubt they would have lasted without one.¬†

    Overall, I am not mad at this palette, but doubt I will repurchase. I enjoyed the mattes more so than the shimmer shades. I LOVE Almond Truffle and would buy it a single shadow. My next favourite would be Black Current, for the Fall season would be lovely.

    I doubt I will be hitting pan on this palette anytime soon, but would use it more often if they swapped out the vibrant shimmer shades and stuck to an all neutral palette with less powdery matte shades. Oh and ,of course, they MUST keep the cocoa fragrance ¬†ūüôā¬†

    Have you tried this palette before? What are your thoughts?


    XO, MAHA 





    My Brutally Honest Review on theBalm Meet Matt(e) Ador Palette

    This is the first review of any theBalm Cosmetics products on the blog! I don’t really know why I waited so long to review these √ľber popular products. theBalm Cosmetics is really famous for their catchy branding and witty product names.

    MEET MATT(E) ADORE theBALM eyeshadow palette photo

    I picked up the “Meet Matt(e) Ador”matte eyeshadow palette from my local drugstore. Yes, in Canada theBalm Cosmetics is sold at the drugstore. I definitly don’t consider their price points drugstore prices but oh well, I really wanted the palette so I picked it up.

    The “Meet Matt(e) Ador” is the 3rd palette in theBalm “Meet Matt(e)” palette trilogy:

    The Balm Meet Matt(e) Nude Palette

    The Balm Meet Matt(e) Trimony Palette

     The Balm Meet Matt(e) Ador Palette

    theBalm “Meet Matt(e) Ador”consists of 9 matte, talc free, vegan eyeshadows that range from naturals to dark shades. The shadows are true matte shades, as there is zero shine in these shadows. I love it when a brand can produce a true matte eyeshadow. Each shade contains a variation of the name “Matt” as it’s a play on the word ¬†“Matte”.

    I instantly fell in love with all the shades and knew right away that I needed this palette in my life. It was going t be my go-to Fall palette. It was love at first sight with “Matt Jones”. He’s a matte orange shade that I don’t have in my collection so I was happy to add him to it!! “Matt Soto” also became dear to my heart as he’s the perfect green shade to use for a dark smokey eye look!

    Sadly, my love affair with¬†“Meet Matt(e) Ador” palette ended when I tried to apply the shadows for a dramatic look.¬†You see matte shades, if too powdery or chalky, can give you a hard time when picking up the product onto a brush and applying or blending them.

    Brace yourselves…this is not pretty:

    MEET MATT(E) ADORE theBALM eyeshadow palette photo

    As you can see from the photo above. I had a hard time applying and blending the shades. At first I thought my shadow primer was the problem, so I washed off the shadows and applied them again using this primer.

    No, that didn’t work either.

    The shadows applied were chalky, not blendable at all. It took me a long time to achieve the results below and I was not happy with it AT ALL! I was so frustrated that I wasn’t going to post theses photos but I changed my mind because I really wanted my readers, you guys, to really grasp what I am writing about when I say things like chalky or overly powdery texture.

    For $42 and all the rave reviews I read online about thebalm cosmetics, I expected more from this palette.

    MEET MATT(E) ADORE theBALM eyeshadow palette photo

    I went online to see if anyone else had the same issues as me and it turns out this palette, out of the 3 in the¬†“Meet Matt(e)” palette trilogy, was the least favourite. Apparently the formula was changed in this palette and makeup lovers everywhere have noticed and voiced their opinion.

    So, where do I stand? Here are the pros and cons of this palette:


    I love the branding and packaging;

    it’s a vegan palette, the shades are so so nice;

    versatile so you can go from day to night


    Too chalky and overly powdery;

    difficult to pick up on a brush; does not blend well;

    too much fallout and expensive AF!

    I hope I can return this platte since I’m so disappointed with it. ¬†I thought that since my last palette purchase was a dud ( read that post here ) this one would blow me away. It clearly did not.

    How hard is it to find the perfect Fall palette!! Agh!

    ¬†I had a bad experience with this palette, but that doesn’t mean I’m opposed to trying out any other products from thebalm Cosmetics. I’m hoping to pick up “Meet Matt(e) Nude” and “Meet Matt(e) Trimony” Palette as well as Mary-Lou Manizer highlighter. I’ve heard AMAZING reviews on all these products and I truly want to fall in love with theBalm!

    I do, really! It just didn’t happen with this product.

    Have you tired any theBalm Cosmetics products? If you have leave me a comment below.

    I love hearing from you.

    XO , MAHA 




    Sharing my top Summer ’18 products. Some are new to the line up and some are old favourties (hello $6 elf highlighter)!



    1. Esqido Voila Lash Gorgeous mink reusable lashes
    2. Glossier Cloud Paint¬† has become my new favourite brand! I don’t know what took me so long to jump on the Glossier trend. The Cloud Paint is a cream-gel ¬†super lightweight formula but adds the perfect amount of tint to your cheeks. It comes in 4 shades and they are all perfect !
    3. ABH Soft Glam Palette  is my go-to this Summer. You can create endless soft looks with these easy to blend and highly pigmented shadows!
    4. Maybelline Total Temptation Eyebrow Definer Deep brown. is perfect for travelling . Throw it in the makeup bag and use it without any need for an extra brush!
    5. IT Cosmetics Secret Sauce  is a thick rich moisturizer that absorbs into the skin quickly! It reflects light so you always have a nice radiance to your face!
    6. Glossier Lip Gloss¬†is a necessity in every makeup bag this Summer! I reach for lip gloss more in the Summer than I do any other time…not sure why! I have a lip gloss in every bag I own!
    7. IT Cosmetics ¬†Miracle Water 3 in 1 Tonic¬†acts as a radiance booster, fights fine lines and cleans your skin. Another product I’ll take with me while travelling this Summer as it does the job of 3 products!
    8. Hourglass Veil Translucent Powder ¬†is an old-y but a good-y for me! I find I reach for this product more in the warmer seasons. I just like how it sets my foundation all day. It doesn’t really mattify my face, but it gives me an overall even complexion with a bit of radiant glow.
    9. ¬†Pixi Extra Eye Bright , besides Venti black coffee, ¬†is a can’t live without product for me. I look, not feel, wide awake! It lasts all day and I don’t have to set with eyeshadow like I do any other nude pencil. It won’t smudge or smear through out the day and it’s at a great price point! It’s a must have!
    10. IT Cosmetics, Bye Bye Undereye Full Coverage Concealer¬†¬†I ‘ve been using this concealer for years now. I briefly mention this product in my last post which you can read here.¬†I’m hoping to write a more extensive review on this concealer in the near future, but for now let me tell you how great this product is. A little goes a long way. I have had mine for over a year now and it’s still half full. I really like the shade range ( I’m medium tan in the Summer) and I can apply it with my index finger perfectly so no need for a brush! Again, the amount of coverage you get from this concealer is like no other !
    11. Milani Colour Statement Lipstick, Sweet Nectar¬†¬†is for the wild ones this Summer! Don’t be boring, ¬†try out a vibrant colour to showcase your true personality! I am obsessed with Milani Lipsticks. The Colour Statement lipsticks are super super pigmented and totally affordable! I love that they are non-drying and super hydrating, but most of all I love the different shades they have. I think I’ll pick up uptown mauve next ūüôā
    12. Dermalogica SPF 30 Broad Spectrum Sunscreen¬†isn’t the sexiest product I have on this list, but IMO it is the most important! I never ever leave the house without sunscreen and neither should you. This is an oil free , board spectrum sunscreen that won’t clog your pores and it’s super lightweight so you can wear it under makeup without any problems!
    13. Essie Nail Polish, Backseat Besties,  is my favourite essie nail colour and essie is become my favourite nail brand! I have accumulated so many little bottles! I wear a different colour every other week. I really enjoy wearing bright nail colours during the warmer weather. Paired with a  mani / pedi these colours look so cute!
    14. e.l.f. cosmetics Moonlight Pearl baked Highlighter¬†¬†is only $6 dollars ! For $6 this highlighter is amazing! It’s always sold out when I go to pick it up so when I do see it at my local drugstore I make sure to stock up. It applies really nicely and looks really subtle on the face. You can definitely be heavy handed and apply more to the face if your going for a glam look. As I wear it during the day, I prefer to apply it softly on the high points of my cheeks and cupids bow.
    15. NYX Makeup Setting Spray, Dewy Finish¬†¬†Nothing too exciting about a setting spray to be honest but this one is a keeper in my makeup bag. I use the Matte finish spray during the colder months and when the sun comes out, I bring out it’s more outing , lovable sister ¬†the Dewy finish spray! After I apply my makeup, day or night, I spray once, twice and thrice for good luck ūüôā This long lasting spray is around $8-10 dollars and rivals the most prestigious setting prays on the market. NYX ain’t kidding around when it comes to making your makeup last longer folks. This is the real deal!
    16. NARS Sheer Glow Foundation, Medium¬†¬†When the sun comes out I put away the heavy foundations. No need for them. If I have any imperfections on the skin, I colour correct and then use concealer. NARS sheer Glow is one of the best on the market, IMO ūüôā It applies nicely and evenly. It’s not too thick or too watery as some lightweight foundations can be. It’s the perfect texture. A quarter sized drop and a half is good for me , but you can apply more if you feel necessary. Some advice from me, ¬†this foundation will have a learning curve to it. You may think 2-3 drops is good for you but as the day goes on the foundation settles and you may realize you put too much on or not enough. I suggest start with a quarter sized drop and half and see how your skin looks mid day. It’s makeup , it’s meant to be played with.

    XO, MAHA



    Natasha Deanna Palette

    There are some¬†common¬†things I feel as women we collect ; jewellery, purses, gorgeous decorated parfume bottles and for some (like myself) eyeshadow palettes. There is something so alluring about¬†a little box with beautiful pigment stored inside ! I’ve accumulated quite a collection and now I’ve added the¬†Nathasha Denona¬†Eyeshadow Palette (5) , shade #12 to my collection.

    Natasha Deanna Palette

    Natasha Denona Palette

    Shades from left Рright  Golden Flesh, Smoky Plum, Sienna, Electric Violet and Deep Slate Gray

    Let me step back a bit and introduce this brand to anyone who isn’t familiar with it. Natasha Denona is a world renowned makeup artist who has worked with top fashion brands in collaboration with¬†some of the worlds best known photographers and has styled world-famous models and actresses. Her looks are unique¬†and¬†her concept of healthy glowing skin¬† is mimicked and admired by¬†many in the beauty industry.¬†I was first introduced to her line by a fellow makeup artist friend¬†who was raving about her products and how I needed them in my kit.¬†Curiosity got the best of me so I did a bit of research on my own and…

     I instantly fell in love with her idea of beauty! She believes in creating makeup for everyday women that can help empower and enhance their looks and is not a fan of layers upon layers of makeup! I too share this philosophy!

    Natasha Denona Palette photo

    Natasha Denona Palette

     I watched several of her YouTube videos and decided to invest in one of her palettes. I was lusting over the ND Eyeshadow palette shade 28 but it was a bit over my budget so I decided to purchase the 5 palette  instead!


    This particular palette is shade #12 and is warm toned. The shadows are very creamy and feel like butter (seriously!) , are highly pigmented and last all day. This particular palette is very shimmery/sparkly but this brand does carry some matte and metallic shades as well.

    The shadow transfer from the palette to my brush/finger is by far the best I’ve ever experienced. With literally¬†one swipe on my finger (because this¬†is my personal palette and I can do that lol!) was all it took to achieve amazing colour pay off.¬† The shadows¬†goes on silky smooth and blend very well. The colours you see in the pan is what is transferred to your lids. You do not lose vibrancy or impact with this palette once applied. The 5 shadow palettes are perfect for travel! I slipped this one in my small makeup tote to haul around with me one day and it worked out great!

    Natasha Denona Palette 5 photo

    Natasha Denona Palette 5

    With all the great attributes of this palette, I did find¬†one¬†less desirable one. There is a lot of fallout with this palette. I would say more than what I experienced with the Anastasia Beverly Hills palettes and if you read my reviews on them you would know that is my #1 pet peeve with ABH!. Most shimmer/sparkly shadows do have fallout so I wouldn’t let this deter you from buying this palette but I did need to mention it in my review. I would have liked to have one true matte shade in this¬†#5 ¬†palette to offset the amount of shimmer shadows but that’s more of a preference and¬†not really a flaw with the palette. Electric Violet shade feels and looks like a matte but once applied I found it to have more of a shimmer to it.

    Overall I am really impressed with this palette and I¬†would like to pick up shade # 10 in the 5 palette. I will at some point invest in the¬†Eyeshadow 28 palette ¬†for my kit. If I do the math, I would be investing in 28 shades for about $10 per shade and that in my opinion is very reasonably priced for high quality shadows, but for¬†right now I’m content with the palette I have as I’m astill ble to recreate several versatile looks.

    Have you used any Natasha Denona products or are you interested in using any ?

    If so, leave a comment below¬† ūüôā

    XO, MAHA

    *I bought this product with my own funds and the opinions expressed in this post are my own.*



    Darling, you need this makeup! Charlotte Tilbury Edition

    Charlotte Tilbury Matte Lipsticks

    I’ve been¬†lusting over¬†the Charlotte Tilbury makeup ever since I saw an advertisement for the “FilmStar Bronze and Glow” palette in a magazine!¬†The Charlotte Tilbury brand¬†exudes¬†glamour and luxury. Gleaming rose gold lipstick tubes and gorgeous streamlined rosy palettes *swoon* ! Yes it was love at first sight, but how do the products add up? Are they worth investing in ? I was given the opportunity to¬†experiment with a few products such as lipsticks, an eyeshadow palette and a multitasking “Beach Stick”. Here are my thoughts on the products.

    Charlotte Tilbury Matte Lipsticks

    Charlotte Tilbury Lipsticks


    Read more



    Make Up For Ever (MUFE)is a PRO makeup line aimed at attracting artists in fields such as cinema, cabaret, TV , fashion and dance, but you don’t have to be a professional artist to use and appreciate this iconic brand. Trust me when I say that every make up artist, staring out or a veteran in the industry has a MUFE product in their kit. For my professional kit, I started off buying all MUFE products because I was told, if you wanted to be respected in the industry, you better start working with the right tools right away. Every artist I asked at that time recommended MUFE for their versatile ¬†product options and wide colour ranges in foundations and concealers.I not only picked up a few items for my kit, but I also added many items to my everyday makeup bag. I call these products my essentials because they make makeup application so much easier for me. I’ve become dependant on them and even though some of the¬†products have been around for a while I still ‚̧ them.

    Can you tell I use these palettes¬†a lot!I think I’m on my 2 palette of each.I use them on almost everyone.I¬†have the dark complexion in my¬†personal¬†makeup bag as well as I am obsessed with the orange for correcting my¬†under eyes.

    The¬†sculpting blush is a fave of mine! The pigmentation is so strong that you only need to lightly dab the tip of your brush in the compact to¬†pick up a good¬†amount of colour. I’m impressed by the colour range in these¬†sculpting blushes.¬†The colours are very soft almost pastel like and would flatter just about any skin tone.
    //Sculpting Blush,Matte Raspberry Brown//

    I’ve been using the Glossy Full Gloss since I was first¬†introduced to it 2¬†years ago. I like the¬†shine it gives off and it doesnt’ feel sticky on. I don’t say this about a lot of glosses,¬†but this particular one is long wearing. I love to pair nude lipsticks¬†on top of this gloss, it looks really good! Anytime I wear it I get¬†asked “what’s that gloss?”. I don’t know what the¬†technology is¬†behind this gloss, but it’s a great¬†product and a little goes a long way so you definitely get you¬†monies¬†worth.

    The original HD foundation was a dream to use and very iconic in the beauty industry. When MUFE announced they were reformulating this product I really didn’t believe it could get better than the¬†original, but it did! This¬†foundation comes in 40 shades, yes you read that correctly,40! You are bound to find your¬†perfect match¬†with¬†such a wide range. I¬†still like the¬†fluidity of¬†this product. I¬†still blend it out with my damp beauty blender as I like the sheer look on me and I find the¬†beauty blender is great in achieving this. I ONLY use 1 pump and that is enough product to cover your whole face. 2 pumps would be ideal if you¬†want a full coverage look. This¬†foundation dries to a satin finish and¬†definitely feels and looks natural on the face. I use the HD¬†foundation in my personal makeup bag and professional kit. I use it on clients with¬†normal to slightly dry skin. I¬†don’t use this on oily or¬†very dry skin as I find it further dries the skin.

    The SENS’ EYES cleanser is the ONLY product I use to¬†remove waterproof makeup. I don’t have to tug at my skin to remove the makeup as this works quickly and efficiently. I dab a bit of the¬†liquid on to a cotton pad and with¬†one swipe my eye and lip makeup is¬†gone!. Again, like so many other MUFE products, a little goes a long way. The bottle I have is only 30ML and it’s lasted me about 6 months.

    The HD face Primer¬†pictured is my favourite high end primer. I have so many of these tubes in my kit as I use it on everyone ! When I like a¬†product, I LIKE a product :).This HD primer has a¬†lightweight ¬†yet silky texture,¬†almost comparable to Benefits Porefessional face primer. This primer adds a nice glow to¬†dull¬†complexion and I feel on some¬†people it corrects uneven skin tone. Sometimes I love¬†wearing it alone, after¬†moisturizing just¬†because it adds a nice shine. MUFE doesn’t¬†produce this specific primer any longer as it’s been¬†replaced by STEP 1 SKIN EQUALIZER line. Stay tuned for a¬†dedicated post on the STEP 1 line!

    //Glossy Full Lip Gloss//
    //Ultra HD Foundation//
    //SENS Eyes Cleanser//
    // HD MicroPerfecting Face Primer//

    I have so many MUFE products on my list to buy and try out including the STEP 1 Primers , HD Face Sculpting kit,PRO Sculpting Duo,and the Ultra HD Concealer! Of course,¬†you will be able to read my full¬†review on these products soon ūüôā


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