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    Products I’m loving ATM!!

    I get to test out a lot of products but I don’t always love them all. When I find a product I love, I tend to overuse it until I find another I like more ūüôā I know I ‘m not the only one right?

    The following products are what I’m loving ATM!

    Vichy Minéral 89 Eyes $35

    You all know I’m a huge fan of Min√©ral 89 Serum and once Vichy launched the eye equivalent I knew I had to get my hands on it ASAP! Min√©ral 89 Eyes is loaded with pure caffeine and hyaluornic acid to hydrate, brighten and reduces eye bags. I’m about 5 weeks into the my first bottle and I’m impressed. My eyes look brighter and more awake. ¬†There’s significant ¬†hydration in this area but I’m still struggling with eye bags, albeit they are not as pigmented as as usual.¬†I’m hoping with continuous use of the Min√©ral 89 Eyes the pigmentation will reduce.

    Vichy Minéral 89 Eyes

    You can wear the eye serum alone or under makeup. Personally during the week I add some concealer but on weekends, it’s a bare face ( with sunscreen of course) and thanks to this gem, I feel confident and my little issues that I have with my eye area ( minor fine lines, dullness, flakiness) aren’t noticeable!


    Make Up Forever Artist Nude Creme Liquid Lipsticks $25

    Make Up Forever sent me these very wearable and long lasting Artist Nude Creme liquid lipsticks!

    Makeup Forever

    Exposed, on the left, is a medium warn coral beige and Bluff, on the right, is a light warm pinky brown shade.

    They are A-mazing!

    Artist Nude lipsticks come in 12 nude shades and have a satin finish. These are long lasting , non drying, non bleeding and so so creamy. I would definitely call these a hybrid of gloss + lipstick.¬†¬†They don’t have a sticky or tacky feel to them, and thanks to the small, precise applicator, they apply easily with no skipping on the lips. I’ve been wearing them all Summer! They compliment all skin tones and I will definitely be purchasing a few other shades to take me into the Fall season. I will have to repurchase Buff because I’m down to my last few swipes ¬†ūüôā¬†


    Pixi Beauty DetoxifEYE $34

    I have instagrammed my love for Pixi’s DetoxifEYE several times and continue to preach my *love* for them on the blog!

    Honestly, they are my fave product from the entire Pixi line. Here’s why I love them so much. Each hydrogel patch is loaded with hyaluronic acid and caffeine to intensely hydrate, smooth and depuff your dark circles and eye bags. Did you notice I said , intensely?¬†If I ‘ve had a sleepless night , which often I do, I apply these in the morning and I feel and look refreshed!

     I have used many different eye patches to hydrate my delicate eye area and none of them ( which were more $$) worked to hydrate as much as DetoxifEYE did. 

    There are 30 pairs in a pack and comes with a spatula to help lift the delicate patches out of the container. I like to leave mine on for as long as I possibly can, around 30 minutes, but the suggested time is 10 min. I do house work with them on, surf the net and most often, I blog with them on just like I’m doing now. Yep that’s me, blogging and detoxifEYEing! They adhere to your skin quickly and feel very comfortable without irritating the eyes. I am on my 2nd package as I go through them very quickly. I absolutely cannot live without my detoxifEYE patches.

    Pixi Beauty DetoxifEYE patches

    Essie ” Watermelon” Nail Polish $10

    All Summer I’ve worn one nail polish colour and it’s this one here,” Watermelon” by Essie.

    Essie " Watermelon" nail polish


    It’s a flirty, fun, colourful shade that can be worn with anything. It’s not a true red or pink, it’s a mix of ¬†both IMO! I’ve worn it to the office as well as to weddings. It’s super versatile and I’m basically obsessed! Come Fall , I will transition into something more neutral. I’m also in love with these shades from Essie :

    “Model Citizen”

    model citizen

    “Pin Me Pink”

    essie pin me pink

    ” Dress Call”


    Sephora Face Mask Applicator $10.50

    I feel this name is not really suited for the tool. I bought this little gem on the recommendation of a very talented Sephora makeup artist who uses it to gently exfoliate the skin.

    Sephora face mask applicator

    I’ve¬†become obsessed with exfoliating my face with this little tool. It’s super gentle and sometimes I only use it to massage my skin with water. It’s great for getting rid of dead skin in a very gently and relaxing method. I start with adding the exfoliator product, which is currently¬†Dermalogica Superfoliant Powder Exfoliant¬†to my palm and pick it up with the mask applicator tool. This is just preference, but I prefer to have the skin a bit moist/wet before applying any exfoliator. ¬†In circular motions starting at the top of the forehead, start to work the product , gently, onto the skin, always in circular motion never side to side or up and down. Then move on to the temples, cheeks, nose, chin ¬†and end with the neck area. Remember, ¬†your neck and d√©colletage need some TLC also!


    Have you found a few of your favourites on the blog today? Let me know in the comments below. I love hearing from you!


    XO, Maha 


    First Impressions : Drugstore Matte Lip Stains

    2015 was the year of Matte liquid lip stains! Everyone from Anastasia Of Beverly Hills, Stila, and Kat Von D came out with new formulations and colours of their already cult favourite matte liquid lip stains. The youngest of the Kardashian Klan(lol), Kylie Jenner jumped on the bandwagon and brought along with her a new younger crowd of matte liquid lip stain lovers. In 2016 this trend is still going strong and I couldn’t be¬†happier as I’m a huge fan of matte lipsticks/stains. I would change my outfit to match my lipstick colour…no joke…the struggle is real people. Pure Hollywood from Anastasia of Beverly hills was my first matte liquid lip stain purchase. I was so impressed by the long lasting formula. I loved it so much that I used up the .11oz tube very quickly. What does a girl do when she doesn’t want to spend another $26 on a .11 oz tube of beautiful smooth, long lasting matte lip stain ? Look for equally impressive drug store options, right! I picked up a few options in the hopes of finding my drugstore holy grail liquid lip stain.

    NYX brand is vastly becoming a house hold name, if not so already. I blog about NYX products all the time as I love the higher end quality¬†of their products.¬†I was so eager to try out the Liquid Suede that as soon as I¬†paid for the¬†products,I got in my car and applied liquid suede,¬†Pink Lust right away.¬†The¬†formula is very creamy and feels nice when applied. The¬†applicator is easy to¬†use but doesn’t pick up a lot of ¬†product at first so you need to dip back in a few times.¬†The formula¬†doesn’t have any scent to it, bonus!. I had to reapply the¬†lip stain a few times through¬†out the day as it transferred onto cups easily.3 hours after my initial application I still didn’t feel that it dried into a true matte formula. It applied creamy and settled into more of a silky look.¬†Overall I like this¬†product but I felt it¬†wasn’t a true matte finish¬†and not¬†something I would purchase if I was looking for a matte finish.
    ¬†As of¬†today, Revlon has 8 shades in this line of matte lip colour. I bought HD Temptation. The tube is rounded flat and¬†resembles the hourglass liquid lipstick. The applicator is¬†shorter than the NYX liquid¬†suede so it allows for more control in the application. As soon as I applied the lipstick I was hit¬†with a sweet smell. I don’t mind the smell but I know many people prefer to not smell and taste their makeup. It wasn’t a showstopper for me, but I¬†could do without it. Once applied the lip stain felt very creamy and I noticed it instantly hydrated my dry lips. As with the NYX liquid suede, I¬†can’t say it dried to a true matte stain but it¬†definitely dried to a semi-matte. It still felt great on even after a few hours of wear. I didn’t find it transferred colour easily, which is great! I only had to¬†reapply, lightly, once¬†through out the day.¬†This formula¬†is¬†definitely¬†a¬†hybrid of a lip balm/gloss/lipstick¬†because it’s¬†moisturising, semi-glossy and long¬†wearing. I would¬†definitely purchase this¬†product again. I think¬†REVLON is re branding themselves with fresh new products and I love the direction they’re taking.¬†
    Have you ever¬†bought a¬†product and you thought to yourself, what did I use¬†before¬†this ?¬†This is how I feel about the L’oreal Infallible Matte ¬†”¬†Gloss”. To be honest, I didn’t¬†have high¬†expectants for this gloss¬†because¬†the packaging¬†didnt excite me very much. Yes, I’m one of those people that enjoys good¬†packaging, I’ll admit it! I like to display my¬†makeup on my vanity as I find it adds a bit of glamour. Ok, let’s get back on track now ūüôā This¬†product comes in 12¬†shades and I bought Forbidden Kiss. Love the name! I thourghly enjoyed using¬†this¬†product. The applicator itself is short so precise¬†application is¬†made easier. I love that the sponge tip is heart¬†shaped(at least to me that’s what it loos like).It¬†actually allows me to¬†lightly¬†line my lips with the tip because of¬†its unique shape.¬†You have to apply this procdut with precision¬†because it dries FAST! You better¬†have a Q-Tip¬†handy to¬†wipe away any mistakes quickly! There was no transfer of¬†product onto my coffee cup at 2pm (applied it at 9:30 am). At 4 pm¬†the colour was still¬†going strong¬†with a bit of bleeding int he middle, but¬†nothing a small touch up can’t’¬†fix. L’Oreal markets this¬†product as a matte gloss and they I think it’s true matte lipstick.¬†I¬†didn’t find it was very hydrating to the lips and it¬†definitely¬†didn’t give off any
    ¬†“gloss”¬†resemblance. ¬†In my¬†opinion this¬†product is the¬†truest¬†matte liquid lip stain that I’ve tried so far.I’ve been wearing it almost everyday now and went back to¬†purchase¬†Sunset and Barely Nude. A great drugstore alternative to the brand named liquid stains.
    It’s no surprise that Maybelline is one of my favourite drugstore brands. I blog about¬†them often and NO, I am not sponsored by them!I¬†just love that they make well formulated¬†products that work¬†for the masses. When I heard they came out with a new lip stain, I ran, no joke, to Shoppers and¬†picked up heir latest¬†product. Vivid Matte liquid comes in 10 high pigmented shades. I picked up Nude Thrill, Rebel Red and Pink Charge. The.26 oz tube is¬†rectangular shaped and there’s nothing to exciting about it. The formula itself is very creamy and has a sweet rose smell to it.It’s not an overbearing smell but it’s¬†noticeable. The formula itself is creamy and long lasting. It doesn’t dry to a true matte finish, but borderline semi matte. It¬†definitely¬†will hydrate your lips and there is¬†some¬†colour¬†transfer of the product. I didn’t have to¬†reapply¬†the¬†product more than once through¬†out the day.¬†Even¬†though¬†this¬†wasn’t a true matte lip stain¬†product, I would repurchase as the¬†colours are very pigmented and hydrated my lips very well.
    essence liquid lipstick was the most budget¬†friendly¬†product¬†of the bunch. At $3.99 a tube, it’s very affordable. The¬†product comes in 6 shades and I purchased Make a Statement and Colour Party.¬†The shades¬†aren’t too pigmented. They come in baby pinks, nudes and plum. The.13oz tube is transparent and short. The applicator is also very short making application, in my¬†opinion, easier. The¬†formula is creamy and not very long lasting. I¬†believe essence should be marketing these¬†products¬†as lipgloss and not lipsticks. I wasn’t too¬†excited about¬†this¬†product, even though I do enjoy a lot of other essence¬†products. This one just didn’t excite me. I¬†won’t be repurchasing this¬†product. Due to the sheer colour of these lipsticks,I¬†ended up giving them to my daughter as they really are more of a gloss based¬†product.¬†
    I always want to be transparent with my readers so I will tell you that I have gone back and repurchased Anastasia Beverly Hill, Pure Hollywood and Stila, Stay All Day liquid Lipstick in Caramel. I think these brands make the best higher end liquid lip stains. I thoroughly enjoy these lip stains and will be doing a review on them shortly.