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    Countouring and Highlighting Magic Sticks!

    When I started taking in clients for makeup application I noticed the highlight and contouring trend was here to stay. Every client wanted to have a sculpted face, which I was happy to give them. My contouring and highlighting skills progressed tremendously with every client and they were very satisfied with the results, but somehow I wasn’t. I was happy that my clients were elated with their look, but I found the contouring and highlighting process to be a bit tedious to be honest. There was so much blending involved to ensure the face didn’t look to muddy and I was spending loads of money on different products as I just couldn’t find a “one size fits all” type of product. Now of course, we are all made differently and don’t have similar undertones, skin tone etc, but there had to be an easier way I thought to myself ( these are the questions that keep me up at night !). Read more


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