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    First Impressions: Nivea After Shave Balm As A Primer


    Last month I posted a picture of the Nivea Men AfterShave Balm on my instagram page and the number of you that wanted a review was just down right crazy! I guess you heard all the hype the Nivea Balm is receiving as a facial primer ūüôā¬†

    So the question is does it work?

    Yes, this $7 bottle of aftershave actually works as a simple primer!¬†Now, let me elaborate on this. This means it will¬†keep your foundation in place for¬†about¬†6 hours. This is due to the active¬†ingredient Glycerin.¬†When glycerin is applied to the skin it acts like a glue and seals in moisture and helps maintain the skins water balance and ensures the skin is very well hydrated and moist. It also seals in anything that is applied onto¬†the face,¬†hence the reason why¬†foundation¬†will last a good¬†6¬†hours on the face.¬†Glycerin is also an¬†emollient so it¬†helps keep the skin subtle and soft. So all this new¬†information is great but does that mean¬†you no¬†longer have to buy the $35 primer? Well here’s the thing ladies and gents, it won’t¬†conceal redness like the Make Up Forever¬†redness correcting primer, it won’t¬†minimise the appearance of pores like the Benefit¬†POREfessional¬†primer and it won’t mattify your face like COVER FX¬†Mattifying¬†face primer.¬†It will only prolong your foundation wear and that’s about¬†the best benefit¬†you will¬†receive from this balm. This is why I call it a simple primer.¬†

    I have used it quite often since I bought it last month.¬†It does have a “man” smell too it but that only lasts for a few¬†minutes. I really like that the formula contains 0 alcohol and has glycerin as the active ingredient. Overall if you are looking for a simple primer that will keep¬†your¬†foundation and makeup lasting¬†through out¬†the day, I¬†definitly would pick up the very inexpensive Nivea After Shave Balm .




    Make Up For Ever (MUFE)is a PRO makeup line aimed at attracting artists in fields such as cinema, cabaret, TV , fashion and dance, but you don’t have to be a professional artist to use and appreciate this iconic brand. Trust me when I say that every make up artist, staring out or a veteran in the industry has a MUFE product in their kit. For my professional kit, I started off buying all MUFE products because I was told, if you wanted to be respected in the industry, you better start working with the right tools right away. Every artist I asked at that time recommended MUFE for their versatile ¬†product options and wide colour ranges in foundations and concealers.I not only picked up a few items for my kit, but I also added many items to my everyday makeup bag. I call these products my essentials because they make makeup application so much easier for me. I’ve become dependant on them and even though some of the¬†products have been around for a while I still ‚̧ them.

    Can you tell I use these palettes¬†a lot!I think I’m on my 2 palette of each.I use them on almost everyone.I¬†have the dark complexion in my¬†personal¬†makeup bag as well as I am obsessed with the orange for correcting my¬†under eyes.

    The¬†sculpting blush is a fave of mine! The pigmentation is so strong that you only need to lightly dab the tip of your brush in the compact to¬†pick up a good¬†amount of colour. I’m impressed by the colour range in these¬†sculpting blushes.¬†The colours are very soft almost pastel like and would flatter just about any skin tone.
    //Sculpting Blush,Matte Raspberry Brown//

    I’ve been using the Glossy Full Gloss since I was first¬†introduced to it 2¬†years ago. I like the¬†shine it gives off and it doesnt’ feel sticky on. I don’t say this about a lot of glosses,¬†but this particular one is long wearing. I love to pair nude lipsticks¬†on top of this gloss, it looks really good! Anytime I wear it I get¬†asked “what’s that gloss?”. I don’t know what the¬†technology is¬†behind this gloss, but it’s a great¬†product and a little goes a long way so you definitely get you¬†monies¬†worth.

    The original HD foundation was a dream to use and very iconic in the beauty industry. When MUFE announced they were reformulating this product I really didn’t believe it could get better than the¬†original, but it did! This¬†foundation comes in 40 shades, yes you read that correctly,40! You are bound to find your¬†perfect match¬†with¬†such a wide range. I¬†still like the¬†fluidity of¬†this product. I¬†still blend it out with my damp beauty blender as I like the sheer look on me and I find the¬†beauty blender is great in achieving this. I ONLY use 1 pump and that is enough product to cover your whole face. 2 pumps would be ideal if you¬†want a full coverage look. This¬†foundation dries to a satin finish and¬†definitely feels and looks natural on the face. I use the HD¬†foundation in my personal makeup bag and professional kit. I use it on clients with¬†normal to slightly dry skin. I¬†don’t use this on oily or¬†very dry skin as I find it further dries the skin.

    The SENS’ EYES cleanser is the ONLY product I use to¬†remove waterproof makeup. I don’t have to tug at my skin to remove the makeup as this works quickly and efficiently. I dab a bit of the¬†liquid on to a cotton pad and with¬†one swipe my eye and lip makeup is¬†gone!. Again, like so many other MUFE products, a little goes a long way. The bottle I have is only 30ML and it’s lasted me about 6 months.

    The HD face Primer¬†pictured is my favourite high end primer. I have so many of these tubes in my kit as I use it on everyone ! When I like a¬†product, I LIKE a product :).This HD primer has a¬†lightweight ¬†yet silky texture,¬†almost comparable to Benefits Porefessional face primer. This primer adds a nice glow to¬†dull¬†complexion and I feel on some¬†people it corrects uneven skin tone. Sometimes I love¬†wearing it alone, after¬†moisturizing just¬†because it adds a nice shine. MUFE doesn’t¬†produce this specific primer any longer as it’s been¬†replaced by STEP 1 SKIN EQUALIZER line. Stay tuned for a¬†dedicated post on the STEP 1 line!

    //Glossy Full Lip Gloss//
    //Ultra HD Foundation//
    //SENS Eyes Cleanser//
    // HD MicroPerfecting Face Primer//

    I have so many MUFE products on my list to buy and try out including the STEP 1 Primers , HD Face Sculpting kit,PRO Sculpting Duo,and the Ultra HD Concealer! Of course,¬†you will be able to read my full¬†review on these products soon ūüôā


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